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August 08, 2014

paint party friday, uh-oh...

I LOVE Fridays.
Each Friday I get to join in with wonderful, artistic, creatives from all over the world.
This party is brought to us by Eva and Kristin over at
Paint Party Friday, of course!

Today I say "uh-oh" in my post heading is because:
  1. I gave up on my painting
  2. It was not turning out well
  3. I lost my motivation 
Regardless I am posting today for some possible help from all the creative artists playing today!

This is what I wanted to color in with watercolor:
(it has been drawn in ink on watercolor paper)
This is what I have done with it:

I enjoy color, especially shades of greens and purples.
Nothing was happening here,
The paper got scratchy from the water and brush,

Maybe I need to watch some watercolor lessons.
I felt like a total beginner and gave up,
which really was what bothered me the most, lol!
I am sure there are others out there who have similar stories.

Any tips or suggestions?

Hopefully I will have something painted for next Friday!

Hugs to all!
Have a Happy PPF!!!

August 06, 2014

i made it to woyww...#270, wow...

Here I am finally getting back to my weekly excitement which includes:
TODAY!!! What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #270,
or, for short, WOYWW,
Hop over to Julia's to learn more or join in the fun, weekly desk hop!

I have been a traveling artist for the past several months/couple years and I am praying soon I will have a place of my own.

Today I am blogging and painting from my sissy Lisa's house.
I want to finish this ink drawn picture in watercolor by tomorrow night so I can post a completed large 9"x12" painting for Paint Party Friday.

My Inspire dish holds the water...not too much, the folding table is sitting on the beautiful front room carpet.

You may notice my coffee cup.
My sissy's man collects Starbucks coffee cups.
This cup is mine when I am here since I was born in Ohio!

Anyone else out there from Ohio?
I've actually spent the majority of my life in California,
only my youth was back in the Midwest.

That's it for me today.
Have a Wonderful WOYWW and lets go create!

August 01, 2014

it's paint party friday...come play...

It's Friday which means:
hosted forever by the lovely Kristen and Eva.
Thank you ladies for keeping this going on for so long!
It truly gives me something to look forward to.
Go HERE to learn more or jump in and play with us.

The only paints I have with me are my watercolors and I got stuck on the Mandela from last week, so I put that away.

I have tried making some ACEOs by cutting the cards from large pages of watercolor paper.
Being "straight-lined deficient" doesn't help much but
my see-through sewing ruler helped get the job done.

Here is my "Forest" ACEO in watercolor only:
2 1/2"x3 1/2" ACEO in watercolor
I have been stuck in a forest-y/green-ery/faerie mode for quite some time along with using ink and pencils.
I miss painting though, so here is my next watercolor paper done in ink and just waiting for those beautiful wet, moving colors to bring it all alive:
9"x12" ink drawing on watercolor paper
Hopefully I will have more paintings to share next week OR at least the one above completed.

Happy PPF and have a GREAT week!
Hugs, Rasz