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October 31, 2016

Monday Morning Dilemma...

Good Morning!
Hope everyone's week is starting off great,
good, okay...well it is Monday.

I am so grateful that I am not in a frenzy today.
I have NO appointments for the whole WEEK!!!
Maybe the house will get clean and the art table
will get dirty, that's my weekly plan.

Friday left me with a completely clean art table.

I have found that it is hard to work on a clean art table.
Then I forget where everything is.
Time to mess it up a little.
Here is the beginning of the painting
I am going to work on today, hopefully.

Time to add more butterflies.
There was already one on the Tim Holtz paper I used.
I got several more from my Tim Holtz Thrift Shop Epherma,
then used a light green stamp pad to give them some color.

Which way should they go?
Like this:

Or like this?

Wow, I really should have cropped these pictures
and straightened them out a little.
I apologize if your head is tilting.

That is the only dilemma today.
No frenzy, rushing or crisis,
just which way to put the butterflies!
That's it.

As always, any comments or suggestions
are greatly appreciated!

Hope your week is starting off well.
Have a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Rasz

October 28, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday...

Thank you to our wonderful hostesses,
Eva and Kristin
who keep this party going every week!

I have tried to post since this morning.
You know those days when you start one thing,
and it leads to another?

Here's where my morning started:

Then I decided to do some more color onto the canvas on my table.
So out came all my paper towels with all kinds of color.

So wanting to stop and post at this point,
I got my camera and took this picture above.

THEN, I wanted to clean up my table.
BUT, I got another thought that I would add
Some Tim Holtz paper to tone down the colors.
Easy-peasy, right?

First I needed to clean up and put away all that
paper towel.

One thing led to the next and the table got clean,
I add the paper to the canvas.
Didn't stop there, of course not, that would have 
been way too easy and I could have posted.

So I needed more color on top of the paper,
pulling out the Distressed Spray Stain.

So here is the canvas so far.

And here is my table.

The picture above is a little blurry
yet I had to stop somewhere.
And my clean table looks good, right?

I also had to finish up something else.
My Lucky Charms diet.
Last half a cup left.

Now I have a new sweet treat that's delicious,
especially with Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

It's made in Canada and oh so yummy!

Happy PPF!
Have a Wonderful & Prosperous Week.
Hugs, Rasz
(it's nap time now)

I will be visiting a little today and more tomorrow!

October 26, 2016

Coming back to WOYWW! What's on your Workdesk Wednesday..

Hi Everyone!
It's been a long, long time since I posted on WOYWW!
I miss you all and am hoping to become a regular again.

hosted by the awesome Julia Dunnit,
on her blog Stamping Ground!!!
This is #386!

Not only do you get to see what Creatives
near and far are creating,
You also get to see where they create.
And that can give way to some great ideas
and a lot of inspiration.
My spot is a tad messy as usual.

I was working on this:

Everything seemed to be a different tone of the same color,
including my art table.
Although it isn't, The flowers did not belong.
So here it is in transition:

Not sure why
the flowers show through stronger in the pic than they are.
This is an 8"x8" wrapped canvas.
And my table is feeling a little cramped.

It seems I keep pushing everything I have previously used
towards the back of my art table
instead of putting it away.

So there is a finished mixed media painting against the wall.
A cream painted old soap dish I am going to add a little color to,
seal it really good, and call it good!

There are probably ten colors of acrylic paints and six spray bottles
of Tim Holtz Distressed Spray Stain
hiding behind my paint water cup!
I keep the handle on the left of the cup so I don't confuse it'
with my coffee...well that was the plan anyways!

So I am off to visit around the world to say hi to blogging
friends I have not visited in a while!

Happy WYWWW & Have a GREAT day!
Hugs, Rasz

October 23, 2016

For Witches in Fiction 2016 - Spelling Healing into a Rotting World.

This is my entry for Magaly Guerrero's

Go HERE for more info
and see who all participated and
all the great giveaways too!

Her heart is poisoned
Her lungs are torn
Her body is rotting
She can't take much more

So call on our Sages
Our Ancestors too
All you Witches come out
Let's make a healing brew

Burn our medicine for Her
And some candles will do
Mother Earth needs us now
Our gifts we must use

For She needs us now
Do what you can do
Every Ancient Way helps
Please cast a Spell or two

Mother Earth is rotting
as the masses suffer
Show those who are killing Her
With us, She's much tougher

My thoughts on all the ways man is destroying our World:

Take a moment if you can and do something for Mother Earth.
Say a prayer,
Light a candle,
Here in the USA, write your Representatives.

Nothing is too small.
It's time for all of us to to do what we can
and make our feelings known.
There are so many issues happening now
in our World, and we need to speak
for those who cannot.

Hugs, Rasz

October 21, 2016

Paint Party Friday Day!

Hello Friday!!!
It's Paint Party Friday!
Our hostesses with the mostesses:
Kristin and Eva!
for keeping this going for so long!
It's the best blog hop for a worldwide tour
in just a day!
Haven't a clue what I am talking about?
Go HERE for all the info.

Not much has changed since my post Wednesday below.
I am going to join in the Witches In Fiction 2016
this weekend.

I didn't paint anything in the past couple days
So I am still stuck in my delema.
However my house is cleaner
and the dishes are done too!

Here is my painting so far:

And this was when the trees were white:

Hmmm...tan and brown or go back to white and black?
I don't know, so there it sits on my art table,
awaiting my decision.
Please feel free to give an opinion.

The background for this painting is made from
old paint clean-up paper towels,
and some yummy Tim Holtz Ranger
Distress Spray Stains!
Love them!
The muddy bottom will be brightened up with
the colors of Autumn
when I am done!

Today is a long day at the vascular surgeon.
Ultrasounds on my legs this time.
Am I glowing yet?

My oldest son helped me get out all my tote
and purse making stuff!
All the fun stuff that needs upcycling
or recycling into a new life.
And of course my daughter saw this picture:

And she claimed her shabby chic flowers already made
before I used them.

It's been almost 4 years since I have used my sewing machine!
And just as long since I have made my totes & purses.
My son's girlfriend did a complete cleaning, oiling
and tension setting!
Yes she is a keeper!

I posted this really fast so I know I may have missed a typo
 or something might not make sense,
so in that case, I am just rambling!

Hopefully I will be around this evening and this weekend to visit!
See you soon.
Hugs, Rasz

October 19, 2016

Work or Play Wednesday...

I must be having a big day of Fibro Fog
because my mind is not working too well today.
I have no idea where the day even went,
besides trying to look at Vistaprint
for new business cards
and some note cards with my 
art on the front.
Didn't order anything, got good info
and remembered to write it down too!

Monday I left off with a background
made from layers of paper towels that I have used
to clean my brushes from other artwork:

(I love the Distress Ink Sprays)
and painting some white,
here's what I got:

The ground looks a little muddy which will look
better after the trees are done and I can add some
Autumn color bushes or leaves.

Here are the trees so far:

I toned down the white trees using the 
Walnut Distress Spray Stain and also
sprayed the same color onto my paint pallet 
to outline the trees and use for the birch marks.
I am thinking I might go back to white trees with
black outlines and birch bark marks.
Not making any decisions today.

My daughter sent me a text this morning
wondering if I had any shabby flowers left.
(made from painted canvas)
And I do!

Here is a chair full!
I texted her this picture and she circled
the ones she wanted and texted me back.
That was easy.

A couple weeks ago,
my oldest son helped me get all my materials
together for making my painted totes and purses.
His beautiful, talented girlfriend tuned up and oiled
my sewing machine that I have not used for 4 years.
I am ready to go!
I love to upcycle, recycle, paint fabric
and make some fun shabby totes, purses,
skirts and anything else fabric.

That's it for me today.
What are you working on this week?

Have a Wonderful Week.
See you Friday for Paint Party Friday!

Hugs, Rasz

October 17, 2016

Monday Morning Frenzy...

It's a soggy Monday for sure.
The rain has been hard & heavy
Since Saturday with Sunday being the worst.
Flash flood warnings here too.
Great weekend to stay inside and paint.

I had this great background.
Feeling like I had to finish it up,
painted flowers in a vase really ruined it.
That's what happens when I try to force it.

So I put it away for another day and started a new canvas:

There is a plan here and this is just the beginning.
Some nice colors for the background.
Took my time, plus I had to keep waiting for
everything to dry.

Headed off for some medical tests.
Hopefully I get home early and
can work on this one.

The problem with wanting to create all the time is
my dishes don't get washed until I am out of 
coffee cups and spoons.

And I am out of coffee cups and spoons.
Luckily I am fasting so I can't have coffee yet.

I'm off to my appointments.
How's your Monday going?
Any new projects over the weekend?
Anything causing you to rush around this morning?

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Rasz

October 14, 2016

I made it to the Party! Paint Party Friday that is...

Today is a GREAT day!
hosted by the amazing, creative, wonderful
duo of Kristin and Eva!
Paint Party Friday is a day to go visit creatives
from around the world,
and see what they are creating.

I have been BLIA (blogger lost in action)
for probably a couple weeks now.
Even though the change in weather and my body
have slowed me down, I have done a couple canvases.
The one on the left is finished and the 8x8 on the right
is still a WIP.
Loving the colors...I feel Autumn's here.

I am loving painting smaller canvases.
Lately all I had were big,
and I ran out.
Somehow, my beautiful, wonderful, caring, inspiring
Crow Friend sent me a package.
Yes that would be Stacy from MagicLoveCrow.
Look at this stack of 8x10s and 8x8s:

Along with "Dancer", one of her famous Crow ACEOs,
to add to my collection.

Wonderful, right?
I feel so blessed...I AM so blessed!
Thank you, thank you my beautiful Crow Friend!

Chronic pain, especially with the weather change here,
may keep me down but will not stop me from painting,
even if it's a couple minutes at a time.

Here is the latest finished mixed media artwork:

This painting was done with layers and layers of paper
and color from old paper towels.
The colors on the finished layer was created by
Tim Holtz Distress Spray Inks and Tim Holtz
Distress Crayons.
So much fun to play with and great colors too.
The top paper layer was also Tim Holtz.
The finish feels like leather.
It really came out great!

So it's been a wonderful, inspiring couple weeks!
And with the gift of the canvases....
well, two down and twelve to go!

I uncommitted on Inktober.
I tried and just wasn't able to do it.
I have to be more honest with what I am able to do.
Making commitments isn't really fair
to the ones I make commitments to
and to myself, as I end up pushing myself,
causing more pain and inciting more flare-ups,
then feeling terrible for not holding up my part
of the deal.

Have you ever felt this way?

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Hope to hop over to your blog.
I will be visiting today (Friday)
through the weekend.

Hugs, Rasz