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October 26, 2015

Big BooBoo and I know better...

Happy Monday to everyone!

My post Friday for PPF had two completed paintings and one WIP:

I was so happy with her face and she fit perfectly on this background.
If you look closely, you can see the edges aren't glued down.
She was laid on top of the wet paint. 

She was the only face put onto the backgrounds.
The others were painted.
So in my impatience, I put her on top of the wet paint to see if she would fit, then that little voice in my head reminded me she needed to be glued down properly.
Did I listen, of course not.
I thought that maybe if she was glued down by the paint, I could always use my Golden Gel Medium to glue the edges.
Sounded good and I ignored the whispers saying

Yep, tried to glue it Saturday and what a mess. Bubbles were everywhere and I ended up having to rip her off the background.

So...it's back to the beginning and another beautiful face can be drawn on the background like I have been.
Here is what I need to fix and do properly:

There is the beautiful face in the pile of paper on the right.
Paint can fix the issues on the background.

I knew the paper was thin, and Lesson 1 of mixed media artwork is glue well and wait!
Lesson learned to listen to the whispers.

I named my home Graceful Whispers Studio because of the little whispers that remind me what to do or try.

Always listen to the whispers...or yells,
there lies the truth!

Have you ever made a mistake like this one?
Or anything else similar when trying to take short cuts?

Have a Wonderful Monday!

October 23, 2015

Paint Party Friday...

Hello everyone!
I am so glad to be back to PPF!
Don't know what Paint Party Friday is?
Go HERE to get all the info and meet our wonderful hostesses 
Eva and Kristin and join in the fun.

I love the new techniques I learned..

I thought using translucent paint over the entire painting would give my girls a ghostly appearance.
I was half wrong.

You can see how the translucent paint made a whitish shine and covered the details.
Luckily, anything painted is fixable with more paint, right?

If you click on the pictures above you can see the translucent shine to these Ghost Girls.
I love them and the textures are so fun! 

The other night I made a face in my sketchbook I really liked. The paper was too thin to paint and I had tried to color one of the flowers in her hair with colored pencils. I didn't like the outcome and it would not erase completely.
I had just made another large background in purple and orange.
She fit perfect!

After visiting the other PPFers, she will get started.
I am also enrolled in Soul Food over at Mystele's Community Thrive.
Another fun place to get inspired too!

Make it a GREAT week and keep on painting!