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September 30, 2014

a beautiful, yet scary, hospital garden...

Last week I was in the hospital for a few days.
The hospital was beautiful and clean.
There was even an outside garden for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Here is the bridge that leads into...


The garden looks so inviting with it's statues and fountains.
Even though we are in a severe drought here in Northern California, the majority of this garden is able to still stay green by careful watering and drought resistant plants.

There is also an concrete walkway that forks to the left of the bridge where people can sit, walk get some fresh air or take a shortcut to the cafe.

Just in case you missed the sign, here it is a little bigger:

Yes, you read that correctly, RATTLESNAKES!

Part of living here is knowing to watch out for rattlesnakes.
However that is usually while hiking, walking the dog,
out by the river or lakes,
NOT at a hospital.

This sign is totally appropriate here, in this neck of the rocks.
I have just never seen this sign at a hospital.

Even though we share our homeland with the rattlesnakes,
black widows and scorpions, I have not gotten over my dislike of rattlesnakes.

I still laugh at the thought of pulling along my IV pole while searching my surroundings for snakes.
Did I try it?

Have a great day, and share a reptile story in the comments.
I would love to read it and I am sure so would others.

September 26, 2014

yay...it's paint party friday and i am joining in...

Happy PPF!
I am so happy to be joining the party this week.
I don't always get to join in however
the awesome hostesses
Kristin and Eva never miss a week!
Want to know more or join in?
Go HERE for more info.

I got a brand new 9"x12" Mixed-Media Sketchbook.
Over the last week or so, I have been slowly working on a new Forrest Girl, while recovering from a few days in the hospital.

I thought since this was a Mixed-Media sketchbook and she was a new girl, I would try some experimenting with layering mediums and see what happens.

First, I sketched with my favorite graphite pencil:

Then I sprayed the sketch to seal it and began to add a little color with colored pencil:

I saved some graphite smudges on purpose.
It is a little out of my comfort zone,
however it gave her some shadowing and I liked it!

Once I am done adding color with pencils,
I will be sealing that layer and the painting will begin!

Oh I can't wait to see if this works the way I see it in my head.

Happy Paint Party Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

September 05, 2014

and it's paint party friday...

Yes it's that favorite day of the week!
and that means it's
where all the creatives gather to see what each other's
WIPs or finished creations!
Click HERE for more information
and to meet the gracious hostesses
Kristin and Eva.

I picked up some very inexpensive acrylics,

along with three very small wrapped canvases
with matching little easels
and a beautiful hummingbird stamp.


I have never worked with such small canvasses.
The square one is 2"x2" and the rectangle ones are 1-1/2"x2-1/2".

BTW, I am staying at my Sissy's house this week and had to be 
VERY careful not to get messy. 

I painted the front and sides of the canvasses in a dark brown.
(These paints have no color names on the tubes)

Didn't spill a drop of paint and even had one of those puppy pads on top of my folding table just in case, which was a great idea because I did spill my coffee! 

No worries Sissy if you are reading this, the puppy pad caught every drop.

I decided the folding table on the carpet wasn't quite stable enough for my coffee, had to move the cup and made sure there was only a little water for rinsing my brushes.

I wanted the three pieces to flow together with lots of color.
Here is a better look of the beginning:

Oh, how I miss my good acrylics.
I'm hoping to have them out of storage and living in my own place soon.
So for now, I will use what I have with a big smile on my face
and gratefulness in my heart.

Happy, Happy, Happy PPF...
And have a great weekend too!

September 04, 2014

Time to get back to the paints for a bit...

I have been enjoying drawing, learning how to sketch with graphite pencils,
ink markers and colored pencils.
This is my first REAL sketching before drawing the picture out in ink and erasing the graphite lines:
Adding some ink and colored pencils:
There is lots left to finish her, however,
I haven't painted with acrylics for a while.
I miss the feeling of the paints, the mess and the surprises discovered with acrylics.
I think acrylics must be my favorite medium.

I have 3 little wrapped canvases and easels ready to go:

The square canvas is 2"x2".
The rectangular canvas is 1-1/2"x 2-1/2".
I have never painted little canvasses.
Aren't they just too cute!
Oh YAY!!! I am so excited.
Oh and I got a new stamp and plastic paint
dish to keep everything light and moveable.
AND I will have something painted to join back up with
Paint Party Friday!

See you tomorrow with (hopefully) something painted.

September 01, 2014

the wings just have to go...

Happy Labor Day to all of you who have the Holiday!
Please let me know in the comments where you are and if Labor Day is a Holiday to you.
It seems here in the USA, we have a lot of Holidays
and are adding more.

Lately I have been stuck on drawing what I call Rasz's Forest Faeries.
My family, friends and myself have come to the conclusion that wings are not my specialty and my faeries in the forest would probably look a lot better without the wings.
Now would that mean they are no longer faeries?
Maybe they can be Forest Nymphs?
What do you think?

Here is the beginning of possibly my last winged Faerie:

I am still learning shadowing and had to bring back my beloved dragonflies.

Here is my drawing almost done:
I am enjoying drawing and trying faces and trees.
I am still learning (aren't we all?) and can only do art sporadically throughout the day so sketching and drawing is something I can do laying on the couch or at night in bed with my awesome lighted lap table my sissy got for me.

Uh-oh, I thought I had a picture of it.
Well there is always tomorrow to post it, right?

Have a wonderful Labor Day or Monday!