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May 25, 2015

memorial day...

On this Memorial Day, please remember,

All gave some, some gave all...

This is a time to remember those who gave all.

May 22, 2015

i love friday's 'cuz it's paint party friday...

It feels so good to be posting again.
This makes it two weeks in a row, YAY,
posting in PAINT PARTY FRIDAY!!!

If you want to join in the blog hopping fun or to learn what it is all about,
go HERE!

I have been busy taking Guada's Mini Ghost Girls Class!
She can be found HERE.

So my first Ghost Girl is done, YAY!

I probably did her eyes 100 times.
There are big dents in the cardboard for so many tries to make it
'right", that is how we learn isn't it?
I am starting Week Two of the class tomorrow.

I had so much fun painting her that I already have several more gesso'd pieces of cardboard waiting for a face.
I really loved how she turned out!

 Happy Paint Party Friday,
now it's off to visiting others-the best part.

May 15, 2015

it's party time, paint party time...

Happy Friday everyone!
Every Friday means it's Paint Party Friday!
To learn about it or join in the fun
please visit our wonderful hostesses Eva and Kristin

This last week I have been having a blast with Guadalupe's 

 Here is the beginning of my first Ghost Girl:

 I started using my reading glasses to paint because I realized
how much better I can draw and paint when I can see, haha!
With Guadalupe's class, I discovered how fun Gesso can be!
I have been Gesso'ing a lot of cardboard and book covers to
for more painting (while also recycling)!
I am finally painting again and it feels soooo good.

Below are a couple young hummingbirds I wanted to share.
These two are heading to the feeders
while the adults aren't around.
(just like teenagers, right?)

That's it for me. Hope you are having a FANTASTIC FIRDAY!
Time for me to go visiting!