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September 28, 2016

Work & Play Wed. AND Paint Party Friday!!!

I am re-posting my Wednesday Post to link up with Paint Party Friday!

I almost have my Warrior Spirit "Grandmother" done.
I love painting on cardboard, however
too much water can really ruin the cardboard
and the painting.
It got to where I was only pushing color around,
each time I tried to change or add color.
Even tho' the painting would be dry,
it was already saturated.
So here she is now and maybe forever:

The best part of corrugated cardboard is the edges.
The Distress Ink can puddle in the ridges and create
some really cool colors.

I'm wondering if I can recreate this type of ridges with
molding paste on canvas. Only one way to find out.

I have a canvas my oldest son bought.
It is for an abstract he wants for his house.

I asked him to pick out a couple base colors.
He closed his eyes as he reached into my drawer of paints. 

He dug around and mixed them up. Then he picked two:

The two colors he picked out are:
Blick Acrylic Cadmium Yellow
Amsterdam Acrylic Naphthol (?) Red Medium, Ugh.
So happy there is also a drawer full of acrylics. 
I think it will be good for me to (hopefully)
let go and just play!

I really miss the days I first discovered
Mixed Media painting.
It was fun, there were no rules,
I would crank up the music and just dance
while painting.
I was amazed at the outcomes of 
colorful beauty that came thru me.

I know the next few years were hard.

Did that joy and creativity go away
as the pain became worse,
and depression and anxiety set in?

Did the "if you don't use it, you'll loose it" happen?

Did taking classes and learning new techniques
change something inside?

Did I loose the trust of my inner muse?

I WANT that free spirited, fun, wild, creative painter
to come out again.

To me, that is true painting;
using mediums that were not suppose to be used together
breaking all the "rules" and not following instructions,
being the REBEL.
That is ME, or at least it was. 

As I type this, it is coming from my soul,
with no planning or editing.
I believe I have to let this out
and not let the pain win.

Time to try and see what happens.
Maybe this large blank canvas is the chance
I need to break free from the chains
of pain and depression.
I know I can do this!

Thank you if you made it this far on today's post.
Thank you for letting me share a part of me.
Thank you for your comments,
your wonderful, beautiful spirits,
some that may be sharing this path with me.
Blessings to all of you.

Big hugs, Rasz!

September 26, 2016

Monday Morning Frenzy...PLUS the WINNER!!!!

Good Morning and Happy Monday.
Today is a very busy Monday.
I have an up with the dawn doctor appointment
so I want to make sure we get today's 
winner announced
for this mixed media painting:

This was my first giveaway so I went on the GTS
hunt for an impartial name picker.
It was that or I was going to throw all the names into
a hat and have someone pick one.

This site looked as good as any,
and it was free.
Of course I wanted everyone to win!
I wish I had more to giveaway.

So drumroll please.....
The winner is......


Please email me with your mailing address.
I'm so excited!
Hope you are too...

Off to the doctors...Yuck!

Hope your Monday is not too crazy.
Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway.
I hope there are many more to come.

Big hugs, Rasz

September 21, 2016

It's An Indoors Work & Play Wednesday!

Happy Work & Play Wednesday to YOU!
I do not feel up to doing any work.
Even play might have to wait,
until I feel a little better.

We got some very much needed rain and
cool weather this morning.
I love the smell of the rain,
it's so cleansing outside.
My plants
can use all the rain they can get.
Everything up here in Northern California
needs rain.

Oh it's starting to rain again!
I would never curse the rain,
even tho' it
turns my body into a painful mess.

Enough of that.
Onto today's dilemma...
I need your help, I'm stuck!
Right here with this painting:

It is a little darker than it appears on my laptop screen.
I hope it shows up as dark as it really is.
I have never done red before.
I seem to be going for the darker colors now.

I am just stuck!
Does it need some collage paper?
Another color maybe?
Some of my new ephemera?
I just don't know.

Please leave a comment.
Include any ideas
you might think of.
Share what your Work & Play is today.
Or just a comment to say "hey".

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Hugs, Rasz

If you haven't entered my giveaway for this painting yet,
Click HERE and it will take you to the post
where you can enter.

September 19, 2016

Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy and Talking Paintings...

Yes, once again it's Monday,
the start of a new, adventurous week!

The Hummingbirds were very well behaved.
Honestly, these little bullies have been acting so good.
It started with naming their abusive/frenzy eating patterns
to my morning posts.

The little one in the back right is so sweet.
She has become my favorite this season.

So this is the WIP I've been working on,
using techniques I learned from
Guada's Ghost Girl Mini class.

When working on cardboard,
adding too much water can ruin it.
That is what happened so I took her outside
to add more of Tim Holtz distressed ink.
Yes more wetness...had no idea what I was doing.

She was ready for the trash...
and I felt her say she wasn't done.
Do you ever have your paintings call to you?
Or your paintings become what they want
instead of what the plan was?

More ink...
I really felt the cardboard was going to fall apart:

I left her outside in the sun to dry up or fall apart.
It was somewhere around 95 degrees yesterday.
How this cardboard stayed together?

She's not done yet, tho' on her way.
She fought so hard to appear, she definitely has
A Warrior Spirit!

She reminds me of so many women I know
who have to fight their own battles every day.

I believe we all are Warriors.
Every time it feels like we cannot take anymore,
somehow we get hit with one more issue.
And we still try to hold it all together, every day,
no matter what is thrown our way.

It doesn't take us down, or not for long,
the Warrior Spirit inside of each one of us
brushes ourselves off and gets back up.
We find that Warrior strength...just like this cardboard did,
too hold us together despite the odds.

Leave a comment,
I'd love to hear if this resonates with you.

Have a GREAT Monday!
Hugs, Rasz 

September 16, 2016

Paint Party Friday & Underwear for Bloggers?

Thank you to our amazing Hostesses
Eva and Kristin.
If you have never checked out PPF,
go HERE and enjoy the BEST EVER
World-Wide Blog Hop.
It's a great place to meet new friends too!

Only at Walmart could we find underwear
targeted to Bloggers.
Although I would never, ever wear these,
I had to pay the $1 to get them.
I couldn't stop laughing,
now that's marketing to bloggers at it's best.

Pretty front:

Now here is the back:

I just had to share this one! How funny!
And no offense if you have a pair and wear them.

I am working on a version of a Ghost Girl
with the techniques I learned from 
I took this class a while back and love the techniques!
And Guada is a sweetheart.

I love her already even though she has a ways to go.

Another WIP:

I got a little stuck on this one.
Until I got a surprise in the mail!

Yes that is a box full of Tim Holtz ephemera,
Three 6-packs of Tim Holtz, Ranger, Distress Crayons
and a package of 6 pack of brushes that hold water,
can someone tell me what they are called?

I have so much inspiration, I need to stay focused, lol!

Buddy is happy too.
I cleaned up the disaster of art mess in my front room.

Happy mommy, happy pup!

My giveaway is still going on for this painting I just finished:

Go HERE if you want to participate.

Have a GREAT Paint Party Friday!
Hugs, Rasz

September 14, 2016

Work & Play Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday to all!
Hope you are having a great day!
If you haven't entered my Giveaway for this Painting,
This is the painting:

I guess I will (embarrassingly) show you my work for today:

What a mess, right?
It gets better:

I think Buddy likes his chair because he is safe there, lol!
I can never seem to get a good picture of him.

Early this morning,
he was enjoying the nice cool weather and sunshine,
on the deck outside...and in another chair.
Luckily poodles don't shed:

And now for the play, once I get my mess all cleaned up
and organized!

Look what my son surprised me with:

 Yes that is an Amazon box filled with all kinds of Tim Holtz ephemera
and 372 stickers, a set of 6 water brushes AND
three 6-packs of Tim Holtz Ranger
Distress Crayons (water reactive pigments)!!!

WooHoo!!! WooHoo!!! WooHoo!!!

My other play today is painting
another Ghost Girl.
I learned this from Guada's
Here is my background all ready for a Ghost Girl:

Her classes are great!
Check out Guada's website, classes, and more

And remember to enter the Giveaway too!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

September 12, 2016

Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy...PLUS a GIVEAWAY!!!

Thank you for dropping by!
Hoping your week is starting off well,
without too much frenzy.

All was pretty calm at the feeder this morning,
only a couple small skirmishes.

Sometimes the hummingbirds in flight,
caught on camera, look like little spirits.
Maybe next week there will be some pictures
of the little babies at the feeder.
Their beaks are bigger than their wings.

Reminder for anyone with a hummingbird feeder:
Remember to wash out the feeder each time it goes empty.
The sugars in the water can breed bacteria really fast.
That bacteria can kill the hummingbirds.


I have never done a blog giveaway before.
I started this blog back in 2011.
Wow! Five years ago.

The first post was on March 8, 2011.
I cried as I looked at the posts from back then.
My world was so different.

Since my first post till today, I have made friendships 
that keep on growing throughout the years.
I am so grateful for the blogging friends and
community that kept me going throughout
some really hard times.
This is my way of saying THANK YOU!

Soooo, here it is.
The latest mixed media painting I just finished,
"Winter Twilight"

Here's a close up:

This is my Thank You!
For the friends and bloggers who have followed me
through several years where I hardly posted.
For the ones who left sweet comments,
or encouragement.
For everyone who kept the spark alive in me,
when I thought it was gone.
And for all the new people I still get to discover,
and continue to meet through blogging.
Being in this community is so wonderful.
I am so blessed!

This painting is an 11"x14" wrapped canvas
mixed media painting.

If you would like to enter in the giveaway,
simply leave "Enter Me" in the comment section here and IF YOU HAVE
a Facebook page, please visit me on FB
Rasz Art Designs Facebook page, Like and Share if you want.
I would really appreciate it.
If you DON"T HAVE FB, no worries,
you are entered anyway as long as you comment
below and let me know you want to enter.
Thank you my Crow Friend for reminding
me that not everyone has FB.

Oh and please email me your email or blog or FB
or anyway you want to be contacted if you win.

I will announce the winner here on Monday, September 26th.
I will also leave a link to this post on
all my upcoming posts and my Rasz Art Designs Facebook page.

Good Luck and Thank you so very much!  

September 09, 2016

It's sunny, it's warm, it's Paint Party Friday!

Hello all you beautiful creatives.
The best day of the week is finally here,

I have not gotten in to PPF since July!
Where did the time go?
Luckily our amazing hostesses
Eva and Kristin host this party every Friday
and don't miss any of them!
Go HERE if this is not making any sense to you.

This painting was still a WIP back in July.
Finally finished, after messing with
it for a few months:

Here's some thick, gooey, yummy texture:

The trio of paintings for my son & his girlfriend's
new home got finished:
Wow, that's really crooked, isn't it...oops!

Still in the WIP pile:

This was inspired by two easy-to-paint,
Birch Tree videos on YouTube.
I tried to find them again to give credit.
Hopefully the amazing video artists on YouTube
will be found before this painting is complete.

A beautiful little pink flower popped up this week.

It was nice to see some color besides grey rock,
lots of brown dry dirt,
and the few plants that are hanging on through
another California drought.

I almost forgot to add that I am having a GIVEAWAY,
check in Monday for the details.

Have a FANTASTIC Paint Party Friday,
and a WONDERFUL week!

September 07, 2016

Work & Play Wednesday...

This is my 1st Work & Play Wednesday!
It seems that my day has become all work and no play.
While trying to find and work with my photos,
I lost a whole file, turned my laptop off THREE times,
and took way too many pictures for this post.

Here is my trio of paintings for my youngest
son and his girlfriend in their new home!

This is the only picture that came out clear, go figure.

I think I need to find out where Mercury is,
maybe in retrograde?
Electronics are being a bit difficult.

I did have a little play last night though.

Here is the beginning of my birch trees.
I have watched several different YouTube videos
and decided to use a combo of them.
Doing this created a messy yucky wet wet wet mess!
So you can just imagine what happened to the
collage paper under the poor artist tape that just
couldn't hold all the mess out.
Actually, the seepage under the tape made for some
cool trees.
It always works out the way it's suppose to work out, right?

For some real play, I have joined up,
I have been wanting to do more of the 
Ghost Girls I learned from Guada's
This is the perfect time to start creating those
beauties again.

This is the last one I made.
I would highly recommend Guada's class.
So much learning with so much fun and new techniques.

Hope you get to play more than work today.
Enjoy your day...even the difficult days have lessons.

September 05, 2016

Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy...

Happy Labor Day to those here in the USA!

This week is the start of something new & exciting.
Today is Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy.
It came to me after watching the hummingbirds
at the feeder last Monday.

It's a lot like life.
There we are enjoying a quiet moment,
sipping our coffee or tea, trying to get ready for a new week.

When all of the sudden,
everyone or everything or the clock on the wall
bombards us.
And there goes our quiet moment.

(if you look to the top right of this picture you will see another hummingbird)
And now life seems rushed.
Monday mornings seem to be just a little more crazy
then the rest of the week, no matter what we do,
or what our title in life is.

The hummingbirds are even a little more aggressive
on Mondays.

So I am dedicating a post every Monday,
after the hummingbirds who go on a frenzy,
at the feeder on Monday Mornings.
Along with some creations that I finished.

Today's creation is a series
of  three painting on 16"x 20" canvases I made
for my youngest son.
He will get them today at his first ever Labor Day BBQ
at his new house!
Here is one of the pieces.

The 3 pieces, all together, will be in my post on Wednesday,
Along with several WIPs and finished creations.

Follow me on Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy,
Wednesday for Work & Play Wednesday,
and Fridays for Paint Party Friday.

We are going to have fun and please share your Monday
mornings with me in the comments.

Next Monday I will be announcing a Giveaway.
I am so excited!

Have a Wonderful Week!