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May 29, 2013

what's on your workspace 208 (woyww)

This is my 2nd week of What's on your Work Desk Wednesday? 
(work space, work bench, etc. :))
I say Work Space because that is what I have.
After last week I am addicted!
Go HERE to learn more and join up!

This is the coolest group of talented, funny, sharing, creative people.
The hardest part of this is trying to get to everyone's post.
I think I got to about 25 last week.
Today is also WOYWW 4th Anniversary!!!!!
Happy Birthday WOYWW!

I also have to mention this is a great place to just see where people create and what they create. It's like peeping into their world. 

So here is my disaster, oh I mean work space this morning:
Working on a couple purple purses.
The pink and purple painted canvas is going to be a make-up bag.
There is a pile of zippers for flowers.
In the box to the left is hair clips and headbands.
I forgot to open the box, my oops!
And way, way up there on the right of the to-be make-up bag is the iron on the very edge of the ironing board.

(Oh no! My second view from the ironing board side keeps rotating
 every time I go  to insert it here. 
Hmmmm...don't know why this would be happening. 
Has this happened to anyone else?)

Bowl of scrappy roses on the ironing board
that didn't make it into the first picture.
Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Here are some rose hair clips
and zipper scraps for more flowers.
 Now onto the flow-over....
This was my couch a couple days ago:
 Charlene lounging around. She even fixes the pillows for herself,
can you say "spoiled", geez!

Now here is the same corner today:
Torn painted canvas for flowers, pockets inside totes or purses, smaller projects and whatever else I can think of.

Charlene got a little upset having her corner vacuumed, cleaned and pillows moved so I could put the scraps on the couch to work with them while I layed on the couch, so this is what she did:
My spoiled pup grabbed a roll of my canvas and took it to her double bed.
(Yes my Char has a bed on a bed.) The pic is blurry since I had to take it fast before grabbing the canvas from her!

In the back is a finished pink tote. The pink I use never, ever comes out right in pictures so here's the best I can get. I don't know why the pink doesn't photo.
I have tried outside, inside, flash, no flash, editing in Picasa and it just looks like this ugly hot pink, which it isn't. Oh well!

My kitchen table/sewing table with a note since I cannot remember anything anymore without notes. And my purse/tote that started it all. I use mine every day and its great as a purse for me since I can take my art journal, pens and pencils to my doctor appointments or anywhere I might have some waiting time.

Some of you wanted to see the green flop over purse finished.
It's finished however since the original canvas had a lot of colors on it, I tried to cover it up with a darker green.  It came out looking dirty.
I used one of the stamps I made to stamp the back in black so the fold over part would have a pattern on it.
It still looks dirty. I was so bummed.
The good news is I know how to make one!
Except this is going into the scrappy pile :(
(like my leopard fuzzy slippers?)

I have had a really bad legs week (that's what I call it).
I have been doing whatever I can from my bed or couch and sitting at the computer is really hard. 
I am starting up lower back epidurals again next Tuesday. YAY!!!!!
Except the neck epidurals wore off :(
which makes typing so much harder and I can only do a couple minutes at a time. It actually took me four hours to do this post, lol!
So I may not be able to make next week's WOYWW :(
I am going to take this week trying to visit as many WOYWW's as I can.
I want to meet EVERYONE!!!!
Happy Birthday WOYWW and have a great week!

A question: I did a post for Sunday's holiday and got slammed with spam. It was coming in every couple minutes. Blogger caught it all but I was wondering if anyone else had that happen. I used the name of the holiday for my post header. I went and deleted the post this morning and the spam has stopped. I think it was name or label of the post that caused it. how sad?

May 26, 2013

an inspirational post found visiting others...

Today I have been trying to catch up on visiting my blogging friends and some new ones too. 
One blogger I have been following since I started blogging is Amanda at Inspiration, Art and Creativity.
She is a beautiful, creative, talented woman with much wisdom.
I read her post today and it touched me and I wanted to share it with you:
Please visit Amanda, maybe read today's post and visit the rest of her blog. I think you will enjoy it.

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Sunday.

May 24, 2013

more with four...

This is a cool challenge I joined.
I found it through my great friend Stacy at MagicLoveCrow!
The challenge was created by Gloria at NewEndStudio and you can find out more about it there.
The idea is to create something inspired by a four letter word (clean words only) on the 4th Friday of each month, also aka "Gloria's Four".
Gloria has a Pinterest Board for this challenge for everyone participating to post their artwork for the month. 
I'm trying to take some more challenges to challenge myself to keep creative and to meet some other artists too!
So far it's working.
My word is LOVE, and here is a PAGE FULL of LOVE!
Hoping some LOVE touched you today to start off your weekend!
Big hugs, Rasz

May 22, 2013


First off my prayers go out to those effected by the devastating tornadoes, the Moore, OK being hit hardest. It amazes me to see the community ban together so quickly, just do what they have to do, helping each other and facing another day so bravely. God Bless You!

I just joined WOYWW (What's on your workdesk wednesday?)created by Julia at Stamping Ground
I found out about this at Kay's blog 505whimsygirl.
This is something I can do. You just have to post pictures of your workdesk on Wednesday. This could get scary at times. I don't have a workdesk. I have an adjustable art table and an ironing board for my workdesk.

Here's mine this morning. I actually organized it a bit last night having no idea I would start this.
This is where I stand or sit. The green thing is a painted tote that will eventually become a fold over purse (hopefully).

 I live in a very little garage studio and this is "my corner to create" when my health lets me. I'm a little slow and need help but things get done :)
The ironing board is great! When other things need ironing, I just dump all the stuff onto my table (lets hope that doesn't happen on a Tuesday night now.
It works pretty well.
The ironing board holds my thread box, a plastic bowl from one of those bowls of cut up fruit from the grocery hold my painted flowers. Under that is a plastic square box from pre-made chicken from the deli and every yogurt container doesn't go to waste either.

See you can tell not only what I am working on but what I eat too!
I recycle everything!

Thanks for the WOYWW. I can't wait to connect to everyone else participating!
Go here to find out more about it: WOYWW!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

May 13, 2013

week 2 (for me) of ChakrART...

I am loving ChakraART, the FREE online workshop from Timeless Rituals.
Every time I follow the instuctions for each week, instead of "art" flowing out of me
I have words, words and more words.

As you can tell by the date, this is old and I totally forgot to post it.
Even though I am not creating the ART that I thought I would from this workshop, I am feeling so good and FREE each time I do one.

Have a great week!