September 26, 2016

Monday Morning Frenzy...PLUS the WINNER!!!!

Good Morning and Happy Monday.
Today is a very busy Monday.
I have an up with the dawn doctor appointment
so I want to make sure we get today's 
winner announced
for this mixed media painting:

This was my first giveaway so I went on the GTS
hunt for an impartial name picker.
It was that or I was going to throw all the names into
a hat and have someone pick one.

This site looked as good as any,
and it was free.
Of course I wanted everyone to win!
I wish I had more to giveaway.

So drumroll please.....
The winner is......


Please email me with your mailing address.
I'm so excited!
Hope you are too...

Off to the doctors...Yuck!

Hope your Monday is not too crazy.
Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway.
I hope there are many more to come.

Big hugs, Rasz

September 21, 2016

It's An Indoors Work & Play Wednesday!

Happy Work & Play Wednesday to YOU!
I do not feel up to doing any work.
Even play might have to wait,
until I feel a little better.

We got some very much needed rain and
cool weather this morning.
I love the smell of the rain,
it's so cleansing outside.
My plants
can use all the rain they can get.
Everything up here in Northern California
needs rain.

Oh it's starting to rain again!
I would never curse the rain,
even tho' it
turns my body into a painful mess.

Enough of that.
Onto today's dilemma...
I need your help, I'm stuck!
Right here with this painting:

It is a little darker than it appears on my laptop screen.
I hope it shows up as dark as it really is.
I have never done red before.
I seem to be going for the darker colors now.

I am just stuck!
Does it need some collage paper?
Another color maybe?
Some of my new ephemera?
I just don't know.

Please leave a comment.
Include any ideas
you might think of.
Share what your Work & Play is today.
Or just a comment to say "hey".

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Hugs, Rasz

If you haven't entered my giveaway for this painting yet,
Click HERE and it will take you to the post
where you can enter.

September 19, 2016

Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy and Talking Paintings...

Yes, once again it's Monday,
the start of a new, adventurous week!

The Hummingbirds were very well behaved.
Honestly, these little bullies have been acting so good.
It started with naming their abusive/frenzy eating patterns
to my morning posts.

The little one in the back right is so sweet.
She has become my favorite this season.

So this is the WIP I've been working on,
using techniques I learned from
Guada's Ghost Girl Mini class.

When working on cardboard,
adding too much water can ruin it.
That is what happened so I took her outside
to add more of Tim Holtz distressed ink.
Yes more wetness...had no idea what I was doing.

She was ready for the trash...
and I felt her say she wasn't done.
Do you ever have your paintings call to you?
Or your paintings become what they want
instead of what the plan was?

More ink...
I really felt the cardboard was going to fall apart:

I left her outside in the sun to dry up or fall apart.
It was somewhere around 95 degrees yesterday.
How this cardboard stayed together?

She's not done yet, tho' on her way.
She fought so hard to appear, she definitely has
A Warrior Spirit!

She reminds me of so many women I know
who have to fight their own battles every day.

I believe we all are Warriors.
Every time it feels like we cannot take anymore,
somehow we get hit with one more issue.
And we still try to hold it all together, every day,
no matter what is thrown our way.

It doesn't take us down, or not for long,
the Warrior Spirit inside of each one of us
brushes ourselves off and gets back up.
We find that Warrior strength...just like this cardboard did,
too hold us together despite the odds.

Leave a comment,
I'd love to hear if this resonates with you.

Have a GREAT Monday!
Hugs, Rasz 
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