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January 28, 2012

big changes...

I haven't posted lately because my life is in total change.
I really debated about whether to share my situation here or not.
Then I thought maybe someone else is going through major changes too,
and might be able to relate.

After six months my doctor released me to go back to work,
only to have no job to go back to. 
I had to apply for unemployment which is almost half of what I've been living on.

The lease on the house I have been renting with my bf is up and I can no longer pay my half of the bills on unemployment. Things weren't going so well anyway so we decided to not renew the lease and go our separate ways.
I know there is a reason this all happened at the same time.
Even my doctor gave me a big hug yesterday and told me that she believes this is going to be a wonderful year for me.

So me and Charlene (my dog) are going to move into a friend's house.

I've barely done anything these past couple weeks except walk back and forth through this little house dreading packing, crying and oh-so-scared!
And I have a nasty sinus infection too.

I started a new Dragonfly Girl but she's not finished yet:

To top it off I am going to be 50 in a month!
This is not how I expected my life to be at 50.
I pictured a great marriage, great job, owning a house...
You know, that fairy tale dream.

I have two weeks to get packed up, rent a storage and figure out what is going into storage and what I can take with me.

The good part is I can keep Charlene, my art table, my easel and my art supplies with me.

The hard part is being accountable for getting all this done.
Instead of looking at the great opportunity I truly believe this is,
I sit here and feel sorry for myself and beat myself up.

I've been here before and survived,
and looking back these types of circumstances always turned out to be such blessings.

I got the RAM in my 5 year old laptop a little larger so I can blog from it.
So to warn you in advance, I have decided to keep myself accountable I am going to blog every day about what I have done, am feeling and the new life ahead.

I may not have time to visit everyone until I get settled and I apologize in advance, 
but know that I hold all of my blogging friends in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

I am so grateful for a place to share.
Hope you are having a Splendid Saturday!

January 09, 2012


I just finished the newest addition to the Dragonfly Girls.
Here's Courage.
9"x12" ink and watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper
She will be matted on a painted or collaged canvas. I want to try a couple new ways to mount these paintings. Please share any ideas you have. The gloss and texture are lost if put behind glass.
I need to learn how to take a photo that will show the layers and textures.

The other day I was playing in my Picasa folders and deleted my Blogger Avitar on accident. So some of you may see a black triangle with a white exclamation point as an avitar next to comments to your posts ...yep that's me and that's what happens when you delete your Blogger Avitar in Picasa.
Another learning experience!

Have a Marvelously Courageous Monday!

January 06, 2012


I was talking to the Director of our local women's home where I volunteer sharing art journaling. 
The home is run by the church I go to and called Hope House. 
I was sharing some of my recent Dragonfly Girls and the Director told me she wanted to fill the house with artwork with the word HOPE in it. 
So here is my present to the home:

Next up is Courage:

Have a Hopeful and Courageous Friday!

January 01, 2012

happy new year...

May 2012 be...
 a blessed, joyful, healthy, happy, full of love and great surprises year!