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June 16, 2015

another wip finished, an aceo, flowers and hummies...

Finally finished another WIP!
She is a Zen-Tangled inspired drawing in ink.
She did not photo well, although I took a lot of pictures.
She is 9"x12", click on her to see more details.
Now I am wondering about coloring her,
which would make her a WIP again, haha!

Last night I tried to make some more ATCs/ACEOs,
that venture did not go well at all.
Here is the best one out of the bunch:

Now for Nature's Art:,

these are Day Lillies that popped up right in between the clovers and the fountian:

And here are some beautiful, fun hummingbirds:

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

June 12, 2015

it's friday and i painted...

Happy Paint Party Friday to All!
Thank you to Eva and Kristin for hosting the funnest
artsy blog-hop (in my opinion)!

Don't know what I am talking about?
Go HERE for more info.

I am hurrying to get my post up in time.
It's already late afternoon here and I decided to grocery shop before posting and got to the store and realized the whole County decided to shop at the same time.

This week I just wanted to paint,
so got out the fun stuff, some stencils and homemade stamps:
Oh yes and paint of course!

I turned this:

Into this:

Closer look:

Then turned this:

Into this background for something:

And found an ATC I made a couple years ago:
She is laying on top of another background in the making
from cleaning my stencils and stamps onto it.

This was the first time I started really playing around, pulling out WIPs
and having fun.
I realized I missed making my Dragonfly Girls, like the one in the ACT above, and painting without an outcome. It was a fun week!

Here's a couple cuties from another rain we got this week!

and a WONDERFUL weekend!

June 05, 2015

happy paint party friday...

I can't believe another week has past and I have no idea where it went.
Yesterday I posted about the rain from last week.
Anyway, it's another wonderful, beautiful Friday.
The best thing about Friday is Paint Party Friday blog hopping!
Thank you to our beautiful, talented hostesses:
Eva and Kristin!

I  am still working on faces, 
Once I take a picture of a finished face,
I see all the flaws.
Her eyes are not even, her nose is crooked, is her mouth is in the right place?
From now on, take a picture of the sketch, find out what's wrong, then go back to the sketch and fix it. Hmmmm...is that cheating?
How do you make even faces?
 (and I use straight lines for placement).

Painted a few backgrounds that came out pretty good.
So excited to paint on them although it may not be a face, haha!

Have a wonderful Paint Party Friday and a GREAT weekend!

June 04, 2015

last week's rain and wet hummingbirds...

Last week, up here in Northern California, it rained!
We needed it so bad. It was actually a "downpour" for California standards.
It lasted about 15 minutes and just enough to fill this 30 gallon trash can.
Since we are in a severe drought out here, this water will be used to water the plants.
We only have about 1/3 of water left.

It definitely didn't stop the hummingbirds from feeding.
If you look at the wet babies, their beaks look so long!

I've been wanting to share this little guys with you,
well better late then never, right?

Make it a GREAT day!