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June 28, 2013

more with four, inspired by four...

Today is the fourth Friday of the month which means today is 
"More with Four, Inspired by Four". 
It's a great, artistic group started by the clever 

You can join in any time and everything gets Pinned on Pinterest under
It's a lot of fun to create something that has to do with four letters (the good four letters, we keep it clean:).

Here is my More with Four today:


Since I have been painting fabric and making purses I have gotten away from my doodling flowers, dragonflies and faces.
I sat the other night, not feeling too well, and started drawing/doodling, not even realizing that she was perfect for today!

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Check out Gloria's blog and see the cool thing she made today!
And maybe you will join in too!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

June 26, 2013

woyww 212...

It's WOYWW, What's on your Workspace Wednesday!!
I love this day because I get to share what my work area looks like and I get to see what other amazingly creative people from around the world work spaces look like too!
Getting to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends and see all kinds of wonderful art...and also get some cool storage/organizing ideas too!

Haven't joined in on the fun yet?
Go to Julia Dunnit's site Stamping Ground HERE
to find out more.
It's Free, It's Fun and no better way to spend a Wednesday!

On to my table. I haven't done much. I spent a couple days in the hospital this week which seemed to put me two weeks behind, lol!!!!
I'm fine and my mess was still there, waiting for me...
along with Charlene, Mallory and Miss Kitty.
I got lots of lovin' when I got home.

I've started covering the foam board for the removable bottoms of the purses and totes already made (see previous post for more info on that).
The grey material behind the Tacky Glue (I LOVE Tacky Glue) is the beginning of a Black washed out purse speckled with pink.
I'm not quite sure if I like it splashed in pink but I'll give it a try.

 My BIG find earlier this week was this container. I need something to keep my purses and totes in that will keep the dust out! It is also small and light enough for me to pick up (a HUGE plus!)
AND I can see what is in the container too, which avoids the problem of opening several containers to find one thing!

If only I could do something like that with my supplies...
nahh...the supplies look much better strewn about my work table, kitchen table and anywhere else I seem to leave them!

Have a GREAT WOYWW Wednesday!

June 23, 2013

i got an award....

The beautifully creative Gloria over at New End Studio
gave me this Liebster Award!!!!
Thank you Gloria!
And Gloria is so creative that she created four different buttons to choose from for this award. Go HERE to see her buttons she made.
I picked the cup since I LOVE coffee and cannot blog without it:)

A while back I also received this award from Kay
You can read that post HERE.
So I feel twice blessed!!!!

Gloria's award is a little different because it includes 11 questions, that Gloria made up, that I need to answer.
Here we go:

  1. What color is your front door? Hang on, let me go check...It's a dirty white-wash. Geez it needs to be painted :)
  2. Do you have a nickname and what is it? Yes, Rasz or Bobbin Robin
  3. What is the best compliment you ever received? When my son told me that he and his brother(both grown) think I was a terrific mother.
  4. As a young girl, did you keep a diary? Yep!
  5. What is your favorite spice to cook with? Poco Caliente by Roy's Seasonings. Roy is a local here and creates the BEST seasonings ever! You can find him on the web too at http://www.roysseasonings.com/. Trust me, I am really picky about seasonings and I have never found anything that compares to his...even my mixes.
  6. If you could stay a certain age for the rest of your life, how old would you like to be? I wouldn't want to stay at any age. I think every season of life brings something wonderful to my soul and if I stayed stuck in one place, I would never grow :)
  7. From your own blog, what is your favorite post? I started my blog in the middle of March 2011 and signed up for April's 2011 A-Z Challenge. On April 2nd was the second letter of the alphabet "B". On that day my Big Brother Bruce passed away. So my "B" post was for my brother. I think it was so special because if you knew my brother's twisted sense of humor, I'm sure he was laughing! Actually I had already written a B post early in the morning and then I got the call. SO I added another B post.
  8. What is the most annoying or putrid sound, odor, taste, touch, or sight you have ever witnessed? It would have to be when my oldest son was in school and he had to make homemade cheese for a project! I think it took about a week to get that smell out of the house. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.
  9. What is the best advice you ever received? My boy's great-grandma told me that it was more important to spend the time you can with your kids instead of worrying about the kitchen floor needing mopping.
  10. How old were you when you got your first kiss from a crush or boyfriend? 1st grade! It was one of those little pecks and I wondered what people thought was so great about it. Of course later in life I found out :)
  11. Can you keep a secret?  Definitely!!!!!!!!!
So there it is! Everything you could possibly want to know about me, haha!

I think Gloria had awesome questions. This really is a good way to get to know each other.  Now it's going to take me a while to figure out questions and how I will pass this along.

Give me a few days, and if you do ot see a post forwarding this award on, PLEASE remind me! I am forgetting so much. I'll put a sticky note on the computer.

Have a GREAT and BLESSED Sunday!

June 20, 2013

i missed woyww #211 yesterday....

Yes, I missed (and really missed) WOYWW #211 yesterday.
WOYWW (What's on your work (table, desk,space,etc.) Wednesday!
WOYWW was created by Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground.
Find out more HERE.

For me there wasn't much except for this pile of cut outs from foam board my son made for me:

What are they you ask?
I had several pieces of foam board laying around not being used.
I am sure there was a purpose when I got them but that project has long since passed.

I needed a way to store my pained canvas fold over purses to keep them clean without them loosing their shape.
This is where the foam board comes in.

The big piece is to put into the purse before folding. The two cut corners are for the bottom corners of the purses where they fold up when the purse is flat. 

I also wanted the option of having a flat, more structured look or a more rounded "bohemian" look.

The long rectangular piece will be covered in the matching fabric of each purse to become a removable bottom. This gives the option of laying the bottom in when the purse is opened up to give a flat bottom, structured look.
Or the bottom can be left out for a more casual look.

I think I need more pictures to show the difference?
That will be my next post.

Hope everyone is having a Terrific Thursday
 and a Wonderful WOYWW Week!
Hugs, Rasz

June 12, 2013


It's another week of WOYWW!
(What's on Your Workspace Wednesday)
Every Wednesday we get to look into other artist's work areas and get a glimpse of their world.
WOYWW was created by Julia Dunnit over at
For more info go HERE.
WOYWW just celebrated it's 4th year.
This is my 4th week and I am hooked.
So hooked that it's 9pm here in California and I am just now posting. I don't want to miss a week.

What's on my workspace today?
A Beautiful card and ATC from Kay over at 505whimsygirl!
This card has an actual photo of the Black Mesa in New Mexico on the front.
Kay knows I use to live in NM and miss it!
Can you see the textured background? Isn't it pretty?

Once the card & ATC were removed, here is my much neater, much more cleaned up and organized work area:
What a change from the past several weeks!

Once the painting and drying are done it's time to gather the pieces, figure out the layout, pin and sew. This is the part where I need room to spread out in a small area and a little more organization, I did say LITTLE, right?

 Purple painted tote with pocket and strap pieces.

 I found a safe and clean place for my flower-making materials.
It's a book bag one of my best friends made for me years ago.
I hung it on one of the two stand-up lamps behind my table.
The pic of the bag closed turned out yucky and it's too late to take another.

 My BIG find this week was a bag of a "25 piece painting set"!
I kept the top of the bag in the jar to keep these brushes separate.
The reason this was so cool is because I am blowing through sponges and paint brushes and I don't want to use my "painting" paint brushes and needed some more less-expensive (aka: cheap) brushes for the color wash on the canvas fabric.

A clear plastic tub from the grocery deli holds all my metal findings & stuff like D-rings, barrettes, clips, pins, magnets, etc......

This wood box has a broken front latch. It works great to hold flower hair clips and headbands. There were a bunch more but I seem to keep giving them away :)

 This green one is my favorite.

Well besides getting my area cleaned up and a little more organized, that's about all I have done this past week.
My bowl of painted flowers is over-flowing so I have plenty for the next four totes that are on my table ready to get finished. After that I have ideas for two new purses!!!! Can't wait to try them out. I'm sure I am re-inventing the wheel however I cannot use patterns. I do not even have a pattern for anything I do. I just eyeball it and cut it out. So it is always interesting when I see something or think of something I want to try!
Maybe I will have a new design next week, or a bigger pile of usable scraps. Either way it's a lot of fun and that's what matters.

And Kay, your the best! Thank you SO much!

Have a great WOYWW week!

June 09, 2013

clearer pics, sleepy babies, and heat...

I have to apologize for the blurry pictures and words on last Wednesday's WOYWW post. I don't remember posting so I guess I did a pretty good job...considering :)
Thank you for all the great comments that made me laugh!
WOYWWers are a great group!

Here are some pictures of two fold-over purses.
Does anyone else know what they are really called?
Or is that the right name?

First the green one that all of you convinced me not to scrap and to finish it instead. Thank you!!!!

The messy original colors seeped through the green giving it a rusty look in some places.

I used two stamps made from styrofoam-like packaging stuff and stamped the back (which folds over) in black paint.

The flowers are made from scraps of painted canvas ripped into strips then turned and twisted until they look like a flower.

The inside of the bag is very roomy. This one has one pocket that is sewn about 1/2" below the fold.

Below are several pictures of a new pink tote. The last pink tote I made went to my youngest son's girlfriend, and she uses it all the time!

This tote has lots of room and a large double pocket.

The roses are blue, purple, pink and some odd colors mixed in too!

And  my favorite (so far)!

I've been asked for a couple more pictures of my babies, so here they are:
Charlene napping.

Now I have realized that if you watch a kitty sleep all afternoon, you can take all kinds of pictures of them sleeping in all kinds of cute positions:

The last two days have been HOT!!!
Yesterday was around 110 degrees and humid, which is unusual for our area.
Look at my water bottle on my work station.
Can you see it has melted a little sideways?

Here's a better look:

Today is going to be cooler, in the low 90's, YAY!!!

Have a blessed Sunday!

June 05, 2013

woyww 209...

Good Morning and welcome to my work space for WOYWW.
What's on your Work Desk Wednesday.
This is the one day a week we get to show where we create.
It's fun seeing everyone's work area and you can get some handy organizing tips too...along with meeting some great new friends and playing along with the blogging friends you already have (which is how I learned about it)
Click HERE to find out more.

So here is my workspace this morning.
It's all a mess and very scary when I look at it in pictures.
Really I thought I was SO organized, haha!

I had to have my work light on in the left corner to get a picture.
On the ironing board in the front of the picture I have four more painted totes to get busy with. There is dark grey, magenta, pink, and orange that green had spilt down the side. I'll see what happens to that one.
Can you see the corner of my couch? The one I had to get my dog Charlene off of , clean, vaccuum and put all my scraps there?
Well I organized my scraps just in time for the newest addition to my family to get cozy. Her name is Mallory and she is a rescue from our local shelter.
She is almost a year old and so small. She is an Orange (US)/Red Tabby. She probably weighs maybe 2 lbs. Only about 20% of Orange/Red Tabbies are female.

Oh, back to my work space. Got a little off track there. I had a lower spinal epidural last night and didn"t think I would even be able to post. Thank goodness for medicine!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to finish the green purse I was going to scrap. It came out really cute. I just need to do one more coat of gloss around the black edge.
Sorry the picture is so blurry, Who knows what I did with the settings...
I'm blaming the pain and drugs...and only one cup of coffee.
That's my story anyway. I will try to post better pictures later.

And here is a purple purse I finished:

Going back to bed. Hopefully I can be out visiting tonight or tomorrow.
Have a Terrific WOYWW!!!!!

June 02, 2013

sunday flowers...

I've got a big bowl of flowers.
They are great for decorating totes or bags or...
add a clip and you get...
a hair clip, or...
add it to a headband...
especially a painted headband
for a cute look!
Flowers can be added to pins, hats and barrettes too!
I went downtown with six flowers and came home with none.
Five had clips, one had a pin and everyone had them either clipped or pinned to their tops, which was SO cute. I had to clip one to my top too.

and my daily reminder with my coffee:
"Walk by Faith, not by sight"
2 Corinthians 5:7
Thank you Heather over at LittleRedHenry who suggested that my blogs could be posting pictures instead of more text to make it easier for me to post. Heather you are a wonderful, loving friend that I cherish!
And an AMAZING artist.
Have a Sensational Sunday!

And to all the WOYWWers out there, I'm slowly trying to get to everyone soon, I did better this week then last week!!! YAY!!!
And thank you for being such a great group of loving people.