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July 31, 2015

it's paint party friday, yay...

Happy Paint Party Friday to ALL!

I have actually painted several things, mostly from my recliner or standing up.
Still recovering from surgery and it seems to be taking longer than I expected, probably because I did not rest enough and had some added emotional stuff to the mix.

Regardless here I am, back on my laptop and ready to celebrate Paint Party Friday with all the other Creatives around the world.
If you are not familiar with PPF or want to meet the wonderful Hostesses Eva and Kristin, go HERE.

I have been painting sneakers and canvas shoes.
It is so much fun, although the darker the shoe the more difficult it becomes:

I used Golden's Gloss Acrylic Glazing Liquid
over the flowers for a great, sparkling shine.

Next was the white canvas shoes::

Can't wait to wear these out!
They are sealed and should stay white.
Of course there is a flower doodle that matches, lol!

Now onto the mixed media painting that was started a few years ago and has to get finished to mail off. The only problem is the face!
What she did look like:
 And here she is this morning, cannot ge the color of the face right:

I think I will paint her face with gesso and start all over again.
Very frustrating.

And here is my new fur-baby:

Since I finally got a home and am getting settled in, this precious boy will be my constant companion. He is a miniature poodle and I found him at our local Animal Shelter.
He is an remarkable pup, house broken, walks great on a leash and not a yapper.
We had an immediate connection from our first visit with each other at the Shelter.
His name is Buddy since he is my Buddy!

Life is getting better and better!

Happy PPF and have a great weekend!

July 24, 2015

painting sneakers...

I honestly feel almost anything can be painted,
and I am going on a mission to find it all!

I painted my black sneakers with acrylic paint and iridescent glazing.

I am so excited to wear them!

Now I am doodling my white pull-on sneakers.
And my youngest son's girlfriend has given me her grey sneakers
 to doodle and paint. She has picked out her favorite doodles
and flowers that I have done.

What are you working on?

July 16, 2015

just checking in. ..

Hello everyone! 
I got a new cell phone that is a lot larger than the mini S4 I  had so I decided I would try to post from my pretty new teal cell phone, so this is a test as I am laying down.

I am hoping everyone is having a great summer and avoiding all this crazy weather.  Here in California we are so dry out here and praying every day that our State does not go up in flames and also hoping the floods and tornadoes will subside and give everyone a break.
It amazes me that half our Country is under water and the West is crispy dry.
It's a rough time for all.

I'm still recovering much slower than I had planned. I am doing some cool stuff I hope to share tomorrow for Paint Party Friday. 

I also have adopted the most amazing miniature poodle. 
Life is slowly coming together and the future is looking bright. 
Hopefully I will have some pics to post for PPF.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Have a wonderful evening! 

July 09, 2015

still recovering however just had to post this giveaway...

Hello all my blogging, wonderful cyber friends!
I am still recovering from stomach surgery and can only post standing up, 
pecking out the words with my right hand and holding my side with my left hand 
with my laptop on my art table.

When I saw this Giveaway on my little, mini cell phone,
I knew I had to crack open the laptop.

I am trying to win this also.
is giving away 2 FREE spots in her new online class:
Click HERE to get the info!

Good luck to all! She is such a fun, cute teacher.

I'm going back to bed and hope to be posting in a few more days!

Big hugs!