November 08, 2016

I Voted...and more...

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hope your week is starting out great.

Today, in America, we have the ability to vote
in local and National elections.
Voting is really important to me.
Women in the early 1900s started the Suffrage Movement
so that all women in this Country would have
the Right to Vote.
These women were beaten, put in stockades,
arrested and abused in jail.
I think about these few women who started the movement.
They were brave women who wouldn't be broken.
The movement spread and finally women got the
Right to Vote!
If you have never heard this story, look it up
and read it.
It is one of my favorite pieces of American History.

So today I voted!
And today I thank the women of
The Suffrage Movement
for giving me the Right to Vote!

The next exciting thing that is happening today is I am building 
an eCommerce website.
It should have this blog embedded if all goes good,
and links to my other Social Media.

Crossing my fingers!
It would be so cool to have everything in one place.
I do not know what else to do.

Hugs, Rasz

October 31, 2016

Monday Morning Dilemma...

Good Morning!
Hope everyone's week is starting off great,
good, okay...well it is Monday.

I am so grateful that I am not in a frenzy today.
I have NO appointments for the whole WEEK!!!
Maybe the house will get clean and the art table
will get dirty, that's my weekly plan.

Friday left me with a completely clean art table.

I have found that it is hard to work on a clean art table.
Then I forget where everything is.
Time to mess it up a little.
Here is the beginning of the painting
I am going to work on today, hopefully.

Time to add more butterflies.
There was already one on the Tim Holtz paper I used.
I got several more from my Tim Holtz Thrift Shop Epherma,
then used a light green stamp pad to give them some color.

Which way should they go?
Like this:

Or like this?

Wow, I really should have cropped these pictures
and straightened them out a little.
I apologize if your head is tilting.

That is the only dilemma today.
No frenzy, rushing or crisis,
just which way to put the butterflies!
That's it.

As always, any comments or suggestions
are greatly appreciated!

Hope your week is starting off well.
Have a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Rasz

October 28, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday...

Thank you to our wonderful hostesses,
Eva and Kristin
who keep this party going every week!

I have tried to post since this morning.
You know those days when you start one thing,
and it leads to another?

Here's where my morning started:

Then I decided to do some more color onto the canvas on my table.
So out came all my paper towels with all kinds of color.

So wanting to stop and post at this point,
I got my camera and took this picture above.

THEN, I wanted to clean up my table.
BUT, I got another thought that I would add
Some Tim Holtz paper to tone down the colors.
Easy-peasy, right?

First I needed to clean up and put away all that
paper towel.

One thing led to the next and the table got clean,
I add the paper to the canvas.
Didn't stop there, of course not, that would have 
been way too easy and I could have posted.

So I needed more color on top of the paper,
pulling out the Distressed Spray Stain.

So here is the canvas so far.

And here is my table.

The picture above is a little blurry
yet I had to stop somewhere.
And my clean table looks good, right?

I also had to finish up something else.
My Lucky Charms diet.
Last half a cup left.

Now I have a new sweet treat that's delicious,
especially with Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

It's made in Canada and oh so yummy!

Happy PPF!
Have a Wonderful & Prosperous Week.
Hugs, Rasz
(it's nap time now)

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