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November 08, 2016

I Voted...and more...

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Hope your week is starting out great.

Today, in America, we have the ability to vote
in local and National elections.
Voting is really important to me.
Women in the early 1900s started the Suffrage Movement
so that all women in this Country would have
the Right to Vote.
These women were beaten, put in stockades,
arrested and abused in jail.
I think about these few women who started the movement.
They were brave women who wouldn't be broken.
The movement spread and finally women got the
Right to Vote!
If you have never heard this story, look it up
and read it.
It is one of my favorite pieces of American History.

So today I voted!
And today I thank the women of
The Suffrage Movement
for giving me the Right to Vote!

The next exciting thing that is happening today is I am building 
an eCommerce website.
It should have this blog embedded if all goes good,
and links to my other Social Media.

Crossing my fingers!
It would be so cool to have everything in one place.
I do not know what else to do.

Hugs, Rasz