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April 29, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday...

Once again it is Friday.
Once again on Friday we get to go to the best blog party ever.
Paint Party Friday!!
Thanks to our wonderful hostesses with the mostestes!
Don't know what I am talking about or want more info?

I have somehow lost my latest Paint Party folder and cannot figure out what I posted last.
So here is a recap of April since I have not posted since the beginning of April (I think).
This month has been a blur.

I painted some flowers in a vase named
"Flowers for My Mother"

They were so pretty when I had finished the painting and then by morning they would be so dark the flowers looked like blobs. Even under the light, they could not be seen.
I tried to repaint them the way they were but every morning they got darker and darker.

These flowers got a brand new paint job
with some yummy thick texture
and they are staying as bright as when I finished them,
even better...

They are just beautiful, colorful, texture-y, and very, very shiny!

My latest WIP:

I messed up the bottom and the left side with Liquitex Flexible Molding Paste.
I tried doing it in a hurry and that is not the product to hurry up with.
The womderful thing about mixed-media is that almost everything can be covered up and fixed.

And what do you get when you mix and poodle and rain?

Time to go have another cup of coffee and visit the other party goers!
Have a Fantastic Paint Party Friday!
Hugs, Rasz

April 28, 2016

Big sale and Sizzix giveaway!

I always love a great deal,
especially big giveaways too!
There is a $2500 for 5 lucky people
for Sizzix I found from visiting
the big Tim Holtz products sale over at 

Go HERE to enter for the $2500 from Sizzix

And for the Tim Holtz big SALE,

So I found all this by following links because I saw an ad 
for a big sale on Tim Holtz products.

This all started because I have this MOLOTOW
white paint pen.
It is suppose to have 2 different tips
and I cannot figure out how to change the tips,
or even where the smaller tip is!

So after being extremely frustrated,
I decided to Google it!
Still didn't find instructions
and have been painting and didn't want to get on my computer either.

So in this Giveaway, you get 5 extra entries
for blogging about the giveaway!
Makes sense why I am blogging about it?
And now I get to go back and drool
over Tim Holtz's and Ranger product lines.

Oh wait! No I don't
I am going to take a nap then finish my painting
So I will be ready for Paint Party Friday

Go check out the sales and enter for the giveaway.
I need all the free stuff I can get, plus
who doesn't like a sale or free stuff?

Have a great evening,
Hugs, Rasz 

April 26, 2016

Where is she now?

It's sad to have this last week of April be here.
I have enjoyed Magaly's Challenge SO much
I don't want it to end.

I guess I will have to keep writing and pairing
my writing to my art.
OR...maybe it's time for me to find my muse and get back to the abstract art I love
and pair my art to my writing?
Either way, like all things, it will work if it is meant to, right?

Today's prompt is "Beyond the Ever After".
You can read about it HERE
and also find others participating and follow their links!
I chose Little Red Riding Hood for my poesy today.

Where Is She Now?

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
You took so much care
everyday for your Grandmother
'Til she was no longer there

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
You grew up an enabling hot mess
Your mother was a drunk
And your brother could care less

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
I wish you could have seen
How much your father loved you
But he died when you were just three

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
That nasty wolf changed your life
You felt the need to be loved
And became that wolf's wife

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
From that wolf you finally ran
And found shelter and safety
In the big city, with a real man

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
What has happened to you now
You were so sweet, so smart
Now you run with the street crowd

Oh Little Red Riding Hood
That forest's a memory in your past
For it formed the life you have found now
as an enabling addict that will last.

So that's it for my poem today. Poor Little Red Riding Hood.

YOU have a GREAT day!
Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs, Rasz

April 23, 2016

The Most Ravenous Love...

It is still April,
Thankfully because I am in Magaly's
To see the days and prompts and participants posts
go HERE!

I am behind in posting and am jumping around a little with the day's.
This poem is for Day 9 of 13,
Legendary Beings in Love...

Full Moon Lover

He's on the prowl
Under a full moon's light
She hears his howls
Tho' he is still out of sight

She rushes towards the woods
As each call becomes louder
She is not afraid of him
He is her Full Moon Lover

No villager could ever know
For they could never understand
The love and lust that awaits her
From the monster of this land

And finally, there he stands
Under the full moon's light
She rushes into his arms
He holds her oh so tight

He is dangerous and musky
Strong, rough, intoxicating
His fur against her bare skin
She melts into him for the taking

She awakes as dawn breaks
Laying naked on the ground
Blood slowly drips from her wounds
Her clothes shredded all around

Yet he is the only one for her
And she will run back to him soon
My werewolf lover in the woods
Under each beautiful bright alluring full moon

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
I am off to write a little more to post today

Hugs, Rasz

April 22, 2016

I Want You Back Disease...

April really has turned out to be the Cruelest Month.
I am way behind in posting and also playing:
It's a dark, funny and sometimes chilling to the bone.
Thank you Magaly for this Challenge.
I think it is the only thing keeping me sane right now!

I am going to be catching up then next few days for the Challenge.
Any painting I have done has been put aside to fix later.

The "I Want You Back" syndrome

This syndrome is common
It comes from the disease
"The Grass is Always Greener"
at the last place he sees.

"Let's see" says the Specialist
While checking him out
The  first test ordered should be 
Reading your Social Media accounts.

"My, my" says the doctor
While scratching his head
"You have a very bad case
After all I have read".

You do not have
Just what was originally diagnosed,
You also have, he went on
"Pay My Way" symptoms the most.

The doctor's advice to him
As he left there that day
"Stay away from those exes
Is all I can say"

He left you for the one before
And now he's back to see
If flowers, charm and love galore
Can give you his disease.

Have a great day and a Wonderful Weekend!
Hugs, Rasz 

April 15, 2016

It's another Paint Party Friday...the best day of the week!

Hello everyone!
I have been absent for a little while,
for my mom passed away on the 1st.
We were not close,
even when I was a child.
I kept in contact with her my entire life.

I thought her passing would be a little easier
given our relationship.
It made it that much harder
as I will never hear those words of praise
a mother tells her child.

So that is why I have been missing for a few weeks.
I am back and ready to celebrate at the 
Best Blogging Party Ever!!!
Thank you Eva and Kristen for being the
Hostesses with the Mostess
Year 6 Week 6!
Have no clue what I am talking about?
Go HERE for more info.

I've been making mixed media backgrounds.
Here is the first and most special:

She sent me all kinds of cool stuff along with the painting I won.
There were a bunch of papers to collage with.
Her papers, now torn, look great with Tim Holtz's
Idealology paper!
Thank you Maria!!!

Old clean up paper towels plus gel medium onto a canvas...

Then sprayed with "Faded Jeans" Distress Spray Stain

Creates this!

It's a fun and easy way to make a very unique background.

I have more except this post is getting a little too long.
Thank you if you made it this far.

Have a Playful Paint Party Friday
and a Wonderful Weekend!

Hugs, Rasz

April 12, 2016

What makes one thing better makes another worse...

The poem below is for Magaly's

I was a little behind so I have been posting the prompts from various days I had not yet done.
This is the last one to get me all caught up,
it will be linked to "Day 4 - The Poesy of Side Effects".

"What makes one thing better makes another thing worse"

What started as relief
I am now a slave to
Just please help me with this pain
Is all they had to do.

I've been poked and prodded
So many times
And scanned and x-rayed
I should glow or be blind.

But as things go
It comes with a price
Side effects are many
And most aren't so nice.

Take these for the pain
And here's one for your nerves
Oh now your depressed
Take these for the cure.

My family and friends 
look at all that I take
With sympathy they ask
Could this be a mistake?

No that is right
I tell them with envy
for half of what I take
helps the side effects, so many.

The procedures and operations
have their side effects too
What relieves one thing
Can change your lifestyle too.

And if the wrong people 
find out the meds you are on
You'll be hiding your pills
From dusk until dawn.

These pills aren't for fun
It's a serious thing
Addictions can happen
Another side effect sting.

So if you meet me someday
Still in pain, there's no cure
You will still find me smiling
Even with nerve pain's ugly burns.

No matter what else
I will smile and rejoice
For the side effect there
Is laughter's best choice.

Big SOFT hugs,

April 11, 2016

This year's election...

Here is a poem for Magaly's April Challenge. 
I am LOVING this Challenge.
It has taken me way out of my comfort zone
yet has let me express, in words, 
that which has only been stuck deep down in my soul.

Here is the poem for April 6th.

"Idiots Herding the Blind"

That one's a cheat
That one's a liar
That one's out of their mind
What a terrible era in which
The idiots govern the blind.

Short but sweet!
I am catching up. One more to go. Will post that one today also.
Tomorrow (Tuesday the 12th) I will spend on my computer visiting all the players!
Now that is something exciting to look forward to.
Today I need to finish some art.

BTW, what has happened to the Microsoft Clip Art?
I tried to find a cute picture for this post.

Have a great day! Hugs, Rasz

She's Gone...

I am a little behind in Magaly's April Challenge.

My mother passed on April 1st.
I have truly been happy her soul is set free,
from the demons I will never know.
I realized today, that I too am free,
and the little girl inside can be healed.

Today's Challenge is to create a "Triquain Swirl Poem".
I am on the fast-track learning poems process.
So here it goes:
"Flowers for my Mother"
This painting was used on an earlier post in March or April.
"She is Gone"

She is gone
Her spirit set free
To go where they ultimately go
Ripping outside this realm to the beautiful side
Where her spirit is dancing, no pain
To be with those who wait
Life here's done
For that I know for sure
So lift up your glass and drink and dance
She has been set free from her miserable life
There she no longer needs that drama
No more lies to tell them
Life here's gone

Okay, hope I did that one right? It's my first try and I have to say writing with direction is letting me let go of the past and realize that I am becoming the real me now, no judgement, no lies about me to still be shocked by. After all these years, I am also set free.

Hugs, Rasz

April 05, 2016

“A Dark-Scape of Living Poesy”

I am celebrating and posting for Magaly's

Here is my poem for the first prompt starting April 2nd.
Yes, I am a late starter but will catch up quickly!
I need this for my soul and to join in with the other players.

BTW, today is Magaly's Birthday,
there is a prompt for today for her special day!

Here is my first poem.
I have never wrote poetry so this should by interesting.

Has It Begun To Sprout?

Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?
Yes, the seeds sewn with the ashes so dear,
have sprouted and bloomed in crimson this year.
Something is odd however with those blooms I fear.

They only sprout and bloom and dance at night,
rejoicing in the cover of the soft moonlight.
For as the sun rises and daylight is near,
the ground in garden with the ashes is bare.