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February 16, 2018

It's Paint Party Friday and and 29 Faces...

Thank you to Eva and Kristen for all their hard work keeping
this worldwide, creative, weekly meet-up happening
by being the hostesses with the mostest-es!

I have not done much painting this week.
I am currently engrossed in the wonderful,
annual 29 Faces of February Challenge
hosted by Martha HERE.

The challenge I gave myself was to watercolor paint
ALL 29 faces this month.
In my head it was a great idea, however on watercolor paper...not so great.
It seems that getting familiar with watercolors first,
would have been a better idea.

Instead, I decided to challenge myself by drawing SMALL faces.

The reason drawing small faces is such a challenge
goes back to when I first learned to write.
Instead of having paper laying on a table straight up and down,
or even slightly at an angle,
I have always laid my paper down completely sideways.
With the paper sideways, I would write bottom to top on what would be
the horizontal side side of the paper.
Like this.

Make sense?

No matter what I have done throughout the years,
the way I laid my paper out in front of me stayed the same.
I draw sideways also, which makes it even harder.

Drawing a face sideways usually causes crooked facial features,
even if using lines for reference.
The smaller the drawing, the more difficult it becomes to
get the facial features straight.

Tilted heads are much easier.
So are larger drawings. There is more room to correct errors.

So as most would think a small face a day would go rather quickly,
for me it takes longer. This is a great daily exercise for me.
I still draw sideways however I am getting a little better at it,
I think.

I am late posting and will try to visit everyone throughout the weekend.
Hope you had a fantastic day
and a wonderful week ahead of you.

Hugz, Rasz

February 09, 2018

It's Paint Party Friday...and 29Faces of February 2018!

Happy Paint Party Friday!
This week went by so fast.

I got this painting done this week.
It already has it's forever home!

Mixed Media with layers and layers of color, paper collage, paint
and yummy, yummy texture on a 24"x18" wrapped canvas.

I am also enjoying another annual event,
29 Faces February 2018
This year I had decided to challenge myself a little harder,
I would paint all my faces in watercolor.
It is taking much longer than I planned to do this.
I am rethinking this personal challenge and may do some of my faces this year in acrylics and/or colored pencils. I have not quite decided yet.
So here are a few of this week's faces painted in watercolor,
and a sketch waiting to get painted.

That's it for me.
Have a FABULOUS Friday

Big Hugz, Rasz

February 02, 2018

Paint Party Friday...

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Not much in life is consistent, except for every Friday.
Thanks to Kristin and Eva at http://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.com/.
They have kept this Friday Bloggers Tradition going for almost

It's a place I can always play and enjoy the wonderful creatives
throughout cyber world.
I have made many friends here and enjoyed lots of fantastic,
incredible creations. I have been inspired and in awe of photos from landscapes
and worlds that I had only imagined in my mind.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful creations
and glimpses of the wonderful worlds you live in.

As I started off the New Year, I had a "vision" of creating
faces in watercolors.
I have just begun this journey and so far, I am loving watercolors!
The face above was my FIRST watercolor face and finished off in ink.

Here is another face from beginning to end:

I like the first one I painted in non-traditional colors best.
Not sure where the faces are going to take me
or why I have come back to them once again.

Ayala Art's 29 Faces of February 2018 has begun!
The Blog page: http://29faces.blogspot.com/
This year I am Challenging myself to PAINT 29 faces this month.

I have been busy on Instagram, Facebook, building an Etsy store
 and now back to my severely ignored blog.

Does anyone know how to add links for my Social Media accounts
to my Blog?
Some days I feel like a dinosaur...
although I do not think I can move even as fast
as a large, awkward one.

Have "Labels" on Blogs changed?
Do the Labels or Tags need # hashtags?
Ugh!!! So much to learn.
And learning slowly, taking it one bite at a time.

Oh..If you have an Instagram Account or Facebook Art Page,
leave the link in the comments below and I will Follow and Share.

Have a Fabulous Friday
and a Wonderful Week! 

February 01, 2018

It's 29 Faces of February 2018!!!!

Happy New Year!
Happy February!
Happy 29 Faces Challenge!

February 1st 2018 seems to be the best time ever to dust off my laptop and start blogging again. I have so much to share and have no idea where to even begin.

I will start with the fun and creative
This year I am challenging myself to create 
29 PAINTED faces...
I am not sure what that means, it just feels right.
I have learned through this annual Challenge that creating faces
is a great way to expand my art all together.
It is also a fantastic way to to express emotion,
find my ever-growing style and push myself 
out of my comfort zone!

I am back and ready to conquer the fears of the last several years
and get back to hopping around the world-wide web.

Time for another cup of coffee and some painting fun!

I am excite to visit all my blogging friends and make some new friends
along the way!

Here is to a New Day, a New Challenge, a New Year!

Hope you are smiling!