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August 28, 2013

it's wednesday's woyww #221...

Yes, it's Wednesday.
I know because I looked at the calendar to make sure.
So it's time for WOYWW
(What's on your Work desk/table/space/floor) Wednesday!

It's the one day a week we all can show off (or be embarrassed by) our creative spaces AND get to visit other creative's spaces all over the world.

WOYWW is sponsored by the awesome Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground.
For info go HERE.

Since I just realized it was Wednesday and no time to "pretty up" my work areas, I just started taking pictures to share:

My work table, quite messy! See the cute little totes Ready for decorating?

Mr. Bear looks bored or just needs more coffee!

On the end of the table is my easel. Hanging there is large totes on top and smaller totes hang along the side. Under the large totes is a freezer bag full of my plastic stencils.

This is a FIRST! The ironing board is completely empty.

I have a box to put the "cuff" purse shells in with their handles, ready for sewing in with the pockets.
The pockets are now kept in this plastic container once they are ready to sew.

I'm really getting organized, finally. 
However I am not even going to show you my sewing/kitchen table. It scares me to look at so I don't want to give you any nightmares either.

Thanks and HAPPY WOYWW!!!!!

I will not be able to visit too many WOYWWers due to pain and I am having another epidural tomorrow! I will try to get to as many of you as I can!

August 24, 2013

4th friday's more with four...on saturday...

Well it's the fourth Friday of the Month and that means its More with Four...art inspired by four letter words (the clean ones) sponsored by the the Incredibly Resilient Awesome Gloria over at New End Studio.
Go HERE for more info.

If you've already had your coffee you may realize, as I did, that it's SATURDAY and I am a day late.
Oh well, last month I remembered the following Wednesday so I think I am doing better?
Guess it's another note I have to put up, so sorry Gloria and the Group.

This is "DUMB MESS", my (2) four letter word.
Everything has been such a mess lately that I thought this ATC was appropriate.

I know it's ugly and was not suppose to turn out this way. I was making some ATCs and had this cool silver cardstock. I added paint splatters to make the background and then thought it would look cool to add those paint squirts that end up drying in cool ways.

So instead of just adding paint droplets to the ATC, I did the drops on one of my plastic tops to something and let them dry there, then I carefully peeled them off AND THEN glued them to the ATC.

I'll give you a break to laugh...

Even I cannot believe I did all this instead of just dropping the paint onto the card.

Shows you where my heads been at lately!

Have a Fabulous Day after Friday!!!

August 21, 2013

it's wednesday, and it's woyww #220...

YAY! It's Wedneday and that means it's 
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
(aka WOYWW) hosted by Julia Dunnit

It's the day where we all get to show off (or cringe with embarrassment) our work spaces and get to visit work spaces all over the world.
Want to join in? Go HERE.

Here is my art table:
I just finished up painting some extra fabric for a rasberry tote and purse that I am making. 

Oh and there is my cell phone charger I have been looking for.

You may have seen Mr. Bear's fuzzy feet at the bottom of the picture above. Well Mr. Bear is keeping my seat warm and making sure Mallory and Miss Kitty stay off the table...

I have to dry out some of the torn up blankets I use to catch all the watered down acrylic paint I use. 

This was Monday's drying cloth and look what I saw? See it? It's a happy face! The two round eyes were made from yogurt containers.

The ironing board is holding two totes-to-be that need to be ironed out and labeled.

On the other end of the ironing board is my new clear platic box holding my thingy's to add to the totes and purses.

 My son purchased six of these perfect sized plastic boxes for me :)

Onto the sewing area. Just a few items to stitch up.

Oh and there is my coffee! I need a refill NOW! I must because I have no idea what happened to this picture, eeeehhh yuk!

Onto some good stuff. My girlfriend who owns a boutique downtown got these samples of eco-friendly bamboo/cotton totes and a messanger bag.
They feel so soft and are very, very thin. To thin and soft for me to paint however I could do some doodle-ing, drawing stuff to them and it might come out cool.

Either way, what a great friend to get these for me and help me along.

And now I have a compliment/complaint to Blue Bunny Ice Cream. They make these awesome, heavy plastic containers for their ice cream:

I was so excited to rip the label off and use it for something after writing on it what I was using it for. The problem is I cannot get the label off!!!! It's a vinyl-something material that I think could be used to paint an airplane!

After fiddling with it for about half an hour this is as far as I got:

Any suggestions to get this label off? 
Oh and Blue Bunny Ice Cream is GREAT!!! Try the Banana Split or Bunny Tracks if you can get it in your area.

Have a Wonderful WOYWW Week!

August 16, 2013

i love my new purse...

This is a Mixed Media purse I made for myself.
I still use my tote almost daily yet I wanted something smaller, lighter and with my
"Doodles and Dragonflies".

We all have our "signature something" in our art and mine has been these flowers and dragonflies.
My art journals are full of them.
Now I know why I couldn't stop drawing them,
they were meant to be on what I make!
Finally it feels right and exciting.

I have sewn in a large snap for closure instead of using magnets that can mess up electronics or strips on the back of bank/credit cards.

This purse measures approx 13" wide, 8" high with a 32" strap. There is a sewn in pocket which is about 8"x9" for my cell phone, gum, mints, etc...
It sure does hold a lot.

There is a wallet/clutch purse, lotion, cell phone, inhaler, carmex, medicine box, checkbook, a couple pens and a yearly calendar (to keep me heading in the right direction daily) and I am sure some more odds 'n ends. 

It looks great hanging from my shoulder or across my chest and does not look overstuffed at all.
All these pictures were taken with it full and ready to go.

I would love to read your comments, suggestions or if you like it or not. I value your opinion. I have already had one lady at the art gallery say she thinks it needs a divider in the middle.

What do you think?
And what is your "signature something" you always put in your art?

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!

August 11, 2013

sunday's orange hummingbirds...

The lonely feeder awaits...

And here they come!
These are three new orange hummingbirds that are coming to the feeder.
They are more aggressive than the other hummingbirds.
There was probably 10 birds flying about and chasing each other off as I was taking these photos.
I just love hummingbirds.

I did the best I could with a Nikon CoolPix camera and birds that fly a gizillion miles per hour.

In all my years of having feeders and watching hummingbirds, I have never seen orange ones like these. 
Has anyone else?

Have a beautiful Sunday!

August 07, 2013

it's wednesday! What's on your work desk?

Hi everyone!
It's Wednesday, my favorite day of the week,
What's on your work desk Wednesday!
Today is #218 and we get to snoop into the work areas of other artist/bloggers all over the world,
and they get to come visit us and see where we create too. 
To find out more, visit the awesome, funny and creative, and creator of WOYWW Julia Dunnit HERE.

This is what I found in my space(s):

Since I can only do a little at a time, I am creating, well actually figuring out, how to make an assembly line for projects. Now you have to be very organized for this. I use to be organized, now I am scattered...what was I talking about? Oh I remember, an easier way for me to do things now that my body doesn't cooperate. So this is the table with my sewing machine and 5 partially finished purses. See the colored pencils, yes I am using them also to draw and doodle and color my purses. Yep, they work too!!

My work table where I can stand or sit...

And two new items to make things better for me:
I would recommend this brush for anyone who has problems with their hands and has to paint larger surfaces. It's got a squishy handle, ergonomic, inexpensive and very light. It was bought at the local hardware store!
This and my glue gun are quickly becoming my best friends.

Next is a tiny paint roller with spongy rollers?
That doesn't sound right?

I can carve out a design in the spongy roller,
then roll it on to my material,
however I haven't done it yet :(

Now the ironing board, something interesting there:
Oops, I couldn't take the picture of the ironing board because I have four very special
items-in-the-making there.

Here is the corner of the table where my son's girlfriend's daughter keeps her paints.
Now does that make me "Not the Grandma"??

And while I was working on purses, she was painting purses:
A true artist she is!

I need your opinion, how do you like the colored pencils on the painted purses?

Now off to Julia's to see what number I came in at. Seems no matter how early I start, time runs faster than I can post!

Oh and I made my font bigger. If I have to work at reading it with small print, maybe you did too?

Hope you are having a Wonderful WOYWW week!