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January 20, 2017

Paint Party Friday!!!

Here is my first mini mixed-media painting I did a few days ago.
It's 2.5"x3.5" green painted canvas
with Ranger's Tim Holtz epherma,
on top of a mini table easel.

Cannot believe it's been 3 more weeks since I have posted.
Before that, it had been 2 months!!!
Hopefully I have gotten to a point where I am able to
blog every week, even if it is only for PPF.

Not sure what Paint Party Friday is all about?
Click HERE and make sure you say hello
to the awesomely talented Kristin & Eva!

and let the Blog hopping and visiting friends
begin for me!

Here are a couple new Rasz Bags that I have sewn and painted.

One of my favorites so far:

This bag is made from white canvas, painted with a wash of brown, added dark brown and a blue-grey in a cammo-like design. There are two dark brown painted handles and the top of the bag is trimmed off with a length of brown washed canvas, raw frayed edges painted a dark brown and finished off with a brown button.

Same design, just a little more "pretty" and finished off...

(Eek! I thought I had a better picture)
This is a pretty bag with same brown wash, inside and out.
This bag has faux leather pre-made handles.
Both Rasz Bags have painted matching pockets inside.

That's the painted items I have to share for today. 
As for my website, it WILL be up before the end of the weekend.
Please come by and visit next week at www.raszart.com
There may not be much items, however I will add as I go.
It's very scary and I think that is why it is taking me so long.
Well, being a little nervous, body not cooperating and doctor appointments.

Hope you are having a
Hugs, Rasz

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!
And 2017 is going to be a GREAT one,
I can just feel it.
I am so excited today.

This Year's Moto:
Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful!
"Bold Beauty", graphite pencil drawing

Although it's been almost 2 months since my last post,
I have been busy.
Here is what my front room looks like:

Now the other end of the table/room view:

Yes I am back to making canvas painted totes and purses.
Here is one that is just painted:

The base color of this tote is Blick's Payne's Grey,
which is currently my favorite color.
The new totes incorporate color, texture, different fabric,
designs, style and still each one is one-of-a-kind.

I have a new Instagram account:
I am still new to this and do not know why I have
the line between each word???

My FaceBook page is Rasz Art Designs
I will have a website up and running
(I will try to have it up)
this month at www.raszart.com
which use to be pointed to this blog.

This year is starting off great and
although I do have another surgery coming up soon,
I am looking at it as a six week hiccup
compared to the year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Blessings to All,