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May 29, 2011

i've been restoring!

this little journal book reads "I am closed for Restoration"...I apologize for  the really bad picture

So I was able to get into Soul Restoration 1 class, through the Brave Girls Club, on the very last day of enrollment. Even though I started late, I knew this class was going to be GREAT!!!!! I was wrong....this class is AMAZING & RESTORING me to the person I WANT TO BE!

In the beginning, without knowing what the class was really about, I had it all planned out. Take the class, learn art, find my creativity I lost somewhere along the way and blog about it. Wrong again! I am learning new art techniques and how to art journal but that is not what this class is really about. Soul Restoration is about...well... restoring one's soul. And when my art journal says "I am closed for Restoration" that is an understatement.

So I work, come home, watch the video classes, do the lessons and get excited for more. It is emotional. It is self discovery. It is honesty. It is forgiveness. It is tearful growth. It is a wonderful online community of other women who are struggling with finding themselves just like me. I am not alone!

So that is what I have been doing and why I have not blogged or visited anyone's blogs too much either. I will be back hopping around and sharing very soon.

I am working on one little project though. I have been asked to make a donation box for our local domestic violence/sexual assault agency. I was given a cardboard box for the project. I have it completed however I do not want to post the finished box until it gets delivered. I will post it this week.

Hope everyone is having a safe and peaceful weekend.

May 15, 2011

my special workspace is done: small, simple, free!

It's finally done! My NEW, special workspace! The cost was just a little imagination and some paint. So if you are thinking that there is no way to create a workable workspace due to lack of space or monetary cost, believe me it can be done. This is a 5'x5' space against a wall on my very little back porch area. Even with only a little space to work with, I now have a worktable with plenty of workable area and lots & lots of storage!

My beautiful, cozy new space
I painted this old, crooked corner shelf and fitted it on top of the worktable for added storage

This is the workable tabletop space, plenty of room for several projects at once
I am using the shelves that hold up the tabletop
for more storage. 

My easel also doubles as easy access storage for paints
charcoals and sharpies...and a few sponges

And the old ironing board will be used for drying or spraying projects...extra space! The old blue plastic filing cabinets hold tissue paper, cardboard, pictures and magazine cutouts for collaging.

This is my little, special, sacred area and I am so grateful. I really am amazed at what can be created with no money and very little space! My next post will be how I created a sewing corner in my bedroom.

How have you created a workspace? I would love to see where you create. 

May 14, 2011

creating a "creative space"

As I posted about a week ago, I decided to create my own little space to create in. I had been using my 5'x5' round dining room table and also needing to store everything on it so I was ending up with an art space that had more and more stuff and less and less table space to do anything at.

Since the weather here has cleared up, I decided to use my very small back porch. It has walls and lots of windows. The only drawback is the porch area does not have a real roof, just a heavy plastic overhang, so in the rainy months I will have to move back inside. I know it will get very hot in the summer, but that's okay, it's my little spot!

The space I have to work with is 5-1/2'x5', yes very small but do-able. Here's a pic of the beginning process:

I really wanted a cork-board on the wall for inspiration so I dug through my remnants from making jewelry boards and found an old cork-board with a messed up frame:

A little cheerful paint and some doodles and it is just perfect:

I also painted the corner shelf that I had sat on top of the workspace table. It was a crooked faux wood shelf I had been holding on to just because I figured I could use it someday. Painting it was a difficult task. I was trying to get it to match the cork-board frame and the shelf was not cooperating. So I ended up just painting it  a deep yellow with splashes of whites, burnt umber and bright yellow. It came out creatively messy and fits right in. 

The workspace table is a 5' folding table that was way too low to use just as a table, so I took two wooden shelves I picked up at a yard sale and laid the table on top! Solved my storage problem!

Here is my progress so far:

Time to go and organize! I have an old plastic silverware tray for my paint pens and charcoals, a pretty purple tin for markers, a couple strong small boxes for rubber stamps and dragonflies on the wall to keep me company!

I am hoping to be finished by the end of today! YEAH!!!!

May 07, 2011

coming soon...

I'm taking a short blogging break; blogging on my blog and visiting others also. I need some "off the computer" time to focus on several personal, creative, healing projects that I am up to.

The first one is finding a "space" to create. I have been using my little dining room table but there is no storage and I am making a bigger mess than anything else. So I started to convert my little, tiny, outside patio/sun room area into a creative space during the months where the weather is good. I know it will be very hot out there in the summertime, but that's what tank tops and shorts are for, right? This will hopefully be done in the next week or so. I will share the before/after/done pictures and stories!

See you soon and Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

May 03, 2011

a-z challenge reflections

Wow! I did it! We did it! Amazing isn't it?
One moment I felt like the alphabet was so long, and the next moment April was over. What was I to do? 
No more letters to prompt a post. 
No more stressing over getting my post up before midnight, haha!
It's only May 3rd and I already miss April and trying to come up with a post for the letter of the day. It stretched my imagination and I loved it!

The April 2011 A-Z Challenge is over however the memories will last on, in my mind, my heart and on my blog along with all the other bloggers that participated. Since I am a brand new blogger out in the blogging world, this experience brought so much to my blogging life than I ever imagined.

Here's just a few highlights of this experience:

The blogging community is incredible, supportive, informative, sharing and welcoming!
I learned how to blog!
I now have some new, wonderful friends!
I have an imagination!
I got out of my "only looking at mixed media art blogs" box and learned about so much more!
I so admire the wonderful writers out here!
I want to write...a book maybe?
I love blogging!
Blogging is so much more than I ever imagined!
I have so much more to learn!
I'm excited for next year's Challenge already!
And...Arlee Bird can juggle!

Thank you to Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out and the A-Z Challenge Team for an amazing event. It will probably take me a year to finish visiting all the blogs that signed up, and by then there will be a new Challenge with a new list. It's all good!

And thank out to Elizabeth Mueller for creating this wonderful Award for all the participants!