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May 26, 2017

Best Day of the week, Paint Party Friday!

Today is Friday,
which means it's "Paint Party Friday"
And I am posting!
What could be better than that,
except getting to visit all the bloggers playing today.

Thank you Kristin and EVA for hosting
Paint Party Friday
for lots of years now!
It's nice to know this party will be here every Friday
thanks to both of your hard works!

Here's my latest mixed media project on a 20"X24" wrapped canvas.

Sooo...I've not been really happy with my creations lately.
Maybe it's because of this cold/hot weather changes.
It always hurts my body.
Three days ago it was almost 100 degrees.
Today it may hit 70 degrees.
I know a lot of you can understand.

This mixed media piece has been fun and not so fun.
I add, I take away
and I have no idea if it's finished or not.

It needs "something".
I am definitely stuck.
Is anyone else stuck with a piece of artwork?

I love the hummingbirds.

They fight, eat and make cute babies.
Here's a female and a youngster heading in to share
the feeder. They don't always fight,

Hope everyone is having a GREAT PPF!!!
Let me know how you get unstuck from a piece you are working on.
Have a GREAT week!
Hugz, Rasz

May 05, 2017

Paint Party Friday and a dedication to...

Hello World!
Once again it is my favorite day of the week, Friday.
That is as long as Paint Party Friday is still partying!
Thank you to our wonderful hosts, EVA and Kristin
for making Fridays such a special day for all us
Paint Party Friday Partiers and Players!

Have no idea what  I am talking about?
Go HERE, it will be worth it, I promise!

Today's post is dedicated to my
Crow Spirit Sister!
When you think of Crow's in the Art World,
most often her name is what comes to mind.
Yes, it's Stacy at MagicLoveCrow!
(if you haven't visited her lately, she has some great new art)

The reason I am dedicating this post to her is that several months or so ago she sent me a boxful of 8"x8" and 8"x10" reinforced, heavy duty, wrapped canvases!
She asked me the other day about them and I realized since my surgery, I have been posting most of my art on my Instagram (rasz_art_designs) and my Facebook Art Page (Rasz Art Designs) accounts So Stacy hasn't seen the art I have made from those canvases. So, time for me to stop typing and just show the art I have made on those treasured canvases:


This one came out blurry from having to gather all the photos from 3 devices to my computer.
It took me 2 hours and I opted to post the blurry one instead of trying to go through everything for another pic.
So, Stacy...here are 8 of the canvases. I have 2 more 8"x10" WIPs and a couple more canvases still in the wrapper. These Mixed-Media painting would never have been created without your gracious gifts and continued support and encouragement! I am SO blessed to have you, and your mom, in my life.

Below is an orange hummingbird that migrates each year
and has come back home in Spring for the last 2 years!
I am waiting for orange babies, maybe this year.

Happy PPF, Cinqo de Mayo and have a GREAT week!
Hugz, Rasz