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March 28, 2014

tgif...it's paint party friday...

I made it to Paint Party Friday!
There were roadblocks and wrong turns yet I made it regardless!

This weekly party is hosted by Eva and Kristin.
Go HERE to check it out if you haven't already.

This is the painting I REALLY wanted to have done today.

The feathery leaves are painted in watercolor and I had planned on doing the rest of the painting in layers of watercolor and gel medium.

I think I forgot I was working with watercolor because as I was painting her face in dark browns, I got carried away in trying to move the paint around for shading.
Too much water, watercolor and brushing can only go one way...badly!

Her face ripped!
Yep, right through the middle of her cheek and nose,
up to the bottom of her right eye.
Can you say Oops?

The great thing about fixing paintings is that they can usually be fixed with more paint or gesso, right?
After her face dried, I decided to use Unbleached Titanium White acrylic thinking that might create a nice color to start her face over.
Wrong again, all it did was make her look very sickly.
And this picture makes her look a lot better than how she really looks.

Now I am waiting for the layer of Titatium White acrylic to dry so she can get a pretty face, hopefully, unlike the bluish grey that covers it now.
I guess I will be finishing her off in acrylics, layers of gel medium, then maybe back to some watercolors for a cool effect.

Time to go visit with all the other creatives at the party!

I'll come back to her after visiting!

Have a Fantastic Friday and come join the party!

March 25, 2014

winter's coming...time to paint...


Here is the latest weather update from Northern California:
Rain and Cold!
Looking at the clouds coming in this morning.
After a week of sunshine and warm weather we are finally going to get some much needed rain here and snow up in the mountains.
Hopefully we will get enough to help our drought situation.

I love painting when it's raining outside.
The sound of the raindrops hitting the windows and the roof
are relaxing and soothing to me.

Here's what I am working on today:

She was originally drawn with graphite pencil then ink:

I've started painting her with watercolor then I will go over the paint (carefully) with soft gel medium and add another layer of watercolor and repeat the process several times.

If it works, she will have lots of color, texture and depth.

What's your weather like?
What are you working on?
Do you like creating when it's raining? 

I forgot to mention that my Etsy store and Rasz Art Facebook are up.
If you can find me on FB, please stop by and say hi!
There are only two items in the store and lots more pictures waiting to post on both sites. Geez, I'm starting to feel old with all this technology but it's fun to be able to go all around the world in a moment.
Now I need to figure out how to put the links up on my blogs sidebar and link my blog posts to Facebook.

Email me if you'd like to help me figure this one out :)

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

March 20, 2014

looks like spring has sprung...

Here's Henry, our BIG rooster, next to the first tulip of the season.
The daffodils are all gone.
It seems we went from Autumn to Spring and missed Winter all together.
Not a good thing for Northern California.
This means our drought will get worse
Winter-type weather will arrive late and throw off all the plants and animals.
Either way a little more cold and rain would have helped before now.
Nothing I or Henry can do about it except go outside and enjoy this glorious weather!

Here's what I have been working on in between trying to get my Etsy store set up:

I plan on finishing up the Zentangle-inspired feather/leaves with dark green and light green and then color her in with watercolor for tomorrow's Paint Party Friday!

And my little visiting artist has been working on coloring in her Art Book Bag with Crayola kid's markers:
She'll be spending all Saturday with me while we create together!

I learned that to start building an Etsy store something has to be posted for sale so I put up one of my favorite purses:

As for my storefront, I spent the last two days trying to use my old banners from blogging for my Etsy banner. I cannot get the right dimensions to fit for Etsy so I need to start from scratch and create a new one.

Creating a new banner would have been so much easier.
Sometimes I think I work harder, not smarter!

I'm looking forward to have Etsy all set up this weekend.
This afternoon I go for a neck epidural to hopefully relieve the nerve pain in my arms.
Life is so much more fun when I can get a little relief, if only temporary!

Have a Terrific Thursday!

March 16, 2014

another little one's birthday...

My son's girlfriend's daughter just had her 6th birthday!
She is the little artist that hangs out and paints with me.

For her birthday, she wanted a little pink purse to match the one I made for her mom.
This is her mom's purse and one of my favorites:

And here is lil' N's:
Front of skirt purse
back of skirt purse

 I have realized that pink is the hardest color to photo. Both these purses are closer in color than the pics look.

The next present I made for her was an Art Book Bag
That she can color or paint for herself:
front of bag
back of bag
And what is an art bag without something to put in it?

 As soon as the party ended, she took the markers and started coloring her new bag.

It was a great party with lots of people and pizza and presents!

Have a great Sunday!

March 08, 2014

i'm blaming mercury in retrograde...

Today is my Bloggerversary!
4 years ago today I gathered up all the strength and courage I could and started this blog.
 It was a HUGE step into a cyber-world I knew nothing about, including blogging.

I was learning about mixed media painting by watching YouTube videos. Mystele was the one who got me hooked. 
I could have (and still do) watch her create. 
She has always inspired me. 
I wrote her an email a little over four years ago and was amazed that she had the time to write me back. 
She encouraged me to jump right into blogland along with the most beautiful prayer I will always treasure.
Last Monday was my birthday!
My Sissy, brother-in-law and my oldest son made me an awesome party, spaghetti dinner (with gluten-free noodles) and a chocolate gluten-free cake that was SO GOOD people at the party were eating it (instead of the two regular cakes) even though it was gluten free. Now that is a GOOD cake!
My youngest son and his girlfriend gave me a MICHAEL's Gift Card 
(big sale this weekend, you know where I will be). 

Sissy took me shopping for some girlie stuff!
The lighted laptop is perfect for drawing or painting when I am on the couch or bed!
We must have hung out with the Clinique salesgirl for several hours. It was great to be so pampered!
The chips were leftover from lunch 
because shopping makes you hungry, right?

So this year I have been planning this BIG MARCH surprise!
I needed to start all of it last month and "wham"
Mercury in Retrograde hit me HARD!
You may have seen my blog disappear in different forms for several days, 
I tried to start a website and a Facebook too. 
All were becoming a tangled, technical mess...
then it hit me...

Now that the retrograde is over things are falling together,
just not quite ready...
however I am getting closer than ever.
I think I will have to move my celebration a couple weeks out, which would be great because the Spring Solstice is coming up.
Perfect timing for New Beginnings, right?

In the middle of the mess I had been creating, I decide to pull out the paints and a canvas that I had been wiping my brushes off when I was painting purses:
I've planned some pretty cool stuff and a giveaway.
Check back often because it will be happening soon!

Have a wonderful weekend :)