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July 31, 2013

it's woyww #217

Yay! I made it just in time to participate in WOYWW (What's on Your Work desk Wednesday).
This is the one day a week we get to show what our work spaces look like...and best of all...get to see where all of the wonderful, creative people create.
To learn more go HERE.

First I need to apologize for missing last week and visiting very few WOYWWers the week before.
Hopefully I will get to visit more this week.

Here is my mess...uh, work space:

Not too much to show. My fold-over purses were a flop due to an engineering design issue
(or in better words, a BIG BOO-BOO!).
So now I am having to re-do a new style of purses that are drying. I hopefully will have a couple to show off next week.

And my partner Charlene is no help at all.
Good thing she works for kibble!!!

And do not trust that innocent look she did for the camera. She actually gathered up the pillows like that so she would be comfy!
What a life!

I did do some really cute ATCs using items I made from fabric. I cannot show them as a couple are going to WOYWWers and I want it to be a surprise!

That's it for me. Hope everyone is having a 
Wonderful WOYWW week!

July 17, 2013

it's woyww #215...

Yes it's another Wednesday!
Wow time goes by fast.

For those who do not know what each Wednesday is, it's WOYWW (What's on Your Work desk (space/table/bench) Wednesday!
The day we all get to peek into each other's work areas and see where and what they create.
To find out more go HERE.

My work table is waiting for the next tote to be painted:

Remember that pretty picture I painted from cleaning off my brushes onto the framed picture canvas...yeah, the one with the butterflies?

Well I really messed it up. You know when you think you can add just one more "touch" of something to make "it" better? I thought I would put a little burgundy red ink around the edges of the bottom butterfly and some purple ink around the top butterfly.
Okay I have never worked with ink except to distress things, and that was pretty easy-peasy so I figured touching up the butterflies a little couldn't be difficult at all.


And then I tried to rub out the red and made it worse.
Of course it dried in 1/2 a second!!!
Any suggestions on how to fix this???
Why can't I just stop at good???

Here is my other work space, my ironing board
The raspberry colored tote was done with 
"True Burgundy" paint.
I love painting fabric because it's always a surprise how it will come out.

The rooster fabric is just cool.

Here's that magenta/purple finally finished purse that's been hanging out on in my work area for a couple weeks.I wanted to add some hand painting but after the butterfly incident I though it wasn't a good time to try.

And a NEW framed canvas to wipe off my brushes onto, sitting and waiting on the floor right next to my work table:

That's it for me!
Now off to Julia's blog to get my Mr. Linky number and then go visit other desks around the world!


July 11, 2013

hanging art and hanging art...

Any item of mine usually has more than one purpose.
The clothesline is good for hanging clothes,
and even better for hanging art!

My son's girlfriend's five year old daughter's works of art hanging out to dry. 
She loves to come over and play in the paints!
She says since she is already an artist, when she grows up she is going to be a doctor too, so she can be an Artist Doctor!

My painted totes and material hanging out to dry.

And my favorite piece of love, "Fairy Blessings", which I received from Stacy at MagicLoveCrow,
always hanging on the wall near me,
 no matter where I am.

So what is your special "hanging art"?

Maybe today is the day to make some hanging art of your own?

Have a Terrific Thursday!

July 10, 2013

yay! it's woyww #214...

Yes, it's Wednesday which means it's What's on Your Workspace Wednesday (WOYWW)!
My favorite day of the week.
You can find out more about the fun HERE!

So what's on my work table?
Not much, just the leftovers of the latest painted purse, pocket and the flowers that will embellish it after the pocket is sewn in.

The rest of my "workspace" is scattered about:
Removable bottoms for the totes and purses on top of the ironing board amongst a mess I need to organize.

And onto the kitchen table:
This is where items in waiting are laying about.
I have a magenta/purple purse ready for the pocket to be sewn in. There's an inside out top to a pair of jeans ready for the serger to make a jean purse that will be painted or stamped or something once it's sewn up and of course my trusty Singer that seems to sew threw layers of thick canvas without a problem.

Last week I received a couple great comments that I wanted to address today.
The first came from Lynda Norton over at www.mycreativelifestyle.blogspot.com

Lynda was wondering if she spotted a greyhound in the background of one of the pictures of my work table. GREAT EYE LYNDA!!!! Although it was not a greyhound, it was my lightning fast Catahoula Charlene (which is a type of hound):
Right now she is pouting because I am doing this instead of giving her attention.
She is actually my licensed service dog and my constant companion...and very, very spoiled.
These dogs are known to be extremely clever and manipulative and she definitely owns up to her breed.
Oh and Lynda they are often thought to be greyhounds because of their large chest, tiny waist, awesome body form and strong long legs.
(nice description to have, right :)

The next suggestion came from Darnell of www.djcardkreations.com
Darnell suggested that I frame the canvas I painted from wiping my brushes off. I found a couple of neon frames I got, from somewhere, for I have no idea why and pulled them out.
Do you think one of these will work?

Well that's it for me!

Now to run off and see what number I am!

July 03, 2013

woyww 213...

YAY! It's Wednesday and that means it's the time during the week to post my workspace and to go visiting lots of extremely talented artist's work areas too! For more info or to join in the fun, visit the wonderful Julia Dunnit, creator of WOYWW, at her blog Stamping Ground

On to my work area:
I am making a pink tote with stamped magenta flowers and dragonflies and with pink (almost shadow-like) flowers and dragonflies. The darker flowers have a multi-colored bling, bling in the middle.

And a butterfly painting that I pulled out yesterday:
I used this canvas to wipe off my brushes from different projects. I had some cut-outs that were in my way and I did not know what to do with them so I stuck those on the canvas too. Somewhere along the way in my mess, I just laid it up against the wall and forgot about it.

And here are some new goodies that were gifted to me.
I know I can add these to purses, totes and mixed media paintings. YAY!!!!!!! 

I really haven't done much this past week. We have had over 100 degrees for six days now, tomorrow will hopefully be the last day. The only light I have in my work space is this light, which puts off heat, so I am not hanging out there much.

 My heart goes out to the 19 Fire Jumpers and all the people of Arizona who have lost their homes and loved ones.

Time to go visit all the other WOYWWers!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!