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April 26, 2017

Outsider Art - Being All Alone...

Happy Wednesday to you!

Today's Prompt, for the April-Prompt-A-Day Challenge, over at the Imaginary Garden's With Real Toads
is brought to us Challengers by Karin Gustafson (Sorry, I do not know her blog URL).
The Challenge is to use "Outsider Art" from someone else or write about what it is like to be an "Outsider" or "Alone".

I am choosing "Alone" today.
The picture below is my own. I went to my sink a few weeks back and saw the dirty dishes sitting in the sink just as they are in the photo. It reminded me of how alone I have felt during my recovery from surgery and now something pinching nerves in my back (MRI later today).

My recovery has been a long one compared to other surgeries I have had. Also I live alone now and do not have a significant other. I have not been able to do anything that involves my core muscles, so basically I can just hang out, try to work at art or the Challenges and that's pretty much it.

I do have my oldest son in my neighborhood who has been a great help, my Sissy who comes over any time she gets a chance and usually brings some great goodies with her, along with doing my dishes, washing clothes or anything else that may need doing. I have several friends that I talk to (and the most special one will be reading this today!), listen to music I love, and laugh often.

However being alone can be dangerous for the mind, body and spirit if not kept in check. Alone can be a choice, a health issue or being an outsider of a community we want to belong to.

The heart, the mind, the body
All three so closely aligned
If not careful to tend to each of them
One by one will be lost in short time


There is always a time when life goes right
To paint, to laugh, to dance
Breathing and loving every moment of that
And never ignoring the chance

Hope you have a GREAT day and can find a reason to smile, to laugh, to reach out, no matter where you may be at.



Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiment. Good luck with your recovery.

De said...

This is beautiful. Wishing you well.

Magaly Guerrero said...

So true. We most always remember to cherish the little moments, the cackles (even the inappropriate ones), the joys that life offers. Thank goodness for those people who don't allow us to be alone... if we don't want to.

Rommy said...

That connection is very real. Sadly many people don't understand that. Grab all the joy you can from the moments that delight you and hug with fierce abandon.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I too live alone, and would not like to be in your situation. Glad you do have some family and friends who can help. The photo is perfect to symbolise all that, and the verses are wise. I shall take note, and do more to nurture my body, which often misses out as I focus on the other two.

Jim said...

Rasz, this is such a very clever idea in your introduction, first line. I just had never thought about losing these parts of the body. Also, I guess one could lose the use of one of the senses, I have mostly lost my sense of smell because of an industrial situation, a super pungent odor to deal with eight hours a day. That was back, back in time. Part has returned.
I too am sorry to hear of your body failure. I had a pinched nerve, so bad that I could not sit. A ruptured disc between L4 and L5 required a Laminectomy-discectomy. That was in 2001, so far all is well there now. I will pray for your situation and a medical correction.
I too lived alone for three years between marriages. At first I rented a small apartment and had an unlisted phone number. Paying off credit debt as fast as I could was my main concern then. And that the kids were being properly cared for.

grapeling said...

this is a good garden to visit, then, with many (virtual) companions on your journey. good luck with your health ~

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such beautiful sentiments :) wish you well.

brudberg said...

We need to have that hope of art to recover I think... (and I'm recovering too but totally different).

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, you are never alone! Remember that! You are a brilliant human being! You have a soul that shines bright! You keep loving yourself!! Promise me that, ok!!! When you love yourself, I mean truly love yourself, you are never alone! I know, harder said than done!! But, just do it! That's an order! LOL!
I don't know why you are are going through all this shit! I really don't know!! But, know, you are loved by so many people around this world, so gather from our strength!!
Love you and Big Hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

I have to say, your dishes are funky! I love them!