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December 14, 2015

My son started a blog...

Courtesy of Phil Navarro Photography
My son has started his own blog called From My View!
He is getting his degree in Photography and he is really good!.
Phil is a disabled Army Veteran who was stationed
in Iraq at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
He came home with a Purple Heart and 
A Bronze Star for Valor, something he would never share with anyone.
If you know any Veterans of War you may understand.

Coming home for any soldier is difficult, especially from heavy combat.
Life has changed forever and can lead a person to feel lost and disconnected.
Finding their passion can heal, we know how art can heal.

I think the vision of his blog is to share his life through photography.
This is the happiest I have seen him since he returned from Iraq.
He is seeing the beauty of everyday life,
and finding joy in the little things.

Of course as a mom I am very proud of him.
My hope is that he can lead others to find their passion as well,
or a photo that helps the heart feel a little moment of peace.
If you would, please go visit him HERE
and give him some support as fellow bloggers.

Now he will be pushing me to blog every day.
Something I want to get back in to.
So I have a feeling that there is going to be a scoreboard
keeping track of who is blogging more, lol!

To see that smile and passion in his eyes,
is helping me get back to my passion,
and wearing a big smile on my face!

Hope your week is starting off great!

December 11, 2015

Paint Party Friday, finally a post...

I can't believe that I have not posted since October.
Time is just passing too fast.

Paint Party Friday is the best day to come back.
Thank you Eva and Kristin for being here every week,
no matter what, for the worldwide blog hop.

Here is my first WIP:
 She is almost done; a little more work on her hair cleaning up the colors 
and possibly adding a butterfly.
I LOVE her! It's rare for me to like my art, let alone love any of it.
She will soon be finished, matted and framed.

The next WIP being worked on is my ugly 1970s mobile home kitchen.
I have searched the shed, the outside cabinets and inside to round up
enough house paints to do the job. I found enough gloss white and satin cream.
I am also using some of my acrylics and mediums.
The left side is almost complete and I am planning on starting the right side this weekend.
It's so exciting! Will hopefully be able to post next Friday.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you all are having a GREAT PPF...