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September 19, 2012

green is healing...

Colors of my Soul, acrylic on 11x14 canvas
This is the latest painting I finished.
I really enjoyed layering colors on top of colors.
Playing and letting the colors talk to me feels good.
And when it's done, it's just done.

I have been trying to use lower pixels on my posted photos and I think it really takes away from the original piece. Another good lesson to learn about taking photos.

Here's the beginning of the next painting.
This one is on a 16x20 canvas and I have used acrylic and watercolor paints so far.

I'm also starting some handmade journals for Christmas presents.
I'll post the first one as soon as it's ready.

I forgot to mention that the ArtSpace Art Reception was last Saturday and I had a blast meeting other artists and talking to the visitors. I am learning so much from the more experienced artists. I had two paintings in the exhibit which will be showing through the end of the month. I'm still in awe to be there amongst all these wonderful artists. It really feeds my creativity and I am slowly getting less shy about putting my art out there in public.

Hope you are having a fantastic week!!!!

September 12, 2012

my internet is back up...its a good day...

I have lots of good news today! 
  1. Our wireless internet is fixed!
  2. My car is running again!
  3. The sun is shining!
  4. And 2 of my paintings were accepted for the art show!
The one below and the heart painting that has been hanging at the ArtSpace for the past two months!

I've been having fun playing with my acrylic paints and mixing colors.

Now I am off to work on some handmade journals and coloring books for Christmas.

Yes Christmas is now right around the corner and I would love to have some items to sell at the local craft fairs.

Let me know what you are up to.

Have a wonderful day and try to focus on the GOOD in your life!