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January 29, 2016

It's a rainy Paint Party Friday out here...

It's a beautiful rainy day out here in Northern California...
A great day to celebrate since all this rain will hopefully get us out of the horrible droughts and fire seasons we have had the past several years.

Thank you to our amazing hostesses Kristin and Eva
 for keeping this party going on.
Don't know what Paint Party Friday is?
Go HERE for all the fun! 

I did not have an inspirational week.
The weather is causing so much pain it's hard to think.
I need a new 2016 date book to carry in my purse.
Solution? I can make one...hopefully...

I sewed together some heavy Canson acrylic 136lb paper I had cut to size.
I tied all 4 sections together.
Next I cut a piece of the acrylic paper large enough to wrap around the pages along with a folded middle edge to square off and glue everything together.

With the front side and back cover all glued down and held together with a large potato chip bag clip, I let it dry over night.
To my amazement, it worked!

Now the fun begins!
Painting and decorating my first calendar appointment book!

Time to go out and visit everyone, which is the BEST part of 
Have a fun day and great week.

January 22, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday and it's raining...

It is pouring here in Northern California, water we have needed for so long.
Prayers going up for everyone in the Mid-West and East Coast
getting hit by another super storm.

It seems nothing can stop our wonderful hostesses
Eva and Kristin for hosting this amazing and fun World-Wide blog hop
to see what everyone is up to each week.

I painted the background canvas I showed two weeks ago.
From this:

To this:

Sorry about the other stuff in this picture.
My mouse died and I don't know how to crop without it.
If anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it.
Do you see anything in the center of this background?
Let me know in the comments please.

Here is my waterproof purse that I made and painted.
The designs of the purse are from homemade stamps.
It's a stiff purse and holds it shape really well.
I have gotten so many compliments on this one,
I think I am going to make some more.
It's 10-1/2" tall without counting the handle.
7" wide and 3-1/2" on the bottom and sides.

I finally finished painting the left side of my kitchen.
Since I can only do a little every day,
I am REALLY proud!


Had to paint the old 70's handles and hinges,
so I prepped them with gesso and then painted them with
acrylic paint and some translucent medium thrown in.
I think it came out great!

Wow, my post was longer than I expected.
If you made it this far, thank you so much!
Have a great and safe week. 

January 08, 2016

Paint Party Friday...first post in 2016...

Happy 2016!
Happy Paint Party Friday!
Thank you to Eva and Kristin, for their continued commitment
hosting PPF every Friday.
If you don't know what PPF is,
it's the greatest world-wide weekly blog-hop
of awesome Creatives from all over.
Go HERE to learn all about it.

Here is my latest experiment:

I was given a pack of Liquitex products and one of them was their
Flexible Modeling Paste.
I had a canvas already painted that didn't come out the way I wanted
so I used it to play! 
Then I wanted to try out my Artist's Loft Iridescent Medium too.
Playing with two products that I had never used proved to be a lot of fun and learning.

The feathers were suppose to be a resist from a cardboard cutout.
Obviously that didn't work.
I am going to see if I can fix it.

The modeling paste and stencils worked much better:

I had fun and cannot wait to practice using the modeling paste again.
As for the translucent medium...WOW!
The colors came out amazing when mixed with it.
The canvas almost looks metal.
This was SO much fun experimenting!

Next WIP in line:

There is a plan for this one,
hopefully I will have it finished next Friday.

Time to get busy visiting.
Happy New Year to All!
(I will be blog-hopping through the weekend)