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February 25, 2017

Last few days of 29faces and Paint Party Friday...

Happy Paint Party Friday!!!
(actually it is Saturday)
It's also the last few days of the
29 Faces of February 2017 Challenge.

Thank you to Kristin and Eva for being the 
Best Hostesses for Paint Party Friday every week!
Need more info? Click HERE!

And many thanks to Martha at Ayala Art for
the 29Faces Blog http://29faces.blogspot.com.
It's been great to discover my personal ways of creating faces.

Okay, onto art...not much as I seem to keep attempting
backgrounds with either lots and lots of layering,
even over a previous rose:

This 8"x10" wrapped canvas has had four different butterflies, and probably six layers of colored tissue paper, paint and now Ranger's Tim Holtz's Idea-ology paper. At this rate, this mixed media mess will have at least and inch or two added to it's size.

Another background with the same Ranger's Tim Holtz paper covering up layers of gesso which is covering up a couple of butterflies that have bled through every attempt of covering them up until now.

Now I am stuck and have no idea what to do with this.
Maybe more paint and paper???

I have been doing the 29 Faces of February 2017 and there is only a couple days left. I love this Challenge because, for me, it's finding my own style and that is what I focused on for the month. I have been posting daily on Insagram (rasz_art_designs) and on my art Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/raszartdesigns/

I have only one graphite pencil left and one blending stick.

The pencil is a Progresso Woodless Graphite 6B.

Here are two faces that I really love.
I think I have found my style for faces:

I still draw my colorful characters too.
I will always do that and included several of them in the Challenge.

I am having surgery this coming week and will be in the hospital on my birthday,
which is why I wanted to post today.
Yesterday was pre-op stuff for me, and I had too much on my mind to be able to post.

So I will see you in a few weeks, hopefully with some more drawings or paintings or even a story or two. I have FINALLY started to write! It feels great!

Hugz, Rasz

February 17, 2017

It's a rainy Paint Party Friday and 29faces...

I'm coming in a little late,
so I will probably be visiting everyone all weekend.

As always, this wonderful weekly party
is hosted by the fantastic duo...
Eva and Kristin!
Need more info? Have no idea what PPF is?
Go HERE and join in the fun.

I do not have any finished creations,
so I am going to share my WIPs!
(works in process)

My Sissy was helping me rearrange my
Front Room/Art Sudio.
While doing so, my Sissy found this, hidden next to my art table.
I never finished it since I find painting with red was a little difficult for me and I really didn't like it anyway.

Sissy reminded me that just because I don't like it doesn't mean everyone won't.
Perfect for the Big "V" week and since I put it on my art table yesterday, I have already gotten two compliments on this mixed media piece. I even see it now. Good thing I didn't throw it away. 

I also have the beginnings of one of my ooey, gooey, textured mixed media paintings. I am really excited to get creating. This too was hidden next to my art table, a happy find!

All the pictures I took of this looked blurry so this was the best of the bunch.
It only has a couple layers so far,Soon it will be a thick, textured mixed media painting.
Oh, the suspense of it all,,,

For the 29faces of February 2017, this face was created by the finished face on the opposite page of my sketchbook. I never had that happen before so I found it pretty cool!

I think I will just outline the features showing and see how it looks.

I missed out on the Sixth Annual Valentines Day Soiree
hosted by Holly at hollyshorrorland.com.
I had a story written (that was way too long) and created a drawing of the happy couple headed off to the party. Deciding to color the cute couple, the black colored pencil wasn't anywhere to be found. Ugh! Great idea though, paint markers...one arm colored on the Vampiress' dress and all was ruined.
Note to self: NEVER , EVER use paint markers on sketch pad paper.
I became impatient and didn't think of what I was doing.
We missed the party (sniff, sniff).

That's my week for today's Paint Party Friday!
See everyone soon as I will be blog hopping in between layers of creating my next fun, 
shiny, mixed-media art.
Happy PPF & Happy 29faces
and most of all have a GREAT week!

Hugz, Rasz

February 12, 2017

29faces of February 2017 for Sunday...

Happy 29faces Sunday!
Hope everyone is doing great.
Here in Northern California, we are recovering from 
lots & lots of rain and flooding.

Today is a beautiful, sunny day with the 
California clear blue skies!

I have been posting my 29faces on my Instagram
and Facebook accounts daily.
Here are the links to both:

Below is the link to my Instagram so see the pictures:

The pictures are also posted here on my FB Art Page:

I want to also share my faces and faces with bodies
here on my blog. So here they are so far:

 I have my new website up!
Still loading it up with art & bags & flowers & frames &...?

Have a GREAT week!

Hugz, Rasz

February 03, 2017

It's Paint Party Friday, the BEST day of the week!

Happy PPF!
I am so glad to be here today.
Thank you Eva and Kristin for being
The Hostess's with the Mostest's.
(yes that is now a real word since I just used it again)

Don't know what Paint Party Friday is?
Curious to find out?
Want to meet Eva and Kristin?
Simply go HERE for it all!

Today's piece is an 8"x8" mixed media painting:

The photos were taken by philnavarrophotography.com

I was gifted heavy duty wrapped canvases in 8"x8" and 8"x12".
I love the sizes and it was a real surprise getting these in the mail!
I found that the 8x8's look great on a table easel (?) stand like the 1st picture shown here.
Great for people who have no wall space or not allowed to hang anything on the walls because of rental agreements.

Oh, about the painting.
This was done almost entirely using Ranger's

I have enjoyed using dark, rich colors in my work now.
I am learning that I have to be careful of not going too dark.
It may look great on my art table, altho' trying to get a good picture
can be challenging.

I have joined up again for 29Faces of February Challenge,
hosted by Martha over at Ayala Art.
It's not too late to join in,
Click HERE!

I am posting every day on my Instagram rasz_art_designs,
and on my Facebook art page Rasz Art Designs.
Blog posting every few days.

Wasn't planning on writing such a long post.
Thank you for dropping  by and I will do the same.

Happy Paint Party Friday and have a great weekend!
Messy, Painty Hugz, Rasz

Oh, I almost forgot to share my most exciting news!
I finally have my own website and it went live this week.
It has been a dream in the making for 5 years now
and I had been hoping to go live by last Thanksgiving I think.
My site is slowly being loaded with art,
I just need more energy and I am finding it is getting
harder and harder to use my laptop or any device.
I cannot let that stop me completely for this is MY dream!
Thank you for all the support during this time.

February 01, 2017

29 Faces of February 2017 Challenge!

What a HAPPY Day!
I have waited all year (okay, one month this year),
for February 2017 to begin.
Why you ask? Because February is the month of
Martha over at Ayala Art has been hosting this
FUN Challenge for some time now.
This is the Challenge that a couple years ago I started to participate,
and by doing so, I got hooked on drawing faces.
The Challenge is to do 29 Faces, one every day and an extra one,
through the month of February.
Need more info? Click HERE.

Today I have a BIG face!
The paper is 9"x12" Strathmore Sketch 60 lb
(wrinkled) paper.
She is the beginning of my 
Bold-Brave-Beautiful Females.
I think some of us women need to be reminded of
how Bold, Brave & Beautiful we are!

I am so happy to start posting the daily faces I draw
to relax me in the evening.
And even happier to get to see some amazing faces
drawn by the wonderful artist playing this Challenge!

Have a GREAT 1st day of February 2017.
Hugz, Rasz