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November 27, 2013

i'm back and it's woyww #234...

I'm so excited to be back out here in blogland, especially for WOYWW!!!
Today is "What's on your Workdesk/table/space/bed/floor Wednesday!

This fun event is hosted by the wonderful Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground.
Every Wednesday we get to show off our work areas and hop around to work areas of other creatives all over the world.
Anyone can join so to go visit Julia HERE and learn more.

Here is my art table this morning:

I've been playing with the drawings I did of flowers and dragonflies.
I paint each items with watercolors and add a layer of Golden's Soft Gel Medium in between each layer of paint.
First layer was the flowers, second was the background, then dragonflies...I love the effect of multiple layers of the gloss medium.

I'm also starting to do more of my paper towel art. It's been a while since I have done it. Considering I have a basket full of paper towels that were used to wipe/clean my brushes from other projects, I think I need to see what images are hiding in all those paper towels.

I am entering on of my paper towel paintings into the Incite2: Color Passions contest.
Her name is "Lost In Time":
That's it for me today!
Time to go out to Julia's and get my number of the day.

Have a Wonderful WOYWW!

November 16, 2013

one big scare, one small stroke and one week of gratitude...

A new path...
Once again.

I feel like these past two years continue to change the path of my life.
I have no idea why, I need to really have faith and continue putting one foot in front of the other. 

It's been a week since I had a mild stroke(TIA)and spent two days in the hospital.
It all went so fast, getting to the hospital, all the tests and all the wonderful, professional, compassionate personnel at the hospital who genuinely cared about me!

I still get a little confused and can't find my words or sometimes cannot finish a sentence, although I was having those problems before, this even just made it a little harder.

My event happened in the early morning. I was heading to the bathroom and couldn't turn right...
I just kept going left. I fell and think I was knock out for a minute. Once I regained my senses, I was helped to the bathroom and realized something was wrong.

I was dizzy, couldn't speak right and was so grateful I was not alone.

I was told in ER within minutes that I was going to be admitted. The left side of my face was not responding properly along with the left side of my body.

I should be back to normal within a week or so. Much more lucky than others who have had a major stroke or not gotten to the hospital in time.

Please take a moment to look at the warning signs of a stroke and additional information HERE.
It's important and I had NONE of the stroke risk factors.
I have also learned that WOMEN have their own unique symptoms.

Today is the first day on the computer and everything is different. I have had to go much slower to think of what I am doing and how to do it.

Yesterday I took my new Micron Pens and drew over some dragonflies and flowers I had previously drawn on watercolor paper.

My new set

Micron .05 tracing

Micron .03 tracing

 Micron .01 tracing

I got to see the difference in the tip sizes of the pens and also work on my fine motor skills that I am having trouble with.
I did pretty good!

I have to show off my "Get Well Flowers" and a new vase. Pretty cool, huh?

Doing this post has not been physically or mentally easy. I know us bloggers can make it look so simple can't we?

I really, really encourage you to become aware of the risk factors and warning signs.
I was told in the hospital that there is a 3-4 hour window between the onset of a stroke to getting emergency treatment that may save your life or reduce the damage of a stroke. I'm extremely lucky in that my effects should only last a few weeks. I see my neurologist next week, YAY!!!

Here is another link to the National Stroke Association for more info HERE.

I would also like to thank spellchecker and Google in helping me write this post :)

All of you are so important and loved!
Please take the time to educate yourselves because you only have one brain in charge of all you do!

Hugs, Rasz

November 06, 2013

woo-hoo! it's what's on your workdesk wednesday #231...

Yes another Wednesday has rolled around way too fast for me. I can't complain though because Wednesdays are the day we get to show our work spaces and go around the world looking at other creative's work places too!

Today's post for me is not so much what I am working on as it is what I am getting ready to start.

The sewing table (aka kitchen table at one time) is all buttoned up and clean awaiting a project.

Next the ironing board/finished projects space is holding the tub of finished purses and box of flower clips to go up to the booth at Apple Hill Friday.

On top of the tub is a purse that needs to go in the mail today along with a couple flower pins to be mailed. So glad that the purse will have a great home.

There is also a bowl of scrappy roses and a cat toy? Really?

Now on to the "fun" stuff. Yes I have been shopping with my Sissy and my oldest son.

First trip out was with my Sissy. We had coupons and Michaels had a great sale!
We both got one of these organizers at 40% OFF!

I have so much to get organized into this awesome, rolling drawer unit!

We found these mugs that can be painted. I am going to try with my acrylics (after I Google it).
It was actually a child's project with the little paints and a horrible brush.
Oh and three stamps I have been looking for that were in one of the bins at the checkout line for only $1.50 each! Michaels certainly has a way to keep me buying all the way to the register.

My son got me my FIRST set of Micron pens!
I will be using these to make some ATCs and ACEOs!
He also got me a new sharpie I needed along with a pack of blank ATC cards in three different types of paper. 

  So now my day is full with visiting other WOYWWers and organizing all my supplies into the new drawers.
Getting more organized here will be so much better.

Maybe next week will show before/after and even some projects finished!

Hope you have a Wonderful WOYWW week!