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February 28, 2014

last day of 29 faces in february challenge...

Today is the last day of the 29 Faces in February 2014 Challenge.
I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. I feel I still have a ways to go however I have definitely learned more by creating faces every day (almost) for an entire month.

I came in with 26 faces, I think, not the 28 I was aiming for yet I am happy with just continuing the challenge throughout February.

Here are the last of my faces for the month:

These first several faces below are the the type of faces I originally started drawing about 4 years ago in my sketchbook. I drew them to express my day or my emotions:
I finished her from the last post yesterday.

I realized the puppy had actually chewed up my cell charger.

I tried to draw "3 women into one"

"sad eyes"

"who am I?"

The last sketch, "Who Am I?" has stumped the people I have shown it to regarding it's gender. So is it a girl or is it a boy? Either way him/her is lost.

I hope the links for the Challenge's participants stays up for a while so I can continue catching up with all the amazing creative artists!

It's been great and thank you Ayala Art for all you have done to keep these Challenges going!

February 26, 2014

faces and daffodills in february...

With only a couple days left in February, I'm not sure that I will finish the month with 29 faces for the 29 Faces in February 2014, hosted by the talented artist and teacher Ayala Art.

Here's a face I drew out last night, not finished:

There may not be enough February to complete the 29 Faces Challenge, however there may be enough time to visit more participants and see their creations!

Another thing that might not make it through the month is the daffodils that have popped up all over the yard due to our crazy weather. Daffodils in our area of Northern California usually are the beginning of Spring, late March of April. According to the latest weather report is rain! We are in a serious drought here so rain is needed and lots of it. I went out this morning and took some pictures, something I have wanted to do all month. With the two "storms" that are suppose to be coming, I know this may be the last day to get some good photos. It actually started sprinkling a little while I was finishing up the pictures.

Lots of daffodils!

The flowers seem to like bunching up around the rock outcroppings.

I love how the old oaks look in the background!

The bulbs can even crop up between the wood pile and the stairs.                          

Here's hoping for some good rain! Hope you enjoyed the daffodils and have a Wonderful Wednesday!

February 25, 2014

more faces and loving this 29faces challenge...

I REALLY want to express how much I am enjoying the
29 Faces of February Challenge 2014!
Our wonderful hostess is Ayala Art
and to find out more and links to all the participants
go HERE.

This Challenge has me "challenging" myself to create faces. I have not taken a "face" class.
I have learned from watching others such as Ayala Art, Millande, Mystele and other amazing, creative artists.

Creating faces is meditating, healing and gets me out of my comfort zone.
I am also learning about graphite pencils.
The pencil on the left is a Prismacolor Turquoise 4H Graphite which is a very hard thin lead.
The pencil on the right is a Progesso Woodless 4B Graphite, a heavy soft lead.
My favorite is the Progresso. It is easy to use, erase and smudge.

Now onto the latest faces:

"The girl in pink flowers"

"Silver Lady"

"Healing Spirit" is a Zentangled inspired drawing

"Spirit in the Woods"
When I was creating this last one, my oldest son said it looked like something his 5 year old step-daughter (aka: not-the-granddaughter) drew. Ouch!!!

Which brings me to a question I would like to put out here:
How do you handle criticism?
Do negative comments and positive comments carry the same weight or does a negative comment evoke a different reaction than a positive comment would?

I have to say that a negative comment had me throwing in the towel or starting all over. Now I am getting a little better realizing that I want to like what I do since not everyone agrees on a piece of art.

Let me know what you think about comments and have a Terrific Tuesday!

February 21, 2014

it's paint party friday...and 29 faces in february all together...

Happy Friday!
Today is Paint Party Friday, Yay!
And my painting today started off as a sketch for the 

Don't you just love a 2 for 1?

For more info and to join in on the Friday Fun go HERE.
And for more info on the 29 Faces Challenge click HERE.

I drew this face onto watercolor paper in hopes of maybe painting her someday.
She is now painted in watercolor:

Here's a little closer look:
The first sketch needed a little more something:

so I did a little more sketching:

I wasn't even  sure how watercolors would work with the heavy graphite pencil I used to sketch.
It worked great!
I haven't really been painting and this felt SO good!
There is something about cranking up the music and painting that takes me into another world where problems don't exist...pain is numbed out...all is fine...and I can let go of everything holding me back.

My goal today is to visit as many blogs as I can, see all the wonderful creations and maybe make a few more friends too!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

February 17, 2014

more faces for monday, 10, 11 & 12...

Happy Monday to all!
I am a little behind making faces for the
29 Faces of February 2014 Challenge.
The challenge has really challenged me on how to draw faces.
Gee, that must be the idea of the Challenge...duh!
(with my hand hitting my forehead)

The Challenge is hosted by the awesome Ayala Art
and you can still join the fun HERE.

I have discovered my current process:
I sketch, I erase, I sketch, I erase, I sketch...
well, you get the idea, right?
then I may add color with different medium.

You know the stuff that comes onto the paper when you erase?
Well I have erased so much these past few days that it is now starting to cover up the dust.
The best part is that it looks like it belongs there next to my sketch book and art caddy.
I'll pass on dusting tonight.

Yesterday I was out visiting some of my blogging friends and read several posts about
Holly's Horrorland Vampire's Soiree,
A "Horrific" Valentine's Day option.
The posts got me thinking that maybe I could draw a Vampiress!
So here she is, finished off with colored pencils:
 Not too bad for a first try altho' I think all the biting she has done in her immortality has left her jaw a little deformed, he-he!

 Below is a girl slightly sketched on watercolor paper (she's in my last post).
I was planning on finishing her with watercolor paint and then went back and sketched over the details of her face as the original light sketch left her looking a little creepy.
Maybe I can get her painted soon, hmm...or not, who knows?

I have now blown through all of my graphite pencils during this Challenge and am off to buy more as soon as I finish this post.

So the face below was drawn with a #2 pencil with lots of erasing and sketching, over and over.
Then I added a few colors with colored pencils.

Hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week!
Keep on creating...

February 15, 2014

new supplies for faces #s 7, 8, & 9...

Look what I got!
New Stuff!
Don't you just love new stuff for your creations?

I have been spending so much time at doctor visits these past two weeks that I have started using the waiting time to sketch faces and new ideas.
So this little nifty "Supply Caddy" from Office Depot comes in quite handy to carry my sketchbook, sketching pencils, colored pencils, new Sharpie markers and my reading glasses for that new ubber-small font that seems to be everywhere (lol).
Oh, and I got some more erasers too, now hidden in the caddy to keep baby monster from eating them again.
Yep, I scored BIG time!

 With this small, lightweight, easy to carry tote I did get a couple faces done.
Here is my favorite so far:
The girl with the purple feather cap.

She is done in ink and colored pencils.

Next is a messy sketch I started yesterday on watercolor paper.
I will outline her in ink, erase the pencil sketch and finish her off with watercolor paint.

 She looks a little demonic, doesn't she?
I plan on finishing her up today.

There are times when I draw faces that help me release issues I am having.
This sketch is one of them.
You can also see several other sketches behind her.
 The words are "It's okay to be authentic".
I have been struggling with the pain in my body.
I refuse to let it define me however I cannot pretend it doesn't exist either.
I NEED to truly be my authentic self

Working on faces every day is helping me find that balance within.
Does anyone else have something similar going on?

Have a fantastic Saturday.
I hope everyone is safe, warm and fed today...

February 09, 2014

more faces for 29 Faces of February Challenge...

Happy Sunday Night!
It's been a busy weekend and no time for computer fun.
I did, however, get several faces done for the Challenge!

I am really getting into this Challenge, which is hosted by the terrific Ayala Art and you can learn more about it and join in the fun HERE.

This Challenge is perfect for me because:
  1. There are no rules
  2. I can experiment with drawing faces
  3. I am learning so much about myself in this
  4. I can be behind a little and that's okay (I think?)
First is "Blue Lady".
She was fun to draw and a little sloppy. I used a blue Progresso colored pencil and had to make her features work because the new little, precious, tiny fur baby (aka MONSTER) ate my eraser.

 I was upset/angry over something (probably my art supplies becoming the little puppy treats). I had no control over the situation so I needed to vent and did it in a face. I started off with a orange colored pencil, then went to blue and then to brown.
If anyone can decipher the meanings of colors in a drawing, please let me know so I might find my answer instead of taking my frustrations out on a poor, defenseless drawing :)

I like this one. I took more care with her. I wanted to try only 2 colors, purple and pink, to see what the contrast would look like for a face. She is "Purple n Pink" and not quite finished.
I think her lips look like Cher, which was not planned.
She also looks much better in real life than on my monitor. 

Hope everyone is starting off their week happy, healthy and prosperous!

Thank you to all who have stopped by. I promise to get over, have a cuppa coffee and visit your neck of the blog-woods.

February 07, 2014

paint party friday...

Wow! This is my FIRST Paint Party Friday and I am up at the end of the night posting.
I made it in though and that counts.
Earlier today I had my hair professionally cut & COLORED,
does that count?

Here are two backgrounds I dug out to paint on today but life happened.
It would be great to get both of these done for next Friday.

This was done with spray bottles that really didn't work well with the acrylic paint, even watered down, and round needlepoint plastics that I cut up.
I see a lot to work with in this one.
What do you see?

This was a really cool page until I added tissue paper collage to it and then tore it off.
There may be a person's face in here, not quite sure.
What do you see hidden here:

I'm so glad to be amongst the amazing and talented creatives showing up every Friday. 
I know I will learn a lot and hope maybe meet a few new friends too!

Have a great weekend!

February 06, 2014

faces #3, #4 and maybe #5...

A little catch-up on my faces.
Hmmm...that sounds a little funny doesn't it?
Better than a little Catsup on my faces...
A little Ketchup on my faces...

No this is actually I am part of the 29 Faces Challenge of February 2014!
Not only am I finding various ways to draw faces (I've only tore up one), colors, shadings and emotions, I am also learning about how "Labels" on a blog work.
Hopefully I have done this right so my blogs pertaining to the "29 Faces" is all showing up in the right place and easy to find...

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, wanna learn more or join in on the fun?
Go HERE and thank Ayala Art for being the lovely hostess!

Here is Face #3, I did her all in pencil including shading and then added the colored pencils:

 Next comes face #4, she is created with ink outlines and various layers of colored pencils:

 And here is face #5. I had this urge to draw and color a clown with colored pencils.
I think a clown would count as a face?
BTW, I do not like clowns, do not have any clowns, haven't seen a clown in decades and really, really could not figure out why I had this tugging to draw a clown.
So here is my first and probably last clown face:
Tears of a clown...
While doing the clown I got the song "Tears of a Clown" stuck in my head. It's a great old Motown tune...it was in my head playing for so long I can say that I'm good for a couple years if I don't hear it again.

So there's some more face drawings. I am loving working with pencils. It actually relaxes me. Now my daughter wants me to draw her. I think I need a little more practice for that :)

Have a great night and remember tomorrow is Paint Party Friday (PPF)!
You can read about it and join in if you'd like HERE!

February 02, 2014

29 faces of february 2014

Happy Sunday!
I joined the 29 Faces Art Challenge,
which means I will be drawing/painting/somehow creating
 faces all month and blogging about them.
Want in on the fun?
Click HERE! 
And a Great Big Thank You to Ayala Art for hosting this Challenge!

Here is a face I drew last night with graphite pencil, colored pencils and ink.
(yeah I forgot til last night the Challenge had started)
It's been a while since I practiced faces and was playing with the pencils for face colors.
I also jerked when I was lining the lips with black so that looks a little funny and she has a really large chin...need to work on dimensions.

Today's face is done in graphite pencil with blue and red:

I definitely need practice with faces and especially shading.

This Challenge will keep me accountable, keep me practicing, along with learning from all the other awesome creatives that have joined in.

It's late and I have some backgrounds that might need painted with a face, maybe?

Wishing you a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!

February 01, 2014

big time blogger blunders...

Okay, I'm certainly not perfect.
I mix up my kids and fur babies names almost daily,
I forget where my coffee cup is so much it's usually cold or I find it in the microwave, cold, from trying to heat it up half an hour before.
I have a calendar on my wall, in my purse and on my smarter-than-me phone.
That still doesn't keep me from being human and forgetting things,
no matter how important they are to me.

Today I realized I forgot two very special events.
My beautiful crow friend Stacy at MagicLoveCrow emailed me and gently reminded me that I needed to send her a picture of the ATC I received from the ACEO Challenge Christmas Swap.
No problem. Went straight to my blog to grab the photo. It seemed easier than trying to find the picture since I am still in the process of transferring pictures to my laptop..
Not only did I not find the BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, WONDERFUL ATC, I also found that I had not blogged about it. Double big blogging blunder!
So here it is:
"Evergreens in Winter"

Awesome, right?
 This watercolor ATC was created by Kathleen "Kathy" Golter Roeth". You can see some of her beautiful artwork HERE.

Oh Kathy I am SO sorry!
And my apologies to Stacy and all the wonderful artists over at the ACEO Challenge.
Kathy's ATC arrived right after I got out of the hospital and it really cheered me up, so it has an extra special meaning to me.
Thank you Kathy for trading with me!

Onto the next blogger blunder.
I was so excited to sign up for the 29 Faces Feb. 2014.
Just realized TODAY is the FIRST day of FEBRUARY!
No new face to post so tomorrow I will need 2 done.
That will be my challenge for tonight!
I don't want to cheat and put up some other faces I have done recently.
I joined to get practice, have fun, meet new friends and be more accountable to my art
(really, I bet you are laughing by now, I know I am).

There is my 'fessing up to my blunders,.
Wasn't the first time and I am sure it won't be the last :).

Have a great night!
I'm off to paint and/or draw faces for tomorrow's post!

And a special THANK YOU for all you wonderful bloggers who have supported me through this crazy part of my life.
2014 will be better I am sure!
Bloggers are the BEST and I am blessed to be part of this community!