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May 25, 2018

Fun & Funny Flowers for Paint Party Friday!

Hi Everyone!
Thank you so much to our hostesses with the mostesses
The amazing Kristin and Eva!

I tried to post from my tablet today and after an hour or so,
realized it was not going to work.
Has anyone been able to post from another device?
If so, how?

Today is cold and raining.
We have had awesome sunny hot weather for the last 2 weeks
and now it's in the 40s and cold!
AND, by Sunday, we will be back to sunny and in the 80s!
Crazy weather this year for sure.

Being drab and cold, I decided I needed some Fun Flowers going.

Silly Too-lipz for summertime dreams.

Three more Raszie Rozez bookmarks.

That's it for me this week. I made a lot of bookmarks as it was so much fun.
I couldn't get a good pic of all of them today
so I opted to try later.

I am now going to focus on some smaller framed pieces.
If anyone knows how to take a picture of artwork in a frame with glass, 
could you please share in the comments.

Happy Paint Party Friday.
Have a Wonderful Week!

Hugz, Rasz

May 18, 2018

I am back once again for Paint Party Friday...

Hi everyone!
I have really missed blogging and seeing all my blogger friends.

Thank you SO MUCH Eva and Kristin for keeping this
awesome party going into it's 8th year!

Thank you all you bloggers for attending weekly.
I have been gone for months and it feels beautiful
to come back and participate and to have all you amazing artists
posting all your awesome creations from around the world!

(If you have no clue what I am talking about, go HERE!)

Life has been changing dramatically for me.
I have become a Grandma for the first time to a beautiful little girl!

I took a break from painting my acrylic, collage mixed media paintings.
Instead, I have been creating watercolor and ink artwork and I love it!
I even changed the name of this blog to Designs by Rasz Art.
My watercolors and ink look much more like different designs to me.

I've recently opened a new Etsy shop Designs By Rasz Art!
I currently have been listing my original watercolor and ink bookmarks
and have more art and greeting cards to list.

That's just a few. I started by making one for myself and had so much fun I just kept on going.

The one I originally made for me.
I have done some watercolor and ink pieces that I can frame or create into cards.
My first attempt:

Practice and finding my style continues to make me grow.
This is the only pic I have on my laptop to post even though
it's an awful photo, you can get the idea.
I will post more next week hopefully.

My body is what caused the change in creating
and the lack of blogging.
I can elaborate on that later.
What I will end on is this is the first time (in I-can't-remember-when)
that I can actually, honestly say I absolutely LOVE MY LIFE

Sending YOU lots of Love, Light and Hugz,

March 02, 2018

Paint Party Friday and 29Faces is Finished!

Happy PPF!
Thank you Eva and Kristin who host this awesome worldwide artsy blog hop.
Find out more HERE!

Finally Northern California is getting some much needed rain and at my house, snow!

I mentioned to Stacy over at MagicLoveCrow that we needed some of that Canadian snow.
Magically, the storms have been coming in from Canada.
Thank you Stacy!

This year's 29Faces of February 2018 just ended.
I got my faces done altho I did not get them all posted.
Instead of posting 2 weeks worth, here are a few:

Below is bringing a different style to my old
"Rasz Art Dragonfly Girls" from 2012.
I like these better.

My favorite below:

And for the final 28th and 29th faces:

Then it was back to creating.
I have spent way too much time looking at other Artist's YouTube Channels and tutorials. 
As a result, I found myself comparing my art to theirs and judging myself as lacking.
I know that is one of the worst things a creative can do.
I knew better and went there anyway.
I think I lost myself and MY style, My passion, and most of all,
I forgot what My art is by doing this.
Can you relate?

I decided I needed to just have some fun.
I pulled out cleanup paper towels from my last project
that I used Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains, a canvas
and Liquitex Gel Mediums.
I turned the music up and proceeded to play!

Love the texture and gloss that came out.

There were holes already in the paper towels that added interest.

Slight green and blue hues appeared as well.

And the finished piece made me smile.

It wasn't my best or most beautiful, however it is now my favorite.
A keeper that I will hang on the wall.
A constant reminder that MY art is all about fun, texture, color,
recycling, gloss and originality.
MY art is ME.
Just like every Artist and Creative creates exactly what is THEIRS!
And that is the real beauty of ART!

Happy PPF! See you next week for the CELEBRATION!!!
Hugz, Rasz