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August 28, 2012

entering another exhibit...

The local art council's ArtSpace is having another exhibit
"Colors of the Soul".
I entered four paintings, including the one above.
Today the judging is taking place and I will find out if any of the four will be accepted.
(deep breath!)

I still find it so hard to put myself out there.
Its also challenging to get the pieces ready to show without much resources, pushing me to get more creative.

The painting above was part of an 11"x14" background I was working on:

I liked it so much that I stopped and couldn't decide what to do with it.
I cut it down to 8"x10", used a mat and frame I already had
and VOILA!
It really did come out nice.
I think it will be accepted.

I wanted to enter my latest painting although I had no idea how I was going to get it "hang-able" as it was painted on a 9"x12" flat canvas. I did not have a mat or frame to fit so I found an old 11"x14" canvas that I had messed up and painted the sides to match the painting that would be glued on top of it:

Ummm...too plain....so some matching fabric spray paint took care of that problem:

I used Gorilla Glue to glue the flat canvas on top and this is the finished piece:

(glue don't fail me now!)

I also entered "Hidden"

and one of my Dragonfly Fairy Girls:
(you can tell that I am still learning how to take photos
of framed pictures without reflections showing up)

The picture on the bottom from the July show has already been accepted into this exhibit:
The Association actually kept this picture on display at the ArtSpace
since the July show!

I'm so excited (and nervous) that I had to share.
Please share anything exciting happening in your world!
My laptop has not overheated (yet) as it is a little cooler today.
This will give me an opportunity to blog hop a bit.
Hope to visit you soon.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

August 16, 2012

new painting...

Here is my latest playtime painting inspired by

Traci is one (of many) of my favorite artists.
I have another painting started already inspired by her.
In her first workshop she shows some great tips on how to clean your tools while creating a start to a new background for your next project.

Now I need a new laptop or a new hard drive (if they make it for my dinosaur laptop still).
I don't have enough hard drive to clean up my photos to make them look more like the real thing. Its all baby steps, right?

Up here in Northern California we are working on breaking the record for over 100 degrees in consecutive days. I think today will hit it!

Hope you are having a Terrific (and cooler) Thursday!

August 10, 2012

her name is hidden...

Happy Friday!

I just finished this painting yesterday.
Her name is Hidden.

She's much prettier in person. I had a hard time getting a good picture of her (maybe that's why her name fits so well) and she still needs a coat of gel medium and sealant which I think I left in storage...ooops!
(Now those are the items you don't leave in storage; they rank up there with paint, clothes, toothbrush and deodorant, haha!)

I took the original 9"x11" drawings, glued it onto an 11"x14" canvas, drew the edges out onto the canvas then painted with watercolor.

She already has a home as soon as she is completed.

I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words, advice, support and friendship! It really has helped me get through so many days! Big hugs to all of you!

Now I am ready to paint with some acrylics! What projects are you working on?
Have a great weekend...

August 05, 2012

feeling overwhelmed...

Last Thursday I finally got four spinal injections to help with the chronic nerve pain in my legs that has been going on for three years. The doctor was awesome and went through everything wrong with my lower back. I also have mid-back and neck issues that will be dealt with later, so that gives me hope on returning to a normal functioning person at some point in the future.

Hope is returning on my health and I thank God every day for my friend Cindy letting my stay with her and for the hospital's Charity Care to allow me to see the specialists and get the treatment I need.

For as much as everything I can say that is such a blessing in my life, there are twice as many unknowns that are realities I have to face.

I have no money coming in and I am out of anything that was left, even though the bills still need to get paid.
My family and friends say to sell my art. I am going to network with every event possible and see what I can do. One of the problems is that I keep drawing the Dragonfly Girls; partially because it is easily done laying in a recliner and it just keeps coming out of my.
The same people who say to sell my art are also the same ones that keep telling me to stop drawing the Dragonfly Girls and get back to painting. Everyone says the Dragonfly Girls will not be something anyone would buy and I am wasting time doing them.

I sketched this one last night watching TV:

I finished this one a couple days ago when I had to stay in bed:
In order to get back to painting, I will have to be creative on my physical limitations and space (after all I am living in someone else's house on the couch)...but hey look what Freida could create from her bed!

I need to finish up this painting in order to move forward:

This will be one overwhelming hurdle to get past and then I can focus on the others.
God says he will never give us more than we can handle and that there will always be blessings from struggles. I pray I can keep that attitude and find where this is leading.

Hope you are having a Super Sunday!