May 20, 2016

Yay! It's Friday and that means it's Paint Party Friday...

Happy Paint Party Friday!!!
Go HERE to see what it is all about
and visit artists from around the world.
If you haven't joined in yet, click in the link,
you won't be disappointed.

"Happy" a mixed media acrylic painting.
This Mixed-Media piece that I just finished is "Happy", because it made me happy to paint it. 
It has opened me up to just doing what makes me happy.

I am trying so hard to stop wondering if other people will like my artwork.
That fear of approval from others has kept me stagnant in so many areas of my creative life.
When I think about it, what do I have to loose by following what brings joy and beauty in my life, except for joy, creating and beauty.
I think it is a strange vicious cycle.

 For me, I have to work daily on this or I will let the pain, health issues and my own insecurities win.

I cannot let the label of "dis-able" define me,
even though it may take me longer to create something,
or make plans that may need to be cancelled last minute,
or miss PPF...

I can still create, love, find joy in the little and big things.
It's just time for me to finally let go of the fear of disapproval ,
created mainly by own insecurity 
(and a little from people that do not understand)
of how much my life has changed in the last 6 years.

I cannot start a new chapter of worthiness
without turning the page.

Have a FANTASTIC Paint Party Friday!
Time to go and visit other awesome, amazing, artists!

April 29, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday...

Once again it is Friday.
Once again on Friday we get to go to the best blog party ever.
Paint Party Friday!!
Thanks to our wonderful hostesses with the mostestes!
Don't know what I am talking about or want more info?

I have somehow lost my latest Paint Party folder and cannot figure out what I posted last.
So here is a recap of April since I have not posted since the beginning of April (I think).
This month has been a blur.

I painted some flowers in a vase named
"Flowers for My Mother"

They were so pretty when I had finished the painting and then by morning they would be so dark the flowers looked like blobs. Even under the light, they could not be seen.
I tried to repaint them the way they were but every morning they got darker and darker.

These flowers got a brand new paint job
with some yummy thick texture
and they are staying as bright as when I finished them,
even better...

They are just beautiful, colorful, texture-y, and very, very shiny!

My latest WIP:

I messed up the bottom and the left side with Liquitex Flexible Molding Paste.
I tried doing it in a hurry and that is not the product to hurry up with.
The womderful thing about mixed-media is that almost everything can be covered up and fixed.

And what do you get when you mix and poodle and rain?

Time to go have another cup of coffee and visit the other party goers!
Have a Fantastic Paint Party Friday!
Hugs, Rasz

April 28, 2016

Big sale and Sizzix giveaway!

I always love a great deal,
especially big giveaways too!
There is a $2500 for 5 lucky people
for Sizzix I found from visiting
the big Tim Holtz products sale over at

Go HERE to enter for the $2500 from Sizzix

And for the Tim Holtz big SALE,

So I found all this by following links because I saw an ad 
for a big sale on Tim Holtz products.

This all started because I have this MOLOTOW
white paint pen.
It is suppose to have 2 different tips
and I cannot figure out how to change the tips,
or even where the smaller tip is!

So after being extremely frustrated,
I decided to Google it!
Still didn't find instructions
and have been painting and didn't want to get on my computer either.

So in this Giveaway, you get 5 extra entries
for blogging about the giveaway!
Makes sense why I am blogging about it?
And now I get to go back and drool
over Tim Holtz's and Ranger product lines.

Oh wait! No I don't
I am going to take a nap then finish my painting
So I will be ready for Paint Party Friday

Go check out the sales and enter for the giveaway.
I need all the free stuff I can get, plus
who doesn't like a sale or free stuff?

Have a great evening,
Hugs, Rasz 
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