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August 17, 2015

new sneakers and a surprise in the mail...

I just finished painting a pair of sneakers for my son's girlfriend.
She brought me a pair of dark grey color and she did not want anything bright or bling.
She liked pink purple and green so that made it really easy.

I just gave them to her today and she is now wearing them!
It made me so happy to see her happy with her sneakers.

Her mom wants a pair now like my white canvas pair.

I just got an ACEO from Stacy at MagicloveCrow.com.
Thank you Stacy for saving my "Little Drummer" for me on Etsy.
It came in a BEAUTIFUL card that I am going to frame.

Isn't my little drummer precious?
Then a real surprise in the package was another one of her paintings!

She is SO cool!
I was doing my Happy Crow Dance!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Stacy! You Rock!

I am still going through moving boxes, very slowly.
I have been in so much pain that if I can't do it propped up in bed
or on my recliner, it takes the back burner.
SO...I found an "under the bed" storage box and inside were some blank totes from making totes and purses several years ago. I also found some "oops" totes that had color flaws.
Here is one that I am going to doodle all over:

I have another one that I use all the time and it's a doodle mess.
I think this will be fun once I have a plan.
I am also going to be taking orders for sneakers or slip-on canvas shoes
(like the white ones above).
And, maybe do some more Oops and make them awesome!

Happy Monday and have a WONDERFUL week!

August 14, 2015

it's paint party friday and she's finally done, yay...

I waited til Paint Party Friday to post her since the last PPF 
I posted in had her and her face was a mess, lol!
If you don't know what Paint Party Friday is,
go HERE and meet our wonderful Hostesses Eva and Kristin!

This mixed media painting has been worked on again and again, and every time it seemed to get worse.
Then I decided I really had to finish her this time, get her off the table easel and have my art space back. I promised her to someone and that is why I could not put her back in the closet again.

Here she is when I started again this time:

She would not have been done without the help and paint lessons from Liz over at Gumnut Inspired. Liz offered up her help when I met her at Paint Party Friday on July 31st! I appreciate her help more than she knows and feel like I have a new blogging friend!

I like how she turned out and am finally able to say SHE'S DONE!

Last night I made this ATC or ACEO (haven't figured out which one).
Do ACEOs sell well? Any suggestions?
Wow, now that the small card is much larger on my computer screen,
it needs some touch ups, oops!

Here are some recent hummingbird pictures from the deck:

My son found this awesome paint-able textured wallpaper that covers up paneling.
So much easier and cheaper than trying to fill all the paneling lines and resurface the walls. He has already gotten a long wall done and painted! Makes the room seem brighter already!
And my new cutie companion and my son's dog are doing great and happy through it all!

Have a Happy PPF!!!
And enjoy the weekend!