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September 27, 2013

i got an award...

I thought I had Published this post and found it was listed as a draft!
I am SO sorry for not posting it and appologize to the ever awesome Lady Caer Morganna!

Since Friday 13th, my soul feels like its coming back out and I am heading down the right path.

Despite all the changes and uncertainty, I feel at peace. I have also been making lots of friends thanks to my blogging buddy Stacy at MagicLoveCrow!
She is the most awesome person. And has definitely listen to me bitch a lot this last year.
Thank you Stacy for not giving up on me and encouraging me to keep going.

Because of Stacy and her Birthday Month giveaways, one of my NEW blog friends is the ever awesome, sweet and special 
Lady Caer Morganna at The Wiccan Life.
She gave me this award:

Now all I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you may or may not know. And then send this award to 7 other bloggers.

These are my 7 things:

  1. I have 3 children, all grown, 1 daughter and 2 sons.
  2. I live to dance and sing.
  3. I am a coffeeholic, altho' now I am drinking 1/2 caf or decaf.
  4. My favorite snack (right now) are Terra Sweet Potato Chips.
  5. My favorite season is Autumn.
  6. My favorite number is 13.
  7. Oh, and I have 5 grandchildren, all furr-babies!
As for passing along the award, I am going to do the same offer as others are doing. This award is going around so if you didn't receive it, here it is for YOU!

Please take it as I think everyone I visit and everyone I have become blogging buddies with ALL have Lovely Blogs and even if I had to pick seven, I am sure I would forget someone and feel awful.

You can grab it here or on my awards page.

I got the coolest sign from my daughter that I want to share with you. I am not sure where it came from so I am unable to give credit:

Also don't forget to check out MagicLoveCrow later on TODAY or tomorrow to find out who the winners are of her incredibly generous Birthday Month giveaway!


September 18, 2013

woyww #224. what's on your work space???

It's Wednesday and time to go visit work desks/table/spaces/floors and wherever creatives around the world create.
Go HERE for more info.

Our beautiful, artistic, amazing leader of the pack Julia will be proud of my very short post this week!
I have only 2 more days to get some totes or purses done for my friend's booth up in Apple Hill for each weekend during the next two months!

Most of the work is on the kitchen table today:

Up front is my newest purse made from the canvas that lays under the canvases being painted.
Now this is more like ME coming out and I am so excited!

Behind the sewing machine are some pre-made lightweight totes I got to paint or doodle on that need my tags and also some of my purses needing handles and pockets sewn in.
Check it out, they are sorted by color!!!
I'm getting so organized I am getting scared!

That's it for today. I will be visiting this evening. 

September 16, 2013

celiac disease awareness...

Last week was Celiac Disease Awareness Week.
Evidently, I missed blogging about it.

Although I have never been "officially" diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I am totally gluten-free and have been for the past 5 years, long before it was popular or gluten-free foods were easy to find.
I tried a gluten-free diet after doing a lot of research on my own health issues I was dealing with. Sometimes we can be our best health advocates.

Becoming gluten-free was hard.
My body went through withdraws and all I wanted was a glazed doughnut for about a week.
Now if I eat anything with gluten, I get extremely ill.

To find out more, you can visit

To find gluten-free bloggers
go HERE.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

September 13, 2013

happy birthday giveaways...

picture from Microsoft clip-art 

Happy Friday 13th!!!
One of my favorite days during the year.
It brings good luck and lots of surprises.

Speaking of surprises, about a week ago I blogged about an awesome giveaway over at MagicLoveCrow!
Stacy is having this giveaway to celebrate her Birthday month!

This morning she added more to her giveaway.
What she added is NOT what she has made,
it's something I MADE!

Stacy and I have become good friends through meeting in Blog Land. 
If you haven't met her yet, you will find she is such an awesome loving soul, along with being great artist.

I feel so honored that she has added a choice of several items I have made to her giveaway.

There are no rules, just go over and let Stacy know what you would like to win from the items offered in each giveaway post. HERE and HERE!

You may want to wish her a Happy Birthday too :)

Happy Friday 13th
AND Happy Birthday Stacy, YOU ROCK!

September 11, 2013

it's wednesday and thats woyww...

It's Wednesday!
And it's WOYWW #223!
The one day we get to share our work spaces and visit other creative's work spaces all over the world.
It's also a great way to make new friends and connect with some old blogging friends.
To find out more, go HERE!

Before I "show off" my work area, I would like to send out a prayer to all those effected by 9/11, including the military, and their families, who are still fighting and have lost loved ones in the never-ending "conflict" in a foreign land.

Just the date itself has meaning all over the world. 
My prayers go out to all.

Below is what I found as I took Charlene outside this morning in the dead brown dirt of a Northern California Summer. 
Seeing this beauty among the dry, bare spot had deep meaning for me and for this date:

Okay, with that said and a deep breath, let's move on:

I am REALLY getting organized!
I did NOT tidy up at all.
This is it:

Here is the sewing area (aka "not the kitchen table).

Nice and neat with everything for sewing here. I am really making progress on getting organized.

The plastic container holds embellishments, and all other fun stuff I use to attach the purse straps or to add a little bling!

Here's the ironing board with an actual, dirty iron on it! There is also painted and stamped little canvas gift bags and the latest purse just needing handles sewn on!

Hanging on the easel is a raspberry/rust colored purse ready for use. On the side of the easel is a lightweight cotton tote. The flowers are done in ink and some are colored in. Several flowers wrap around the bottom corner to the back. I think I am going to leave it this way.

Next on tour is my amazingly neat art table. I just finished up painting and adding little sparkles to the gift bags that were sitting on the ironing board. It is a rare Wednesday when I can be busy yet not so unorganized or messy. Normally pictures are taken in the morning looking however my area(s) are.

Mr. Bear is hanging out on the couch today.
And, I found several of my paintings were collecting dust in the closet. I hung them on the wall behind my art table.

That's it for today's tour of my little corner of the world.

Now it's time to go see what number I came in at and then go visit everyone I can.


September 06, 2013

wow, i really "missed" this last week...

It's Friday evening and I am barely awake after a long day. However I realized how much I missed this week!

I missed WOYWW!
I really missed the other WOYWWers that are becoming friends from all over the world, and so fun to visit every week.

I missed posting about the awesome giveaway happening over at MagicLoveCrow for Stacy's birthday and blogaversary month!
You might want to pop over there and enter to win one of her amazing crows.
To read about the giveaway go HERE.
You can even see a couple cute photos of little Stacy!

I did try to get a few things done.
I spent several days trying to clean up after the absolutely worst ant infestation ever. The ants and I went to war, and I WILL win!

I got a sinus/tooth infection and still managed to doodle on a couple lightweight totes that would be great for shopping or carrying around a drawing pad and some color pencils or watercolors.

There are several flowers that wrap around to the back from the bottom corner. I still have to add some dragonflies and vines.

Not sure if the doodles will be painted with acrylics or ink.

And lastly, I have twisted my brain trying to figure out the new blogger+, circles, how to follow if you are not a blogger+ or in the "Circle".
It could be the fog in my head from the infection but it just seems all too confusing for me. 
If someone would like to explain the whole thing in plain non-techy language I would greatly appreciate it.
Until then, I am sticking to what little I know:)

Well since I haven't visited very many people, 
I would love to hear how your week went.

Here's to a fun and enjoyable weekend!