about me

I'm Rasz and I am happy to have you stop by and visit. 

This is my journey; a new chapter in my life.With an empty-nest life can be scary and also an exciting journey of finding me.

I am a thrift store addict which created my passion for recycling old things into new purposeful creations. Paint, paper, colors, fabric, sewing, getting inspired by what other artists are doing and getting really, really messy fuels my soul. I have found that nothing is better than sharing stories, experiences, inspiration, laughter and life with others.

Some of my favorite things are my old tattered jeans, flip flops, cooking, connecting with other artists and learning new techniques, oh and Ben & Jerry's Fro Yo Cherry Garcia or Banana Split ice cream.

In following my passion for recycling old stuff, a couple years ago I took the Dottie Angel Challenge. It really is fun figuring out how I can get all the things that I want or need for myself or my home secondhand, self made or handmade. Since I already love thrift stores and garage sales, this just adds to my adventures. Its amazing how creative and unique my wardrobe and decorating can get...I love it! The challenge has already become a lifestyle for me that will continue on forever. I am amazed at all the compliments I get on items that I picked up secondhand or handmade. And of course, if I can't make it myself or find it secondhand, Etsy is the best place out there for handmade items ever!

My partner in Graceful Whispers Studio is Buddy, a miniature poodle.
I got him in July 2015 and he was an immediate companion and sweetheart.
He's gotten me through the last year that was my biggest transition into my new life,

He looks a little foo-foo in this picture.
Now he is growing long hair on top and a little goatee
on his chin. No foo-foo for this little boy.
He's pretty tough too and loads of fun watching him
play and run through the house. 

Now I'd like to meet you. 
PLEASE leave a comment or your blog address so I can see what inspires you, what you enjoy and what you are creating in your life.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a beautiful & blessed day!

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