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May 27, 2014

an art day with lil' n...

My little artist, Lil' N and I had a great painting day.
I got her all set up at the table and before I could even get my projects out, she had already finished her first painting:

She took a little break to get some fresh water and watched me collage a painted paper towel onto a piece of watercolor paper:

As I left this to dry, I used watercolor paint to finish up another ink drawn Forest Faerie:

I glanced over at Lil' N and saw her drawing a face:

I was so impressed that she was creating such an awesome face. She is only 6 years old and she was drawing what she saw me doing.
Notice the white sparkle in the pupils of her eyes?

As I was painting my Forest Faerie's face,
Lil' N was doing the same on one of her drawings.

At the end of the day we both had creations we could be proud of,
and even better, a fun day to remember painting with each other.

Watching Lil' N create inspires me and I think I inspire her too.
I am going to have to figure out how to make a book out of her artwork.

What fun have you had lately?

Hope you have a wonderful week full of creativity!

May 16, 2014

it's ppf, paint party friday...

Happy PPF!
Friday is Paint Party Friday hosted by the wonderful Eva and Kristin.
Want more info or to join in the fun,
click HERE!

I have been so uncreative for the past few weeks.
Even trying to do projects I love to do (or know how to do, lol) seemed to turn into messes.
For me, the best thing I can do when I am stuck is to just play around with paint and different ways to add colors together.

I started trying some new color techniques for totes and purses.
The first was wetting a plain canvas tote with water and then spraying different colors on it. After that I doodled all over the tote:


  Next I tried this on an already painted purse.
It's still a little wet and needs ironing:
 And I'm still working on the mixed media painting that has been hanging on my wall where I clean my brushes off on:

That's it for me so far. I still have at least six WIPs to keep me busy for the next week.

Have a GREAT PPF week!