awards & challenges

Starting a blog and putting myslef "out there" was extremely scary. To have other bloggers take the time to read my blog and  honor me with "Awards" has been so encouraging!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you Heather.
You can find Heather at:
She's got a GREAT blog!

Thank you Deirdra.
Another great blogger to check out!
You can find her at

Thank you Sylvia.
Her blog inspires me to write!
She is at
and I also received this award for the second time from
Carol (and Zoe) whose blog is art, beauty and inspiration!
You can visit Carol's blog at:

My buddy Heather sent me this one too!

My wonderfully talented buddy Heather
gave me this award too!!!! She makes me
feel SO special!!!
visit Heather at Little Red Henry here

Elizabeth Mueller created this badge!
Her blog is at:

The A-Z Challenge was the best way for me to jump-start earning and committing to blogging! Thank you Arlee Bird and crew!

The amazingly creative Kay at 505whimsygirl gave me this award!

The beautifully creative Gloria over at New End Studio
gave me this Liebster Award!!!!

This award came from the awesome Lady Caer Morganna at The Wiccan Life.

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