August 04, 2017

Paint Party Friday and Rasz Bagz

Happy Paint Party Friday everyone,
and THANK YOU for stopping by.
I have not been participating very often and I miss all of you!

And an EXTRA Thank you to Kristin and Eva
for keeping this going on, for about 7 1/2 years now!
You two ROCK!!!

I have been busy and very tired for a while,
and have gotten a few things done.
Here are two of the latest Rasz Tote Bagz I have made:

Both of these Rasz Tote Bagz are sewn from natural color canvas, hand painted and embellished with flowers made from leftover painted canvas fabric and a little painted lace to give it a "vintage" look.
Both are approximately 12"x13.5"x2.5" with 2 14" straps.

I was also compelled to make a large book bag for one of the sweetest young ladies I know. She saw my 8 year old, beloved tote I still use all the time and mentioned she needed a large, extra sturdy book tote. She is so sweet and helpful to everyone that I wanted to gift her something.
I created it from what I knew of her:

Isn't she the cutest? I did get her permission to post this picture.

New Rasz Art Designs tags on one of the inside pockets
(before the pocket was sewn in):

I've found that Liquitex Matte Medium works great for keeping pieces of fabric together prior to sewing them down. I love this new way instead of pinning which can make thick fabric ripple.
Always nice to learn new tricks!

That's it for me creating and painting lately.
Hoping you are having a GREAT Paint Party Friday.

Big hugz, Rasz

June 23, 2017

Paint Party Friday - New Projects...

 Happy Paint Party Friday!!! Huge thanks for our amazing hostesses with the mostesses, EVA  and Kristin for keeping this worldwide blog hopping party going on.  I am posting from my tablet for the first time and cannot locate the functions I need, yet. This post will probably get linked up a little late.

Here is my first and most important project:

This mailbox, that once marked the home of someone named Ray Long, will soon be upcycled into a vintage-looking mailbox for the guests at my Sissy's wedding to place their cards and best wishes!
This will be a very special and fun project. There won't be any in-progress pictures as it will be a surprise. The final piece will be posted after Sissy has it.

Next up is the unfinished Rasz Bagz that have been sitting next to my sewing machine for way too long. The sewing machine has a new name, Suzy Stitches.
What do you think? Here she is all cleaned up and ready to go to work:

Good thing Miss Suzy is ready because here is all the sewn and painted canvas still needing to be finished:

There are 8 Bagz there in different stages ready to go. Under Miss Suzy are totes full of hardware and embellishments. The sewing area along with the large table for essembling are in my bedroom. Yes it is a tight squeeze however great if I need to lay down or nap, hehe!

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you today and tomorrow as I make my rounds visiting all of you that I haven't seen for a few weeks!

Big hugs, Rasz

May 26, 2017

Best Day of the week, Paint Party Friday!

Today is Friday,
which means it's "Paint Party Friday"
And I am posting!
What could be better than that,
except getting to visit all the bloggers playing today.

Thank you Kristin and EVA for hosting
Paint Party Friday
for lots of years now!
It's nice to know this party will be here every Friday
thanks to both of your hard works!

Here's my latest mixed media project on a 20"X24" wrapped canvas.

Sooo...I've not been really happy with my creations lately.
Maybe it's because of this cold/hot weather changes.
It always hurts my body.
Three days ago it was almost 100 degrees.
Today it may hit 70 degrees.
I know a lot of you can understand.

This mixed media piece has been fun and not so fun.
I add, I take away
and I have no idea if it's finished or not.

It needs "something".
I am definitely stuck.
Is anyone else stuck with a piece of artwork?

I love the hummingbirds.

They fight, eat and make cute babies.
Here's a female and a youngster heading in to share
the feeder. They don't always fight,

Hope everyone is having a GREAT PPF!!!
Let me know how you get unstuck from a piece you are working on.
Have a GREAT week!
Hugz, Rasz
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