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December 14, 2015

My son started a blog...

Courtesy of Phil Navarro Photography
My son has started his own blog called From My View!
He is getting his degree in Photography and he is really good!.
Phil is a disabled Army Veteran who was stationed
in Iraq at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
He came home with a Purple Heart and 
A Bronze Star for Valor, something he would never share with anyone.
If you know any Veterans of War you may understand.

Coming home for any soldier is difficult, especially from heavy combat.
Life has changed forever and can lead a person to feel lost and disconnected.
Finding their passion can heal, we know how art can heal.

I think the vision of his blog is to share his life through photography.
This is the happiest I have seen him since he returned from Iraq.
He is seeing the beauty of everyday life,
and finding joy in the little things.

Of course as a mom I am very proud of him.
My hope is that he can lead others to find their passion as well,
or a photo that helps the heart feel a little moment of peace.
If you would, please go visit him HERE
and give him some support as fellow bloggers.

Now he will be pushing me to blog every day.
Something I want to get back in to.
So I have a feeling that there is going to be a scoreboard
keeping track of who is blogging more, lol!

To see that smile and passion in his eyes,
is helping me get back to my passion,
and wearing a big smile on my face!

Hope your week is starting off great!

December 11, 2015

Paint Party Friday, finally a post...

I can't believe that I have not posted since October.
Time is just passing too fast.

Paint Party Friday is the best day to come back.
Thank you Eva and Kristin for being here every week,
no matter what, for the worldwide blog hop.

Here is my first WIP:
 She is almost done; a little more work on her hair cleaning up the colors 
and possibly adding a butterfly.
I LOVE her! It's rare for me to like my art, let alone love any of it.
She will soon be finished, matted and framed.

The next WIP being worked on is my ugly 1970s mobile home kitchen.
I have searched the shed, the outside cabinets and inside to round up
enough house paints to do the job. I found enough gloss white and satin cream.
I am also using some of my acrylics and mediums.
The left side is almost complete and I am planning on starting the right side this weekend.
It's so exciting! Will hopefully be able to post next Friday.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you all are having a GREAT PPF...

October 26, 2015

Big BooBoo and I know better...

Happy Monday to everyone!

My post Friday for PPF had two completed paintings and one WIP:

I was so happy with her face and she fit perfectly on this background.
If you look closely, you can see the edges aren't glued down.
She was laid on top of the wet paint. 

She was the only face put onto the backgrounds.
The others were painted.
So in my impatience, I put her on top of the wet paint to see if she would fit, then that little voice in my head reminded me she needed to be glued down properly.
Did I listen, of course not.
I thought that maybe if she was glued down by the paint, I could always use my Golden Gel Medium to glue the edges.
Sounded good and I ignored the whispers saying

Yep, tried to glue it Saturday and what a mess. Bubbles were everywhere and I ended up having to rip her off the background.

So...it's back to the beginning and another beautiful face can be drawn on the background like I have been.
Here is what I need to fix and do properly:

There is the beautiful face in the pile of paper on the right.
Paint can fix the issues on the background.

I knew the paper was thin, and Lesson 1 of mixed media artwork is glue well and wait!
Lesson learned to listen to the whispers.

I named my home Graceful Whispers Studio because of the little whispers that remind me what to do or try.

Always listen to the whispers...or yells,
there lies the truth!

Have you ever made a mistake like this one?
Or anything else similar when trying to take short cuts?

Have a Wonderful Monday!

October 23, 2015

Paint Party Friday...

Hello everyone!
I am so glad to be back to PPF!
Don't know what Paint Party Friday is?
Go HERE to get all the info and meet our wonderful hostesses 
Eva and Kristin and join in the fun.

I love the new techniques I learned..

I thought using translucent paint over the entire painting would give my girls a ghostly appearance.
I was half wrong.

You can see how the translucent paint made a whitish shine and covered the details.
Luckily, anything painted is fixable with more paint, right?

If you click on the pictures above you can see the translucent shine to these Ghost Girls.
I love them and the textures are so fun! 

The other night I made a face in my sketchbook I really liked. The paper was too thin to paint and I had tried to color one of the flowers in her hair with colored pencils. I didn't like the outcome and it would not erase completely.
I had just made another large background in purple and orange.
She fit perfect!

After visiting the other PPFers, she will get started.
I am also enrolled in Soul Food over at Mystele's Community Thrive.
Another fun place to get inspired too!

Make it a GREAT week and keep on painting!

September 28, 2015

surgery, salmonella, and art classes...

This has been one rough month.
As I was recovering from some complications of surgery two months ago, I got really sick and the test results showed I had Salmonella poisoning.
This is the times where no one needs to ask: "what else?".

I have been getting some art in and also working on Guada's Mini Ghost Girl Class.
I LOVE the way she teaches and I have learned so much!
Week 3 is Profiles, and here are my practice profiles,
all done with with my Graphite 8B woodless pencil:

Tomorrow I will be doing my mixed media profile project,
if all goes as planned.

I also have been making ACEOs that will be made into
professional greeting cards:

 Next class is Soul Food over at Mystele's Community Thrive.
I love the community and haven't been active on it since 2011.
It's great to be back and to start the class.
I am SO happy that the online classes stay up for a while.
If I had to keep up with both of these classes, I would have missed it all.

I don't think I shared the surprise in the garden with you.
I got up one morning and out in the dry dirt garden, on a little stick of a rosebush,
was this beautiful rose!

 The clover is trying to stay alive with the little watering we can do out here in the drought.

The rest of the garden is drought resistant plants.
I have to get something down on the ground before it
rains or there will be a muddy mess.
 That's it for me.
Hope you are happy and healthy and enjoying life.
Make it a GREAT week!

August 17, 2015

new sneakers and a surprise in the mail...

I just finished painting a pair of sneakers for my son's girlfriend.
She brought me a pair of dark grey color and she did not want anything bright or bling.
She liked pink purple and green so that made it really easy.

I just gave them to her today and she is now wearing them!
It made me so happy to see her happy with her sneakers.

Her mom wants a pair now like my white canvas pair.

I just got an ACEO from Stacy at MagicloveCrow.com.
Thank you Stacy for saving my "Little Drummer" for me on Etsy.
It came in a BEAUTIFUL card that I am going to frame.

Isn't my little drummer precious?
Then a real surprise in the package was another one of her paintings!

She is SO cool!
I was doing my Happy Crow Dance!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Stacy! You Rock!

I am still going through moving boxes, very slowly.
I have been in so much pain that if I can't do it propped up in bed
or on my recliner, it takes the back burner.
SO...I found an "under the bed" storage box and inside were some blank totes from making totes and purses several years ago. I also found some "oops" totes that had color flaws.
Here is one that I am going to doodle all over:

I have another one that I use all the time and it's a doodle mess.
I think this will be fun once I have a plan.
I am also going to be taking orders for sneakers or slip-on canvas shoes
(like the white ones above).
And, maybe do some more Oops and make them awesome!

Happy Monday and have a WONDERFUL week!

August 14, 2015

it's paint party friday and she's finally done, yay...

I waited til Paint Party Friday to post her since the last PPF 
I posted in had her and her face was a mess, lol!
If you don't know what Paint Party Friday is,
go HERE and meet our wonderful Hostesses Eva and Kristin!

This mixed media painting has been worked on again and again, and every time it seemed to get worse.
Then I decided I really had to finish her this time, get her off the table easel and have my art space back. I promised her to someone and that is why I could not put her back in the closet again.

Here she is when I started again this time:

She would not have been done without the help and paint lessons from Liz over at Gumnut Inspired. Liz offered up her help when I met her at Paint Party Friday on July 31st! I appreciate her help more than she knows and feel like I have a new blogging friend!

I like how she turned out and am finally able to say SHE'S DONE!

Last night I made this ATC or ACEO (haven't figured out which one).
Do ACEOs sell well? Any suggestions?
Wow, now that the small card is much larger on my computer screen,
it needs some touch ups, oops!

Here are some recent hummingbird pictures from the deck:

My son found this awesome paint-able textured wallpaper that covers up paneling.
So much easier and cheaper than trying to fill all the paneling lines and resurface the walls. He has already gotten a long wall done and painted! Makes the room seem brighter already!
And my new cutie companion and my son's dog are doing great and happy through it all!

Have a Happy PPF!!!
And enjoy the weekend!

July 31, 2015

it's paint party friday, yay...

Happy Paint Party Friday to ALL!

I have actually painted several things, mostly from my recliner or standing up.
Still recovering from surgery and it seems to be taking longer than I expected, probably because I did not rest enough and had some added emotional stuff to the mix.

Regardless here I am, back on my laptop and ready to celebrate Paint Party Friday with all the other Creatives around the world.
If you are not familiar with PPF or want to meet the wonderful Hostesses Eva and Kristin, go HERE.

I have been painting sneakers and canvas shoes.
It is so much fun, although the darker the shoe the more difficult it becomes:

I used Golden's Gloss Acrylic Glazing Liquid
over the flowers for a great, sparkling shine.

Next was the white canvas shoes::

Can't wait to wear these out!
They are sealed and should stay white.
Of course there is a flower doodle that matches, lol!

Now onto the mixed media painting that was started a few years ago and has to get finished to mail off. The only problem is the face!
What she did look like:
 And here she is this morning, cannot ge the color of the face right:

I think I will paint her face with gesso and start all over again.
Very frustrating.

And here is my new fur-baby:

Since I finally got a home and am getting settled in, this precious boy will be my constant companion. He is a miniature poodle and I found him at our local Animal Shelter.
He is an remarkable pup, house broken, walks great on a leash and not a yapper.
We had an immediate connection from our first visit with each other at the Shelter.
His name is Buddy since he is my Buddy!

Life is getting better and better!

Happy PPF and have a great weekend!

July 24, 2015

painting sneakers...

I honestly feel almost anything can be painted,
and I am going on a mission to find it all!

I painted my black sneakers with acrylic paint and iridescent glazing.

I am so excited to wear them!

Now I am doodling my white pull-on sneakers.
And my youngest son's girlfriend has given me her grey sneakers
 to doodle and paint. She has picked out her favorite doodles
and flowers that I have done.

What are you working on?

July 16, 2015

just checking in. ..

Hello everyone! 
I got a new cell phone that is a lot larger than the mini S4 I  had so I decided I would try to post from my pretty new teal cell phone, so this is a test as I am laying down.

I am hoping everyone is having a great summer and avoiding all this crazy weather.  Here in California we are so dry out here and praying every day that our State does not go up in flames and also hoping the floods and tornadoes will subside and give everyone a break.
It amazes me that half our Country is under water and the West is crispy dry.
It's a rough time for all.

I'm still recovering much slower than I had planned. I am doing some cool stuff I hope to share tomorrow for Paint Party Friday. 

I also have adopted the most amazing miniature poodle. 
Life is slowly coming together and the future is looking bright. 
Hopefully I will have some pics to post for PPF.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Have a wonderful evening! 

July 09, 2015

still recovering however just had to post this giveaway...

Hello all my blogging, wonderful cyber friends!
I am still recovering from stomach surgery and can only post standing up, 
pecking out the words with my right hand and holding my side with my left hand 
with my laptop on my art table.

When I saw this Giveaway on my little, mini cell phone,
I knew I had to crack open the laptop.

I am trying to win this also.
is giving away 2 FREE spots in her new online class:
Click HERE to get the info!

Good luck to all! She is such a fun, cute teacher.

I'm going back to bed and hope to be posting in a few more days!

Big hugs!

June 16, 2015

another wip finished, an aceo, flowers and hummies...

Finally finished another WIP!
She is a Zen-Tangled inspired drawing in ink.
She did not photo well, although I took a lot of pictures.
She is 9"x12", click on her to see more details.
Now I am wondering about coloring her,
which would make her a WIP again, haha!

Last night I tried to make some more ATCs/ACEOs,
that venture did not go well at all.
Here is the best one out of the bunch:

Now for Nature's Art:,

these are Day Lillies that popped up right in between the clovers and the fountian:

And here are some beautiful, fun hummingbirds:

Have a Terrific Tuesday!