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July 28, 2014

being a travelling artist...

I have not had a permanent home in several years now, since I became too disabled to work. It's been a struggle and I feel so blessed to have my family, extended family, and all my blogging friends helping and encouraging me along the way.

It's easy to throw clothes and essentials into a duffel bag,
I'm pretty much a pro at that.

My art supplies are a little more difficult.
I was constantly setting up and taking down art spaces.
It became more difficult each time.
I had to find a better way...

My "Art Base Camp" is at my son's in the spare room/office.
This is where I store canvases, acrylics, and all my paper stash.
When I go somewhere else for a week or so, I have
"Traveling Bags"...

Since I love drawing, colored pens and pencils and my art journal, it was essential to always have them with me.

Here is my pencil/pen/journal bag.
Everything fits quite nicely!

Pencil side:
Pencils, scissors, journal, pencil sharpeners and erasers.

Ink side:
Sharpie markers, micron markers, fabric markers, eye glasses and somewhere in the bag is usually my cell phone charger too!

Next is my watercolors.
They travel well and go perfect to add color to my drawings:
I picked up this cute leather bag at the thrift store for $2.00!

Look what it can hold:
 and more...

Amazing, right?

Always with me is this little dish that serves a lot of purposes but mainly reminds me to find inspiration:

I almost forgot the most important item:

This is a strong, lightweight, plastic folding table my son bought at WalMart for me!

All of this is perfect to carry around and provides enough mediums to keep me busy.

Have a Magnificent Monday and a great week!

July 25, 2014

it's paint party friday and i am finally back...

What a great day!
I am back out posting AND
It's Paint Party Friday!

Not sure what that is?
Go HERE to learn all about the fun!

I haven't done much painting lately,
mainly I have been focusing on ink and pencil ACEOs.

But when I saw  Guada's Art Place and her beautiful mandalas.
I thought I would try painting one on my own. Here is the beginning:

Getting ready to paint with my NEW traveling art table,
watercolors and coffee:

Hmmm...everything looks good in this picture except my coffee!
Tilt, strange?
I found the Inspire dish at the checkout lane at Michaels.
I need inspiration right now so it was a good dollar item.
I wonder how much money I have spent all these years on the items I pick up while waiting to check out at Michaels.
Great marketing, isn't it?

Back to painting...

Here is the beginning in watercolor.
Now that I have a better internet connection, I am going to watch the videos over at 

Have a Fantastic Paint Party Friday
and a great weekend!