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March 29, 2016

WooHoo! I won Cozydoodle's giveaway!!!

Yes I am the LUCKY WINNER of the giveaway

The giveaway was for a painting and
one of her Magical Star ornaments:

Beautiful indeed:

I am going to frame the painting today and hang it on the wall by my art table and the Magical Star ornament is going to be hung of the bottom of the sconce also right above my art table.
Both will give me inspiration every day as I look at them.

Here is some more inspiration she also included
in my package:

Beautiful paper, a napkin and even another smaller painting!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Maria you are so generous!

May everyone have a magical day...

March 25, 2016

It's Friday, which means it's PAINT PARTY FRIDAY!!!

Happy Paint Party Friday Players!
If you don't know what Paint Party Friday is all about,
Go HERE and join in the fun.

Last week I ended my PPF post with a background that was created by wiping my paint brushes off on to a canvas board and removing the excess paint from stencils.
It turned out pretty cool so this is where my artwork for this week started:

And here is what was created from this background:

Yes it surprised me too!
I am only halfway done.
Flowers in a vase are something I never thought I would ever paint.
This painting is inspired by a YouTube video
She made it look SOOOOOO easy!

There is a lot of texture in this painting too:

Another view:

I am so excited to see how this turns out when I am done.

That's it from me today.
My neighbor came over to "help me" put on a new skirt around my house.
His idea of helping me is he is outside doing it all.
Need to see if he needs more coffee.
I am so grateful for the help. He is really a nice guy :-)
Yes, really!

Have a GREAT PPF day and a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Rasz

March 20, 2016

Two fun packages arrived last week!

Happy Sunday!
Hope the weather is not too bad where you are at.
The clouds are rolling in and we are going to have three straight day of rain.
Hopefully we'll get some snow pack up in the mountains to help us with the drought. There is not much snow up there now.

Before I show off some new supplies I ordered online, I need to say I did not receive any products, discounts or anything else for this post.
I am just happy!

For my birthday, I was able to shop online for some art supplies.
I found Donna Downey Studio and some great stencils, stamps, a white and black charcoal pencils, a white Molotow paint pen with two different size tips, and even a necklace with earrings!
What more could a messy paint girl want? 
I am not use to shopping like this but when the mail lady brought me my package, all that changed. It's great to get something fun in the mail.

I have never had a company thank me so much, in so many ways, for shopping with them. Maybe that is normal for shopping online?
The package was stuffed with beautiful tissue paper to keep everything save and on the back of the this bag has words that are great for collage!

  They had a $5 bag of unknown.The curiosity got the best and look what I got:
Fun right?
I've already started playing with the different sized flowers,
and the brush is a great Gel Medium or Gesso brush!

Here is what I ordered:

 I also have some Idea-Ology Tissue Wrap (Mealange) on it's way too! 
So there is my fun at Donna Downey Studio! She has some great videos out there and lots more fun stuff! 

Time to go finish my new canvas board background created by cleaning my stencils, sponges and brushes on it from my last painting.

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Thanks for stopping by!

March 18, 2016

Paint Party Friday...the Raven is finally done, I think...

As always, a BIG thanks to Eva and Kristen
for hosting the best blog party EVER!

Last week I posted a Crow I had started:

This painting has morphed over the last week and is finally done!
He is now a Raven too.

I tried to take the pictures of him outside and inside to show all the texture and shine.
Here are a couple other pictures that might look a little better:

I am also getting a great collection of used paper towels for my paper towel art!
Happy dance!

And by cleaning off my brushes and stencils onto a canvas board,
my next background is already done.

Lots of images in there.
What do you see?

I have a couple quick Shout-Outs!

First, a HUGE thank you to Maria at Cozydoodle.
I won her giveaway of her awesome Magical Sparkling Stars and also a painting,
and I have the perfect spot where each is going to hang!
Big, big, big Happy Dance!!!

Another Shout-Out to Donna Downey Studios!
I got lots and lots of goodies from her with the best customer service I have ever experienced!
Check back this weekend and I will be posting all the fun goodies I got and more.
Still dancing the Happy Dance!!!

Time to go join the list of this week's PPF players!
Big hugs and have a Wonderful Weekend!

March 15, 2016

Sunshine, a Raven and a plate of taquitos...

It has been a beautiful, sunny day today.
The very needed rain has taken a break to let the sun shine in.
I would have posted earlier except that the sun was calling me and my dog for walks and a look at the yard and what was coming up in the big "surprise" pots sitting around.
It is nice to see some green again after everything being brown and dead from the drought.

Needless to say, I got very little art in...
actually none.
Here is the progress on my Raven.
Last Friday's PPF stage

Since then, I wanted the leaves to have more texture since the Raven was created with
Liquitex Modeling Paste.
I cut out the leaves from leftover pieces of paintable, textured wallpaper that I have been using to cover up all the ugly paneling in my house.

Added more color, mainly brushing on different colors of Tim Holtz's Distress Spray Stain to the leaves.
Each color was nice but more color was better.
Here is my painting after about half a dozen more layers of color:

I used the textured wallpaper again to make stems.
The stems have been yellow, orange, gold, purple and now brown.
Here's a close up:

There is still more to do, it's a pretty good start.
I love playing with all these colors!

Below is a plate of taquitos that my son's girlfriend made for me:

Now that is a work of art!!!
It was so delicious and so beautiful!
It really was hard to disturb this scrumptious plate,
somehow I managed and it was GRRRRRRREAT!!!!
Almost forgot to mention that this came with a bowl of homemade,
roasted tomato and jalepeno salsa...mmm....

Hope everyone's week is going good so far. 

March 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary Paint Party Friday!

I almost missed PPF today. I kept thinking today was Thursday.
Glad my Sissy straightened me out on that one!
Went out to the PPF site and discovered
today is Week One, Year 6!!!
Yes our beloved hostesses Eva and Kristin have kept this Friday party going for FIVE years, for all of us to share what we are painting with other bloggers throughout the world!

Have no idea what I am talking about?
Click HERE for more info.

After finishing the 29 Faces of February, it was time for a little break
and then onto painting and playing and making messes.

Here is my current WIP:

Great to see my table all messy again!

The crow was created using Liquitex Flexible Molding Paste and painted in Blick Studio Payne's Gray Acrylic paint. Love this color!

I used my homemade stamps for the layers of stamping.
Still have a ways to go.

I got a box of BRUSHO Crystal Colours.
Here is my first attempt playing with them:

The videos made it look SO easy!
I need more videos and practice with this medium.
They are beautiful colors aren't they?

Happy Anniversary Paint Party Friday!
I am so glad to be part of this wonderful group.
Thank you and lots of hugs!