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February 02, 2018

Paint Party Friday...

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Not much in life is consistent, except for every Friday.
Thanks to Kristin and Eva at http://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.com/.
They have kept this Friday Bloggers Tradition going for almost

It's a place I can always play and enjoy the wonderful creatives
throughout cyber world.
I have made many friends here and enjoyed lots of fantastic,
incredible creations. I have been inspired and in awe of photos from landscapes
and worlds that I had only imagined in my mind.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful creations
and glimpses of the wonderful worlds you live in.

As I started off the New Year, I had a "vision" of creating
faces in watercolors.
I have just begun this journey and so far, I am loving watercolors!
The face above was my FIRST watercolor face and finished off in ink.

Here is another face from beginning to end:

I like the first one I painted in non-traditional colors best.
Not sure where the faces are going to take me
or why I have come back to them once again.

Ayala Art's 29 Faces of February 2018 has begun!
The Blog page: http://29faces.blogspot.com/
This year I am Challenging myself to PAINT 29 faces this month.

I have been busy on Instagram, Facebook, building an Etsy store
 and now back to my severely ignored blog.

Does anyone know how to add links for my Social Media accounts
to my Blog?
Some days I feel like a dinosaur...
although I do not think I can move even as fast
as a large, awkward one.

Have "Labels" on Blogs changed?
Do the Labels or Tags need # hashtags?
Ugh!!! So much to learn.
And learning slowly, taking it one bite at a time.

Oh..If you have an Instagram Account or Facebook Art Page,
leave the link in the comments below and I will Follow and Share.

Have a Fabulous Friday
and a Wonderful Week! 


sirkkis said...

Stunning portraits!
Happy PPF xx

Susan said...

Love the colors used in your first portrait. Each is nice but to my taste that one is the "queen". Can't help you on interacting between Instagram, Facebook and our blog but will watch and see if anyone comes up with ideas. Happy PPF

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What beautiful faces! I love them.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, those faces are gorgeous, I am very impressed. Great to see you around again, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Faye said...

Hi Rasz, I don't do instagram so I don't know hashtags at all! More dinosaur than you! LOL! Your faces are really gorgeous. I think I like the first one best too but it is such a close race. Both are just so beautiful.

Linda Kunsman said...

Your watercolor portraits are beautiful!! I am on the same learning curve as you and only just got my first "real" cell phone-an iphone - so I need to figure it all out too. Happy PPF!

denthe said...

Good to see you back again! Your faces are looking great, and how fun you're going to be painting 29 of them! When you want to add links to your social media accounts on your blog, you need to go to "design" (upper right hand corner), then "layout", and then "add a gadget". Choose html/Java script, and add your link. You can drag it wherever you want on your blog (in layout modus). Labels on blogs haven't changed as far as I know, and you don't need a hashtag I think ... (at least I never use one). Don't have an Instagram account yet, planning on getting one this year but it's also a learning curve for me. I do have a FB-page. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/dentheART/

Gloria J Zucaro said...

Really love the first one! It will be fun to see all 29.

John R said...

Beautiful faces. Your work is very delicate. Lovely.

Sue (this n that) said...

Gorgeous faces - both a bit different and beautiful in their own right. Well done and it will be fun seeing all the others you do. Happy PPF!

A Colorful World said...

I'm not sure what the answers are to your questions. Loved the first sad face. Wonderful work!

Beth Niquette said...

I love her face--beautiful painting. I liked seeing the steps you used to accomplish the finished painting.

Magic Love Crow said...

Your faces are beautiful! Love them!!
You don't need hashtags on your blog.
Good luck with everything!!
Big Hugs!

Magaly Guerrero said...

The eyes of the first painting look almost liquid. I love the shine, even if it speaks of tears. And you already know I love the second one. :-)

Sandee Setliff said...

I'm trying once again to do the 29 faces challenge. I've never succeeded before but doing something different this time. I'll have my first 6 days posted tomorrow for PPF, hope you get a chance to stop by. It's nice to know someone else doing it. Love your portraits!

Giggles said...

Wow so impressive! Love these faces. The non tradition colour is beautiful...but I love the secpnd one so much...beautiful style! Cant wait to see more!

Peace Giggles

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh your faces are wonderful! I love them!