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October 31, 2014

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date at paint party friday...

I may be late yet I made it!
Thank you Eva and Kristin for once again hosting the weekly party
that all of us love!

It's Paint Party Friday
where creatives all over the world check in with other creatives
hopping from blog to blog.
Want to know more? Go HERE for all the info.

I actually have a finished project to post today!
I save all my clean-up paper towels from all my painting prjects.
I've had these three, already adhered to watercolor paper with the idea of using them as backgrounds for some mixed media projects.
These three have been hanging around for over a year and since I am trying to wrap up all of my WIPs, I knew I had to use them or loose them.

The paper towels were darker than what I usually use as backgrounds.
They were left over from painting purses and totes,
with beautiful colors and textures.

I didn't want to "loose" them, so I cut them up!

Hundreds of  little, beautiful, textured, colorful pieces!

Look what these cool pieces turned into, a mosaic formed by adhering the pieces with Golden Gloss Soft Gel which oozed up through the all the cracks.

Here's a better view of the texture.
The cracks were lightly colored with some purple watercolor paint.

I still have enough pieces left over for another mosaic (and possibly some jewelry).

That's it for me...now to go out and visit everyone else!

Happy Halloween and Happy Paint Party Friday!

October 17, 2014

yay! it's paint party friday and my camera is broken...

Happy PPF!
Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting the best weekly party EVER!
Want to find out more? Go HERE.

My camera stopped working this week.
Luckily I have all the pics I need to post!

First, I want to show what I finished this week.
She was my WIP last Friday and I decided NOT to add paint and stay with only pencil, graphite and colored, to complete her.

I fell in love with her.
Have you ever created something that you know came from your soul and spoke to your heart? 
Well, she is the one for me.
She is the kick-off for a series of WIPs and future creations from different medias called 
"The Warrior Within"
and her name is "I Am".
I wrote more about her on my new Facebook page that I am trying to create, lol.
The page is HERE if you'd like to read more.

Now onto painting.
Since moving around so much I have had WIPs all over the place. 
I think I have gotten them all with me now so I can get busy and finish them instead of constantly posting half done art :-)
 So far she has ink, colored pencil and watercolor.
Today I want to add some acrylic and gloss medium...
and more color!
I wish I had a better pic but hopefully she will be done by next Friday,
and my camera will be working again.

Here is another WIP I am working on too:

One more thing!
I need HELP!!!
How do I connect with other artists or mixed media groups out on Facebook?
It took me years to make the plunge into FB and now I am ready to build my page better and meet other creatives out there!

Have a FANTASTIC Paint Party FRIDAY!

October 15, 2014

a cuddly corner for what's on your workdesk wednesday #280...

Happy What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #280!
Also called WOYWW!
This is a weekly bloghop hosted by the wonderful. creative Julia Dunnit.
All us creatives get to go out and visit each others work areas and peek into what they are working on each week.
It is so much fun!
For more info, go HERE!

Here is my work area for the last few weeks:

This picture was taken last Wednesday for WOYWW.
My doctor appointments kept me from posting as planned.
I covered up the picture on the lighted lap pad
as that one is finished and will be posted later.
I am now going back to an older WIP that I am ready to work on:
Now you may be wondering why I used last week's
corner of the sofa I have been nestled in?

Or why not take a picture of the sofa and the WIP
I am currently working on?

Well it seems my camera is no longer working!
It won't turn on, it won't charge, it won't do ANYTHING!
Luckily I already had the two images that fit for today.

I'm blaming Mercury in Retrograde and the latest lunar eclipse.
Works for me.

Have a Wonderful WOYWW!!!
Time for me to go snoop into other creative's areas.