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February 07, 2015

still trying to find my home and a gift to keep me busy while i search...

Happy Saturday evening.
I have been away trying to find a place to call home.
This has been much more difficult than I had imagined.
I haven't given up and am trying to search everyday,
with an occasional tear or two.

In the breaks between searching for a place to live and doctor appointments for something new every week, I was given a wonderful, empowering gift from my Sissy:

I had already started the book "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene' Brown.
I saw her on one of Oprah's Life classes on OWN TV station.
Her words and perspectives really resonated with me,
especially realizing how wonderfully imperfect I really am!
For more info on the class, go HERE!

I did find a mobile home that would be a perfect fit for me.
The spare bedroom has a half bath, how PERFECT for my studio!
A sink (and toilet) in my art studio.
The rest of the house is just as good.

The only problem is the inspections have found the house needing some serious repairs.
So I have taken a break from paperwork and inspections
to come out from hiding,
although not for long as I will have to really figure out what I need to do with all this information I have now on the house.

I really thought it would be easy.
I am praying everyday for my home and myself to find each other.
Whether it is this mobile home or another,
The right one will be shown to me.

I have several new doodles done,
now I need to take pictures of them.
Where did I put my camera?

Big hugs and have a great rest of the weekend!

January 11, 2015

just doodling...

Last week I went up the hill to my oldest son's house.
I had a BLAST!!!

The only art I did was doodling.
I finished this one up while I was there:

Being around my son, his fiance and her daughter, my lil' N
and my younger son coming by to visit was great.

I took lil' N, who is 6 years old and doing art with me for as long as I can remember,
to her first trip to Michael's!
I gave her a budget and she got so much for her money.
I stopped over at Aaron Brothers after Michael's,
My lil' N likes Aaron Brothers better!

Oh, and she has started to call me Grandma!
And that was before the crafting trip.
I got to watch her get on the bus to school,
the same school that my sons went to!

Started this one at the VA during one of my son's appointments:

It was going to be a tangle but the marker had a mind of its own, hehe!
It's been a fun one except that I have been doing all my doodles in this
Sharpie Extra Fine Point dark indigo blue-like color.
My marker ran out of ink so I had a standby waiting.
However the new marker was much more blue than the first.
I guess it's like material and dye lots?

I've also been very busy looking for a HOME!
My own place again!
And this visit, even though it was less than 20 miles away,
reminded me why I love this area so much.

HOME will soon be back up the hill in the beautiful foothills
of the Sierra Nevada Mountains!
I am so excited...the search for a home is on!
And so are the prayers.

Thanks for stopping by and 
Have a great week!

January 01, 2015

happy new year, of course...

I have not blogged for a while.
Had no idea it wasn't since mid November 2014!
So much has happened,
happiness, sadness, lots of tears, hopes & joy.

I think this came out as a self portrait even though it wasn't meant to be.

The last couple of years have been the most challenging of my life.
Thank you to all my  blogger friends who have lifted me up,
encouraged me or just left a nice comment.
There were days that the little things were what kept me going.

Change once again is coming and it is going to be good change.
I am ready now to finally find my "home" of my own.
Many of you know how many places I have lived in the past couple years.
Knowing this, I have a lot of footwork to do and I've already started.

Setting my intentions,
being grateful for everything that has gotten me here,
letting go of the past,
and realize I am no longer those labels I have stuck to myself.

Doodling has really been my meditation now.
I doodle everything.
I joined a Facebook sketchbook group,
and made some new friends too!

I choose this as my new self portrait!
So it's time to find and become the woman I want to be.
This blog will be my journey
and I am so excited to share all of it here.
Someone may be where I was two years ago,
and this will be hopefully a place to let them know it really does get better,

Happy New Year!
Let's go grab all the gifts life has to offer...