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April 07, 2017

Oh Happy Paint Party Friday!

Good Afternoon PPF Partiers!
Hope everyone is doing great today,
Thank you Eva and Kristin for being
the hostesses with the most-est.
If you want to know what Paint Party Friday is
go HERE!

I've been gone a while recouping from surgery.
Mostly laying in a recliner most of the time,
and doing a little art from there too.
I'm going to apologize in advance for the upcoming pictures.
It's overcast and rainy and the house lighting
isn't the best for taking pictures.

First, Look what Tracy from tracywoodsford.blogspot.com
sent me to cheer me up:

She also included three Derwent colored pencils that I forgot to take a photo of because they are already with my other pencils and being used!
Awesome colored pencils!
In the picture above you can see five amazing papers too,
I think they are too pretty to use.

Here's a breakdown:
Tracy's beautiful artwork that I can't wait to frame and hang up.
It says "If You Have Wings...Fly". It's so prettier than a picture of it.

Tracy made this beautiful card.
It says "Sometimes You Just Need To Play" 

A Beautiful Handmade Stamp and part of her cute
business card.

My brother-in-law to be bought me a set of Faber-Castell Graphite Pencils.
I used them for the first time last night to get an idea of what I can do with more than just one graphite pencils, hehe!

And a couple of days ago I watched a YouTube video
from Maremi SmallArt called "Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion 
Painting Technique for Beginners"
It's a great video and Maremi is so cute!
Here is what I created after watching the video:

It was so much fun painting this with Blick Studio Acrylic Paints,
which I am in love with! The colors are bright and fun!
It was painted on an 8"x10" Canson Canva Art Board,
which come in a pad of 10. Another new favorite!

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Stop by and visit and I will do the same.
Every post also goes to my Facebook Art Page:
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Thank you for stopping by.
Have a Fantastic Paint Party Friday,
and a Wonderful Weekend.
Hugs, Rasz 


Renee Dowling said...

Wow, the colours in your last painting are so captivating! Thanks for sharing. I hope your recovery is going well.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love your pressies and completely ADORE what you came up with from the video. They look like summer!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your art, tnd the pieces Tracy sent you are wonderful. The dandelions are great, Glad you are recovering and taking things easy.Have a good weekend, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

inkslinger said...

Your pieces are wonderful. The dandelions are bright and colourful, enough to cheer anyone up. Hope you have a good recovery.

Linda Kunsman said...

how thoughtful of Tracy. beautiful art and papers! I have those pencils and like them very much. Saw that Maremi video too. And I have a tp cardboard just waiting for me:) Yours turned out gorgeous!! Be well, and happy PPF!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Glad you are feeling better. What a lovely gift for a lovely lady and artist. Rest and get all healed up.

denthe said...

I bet that present cheered you up immensely! That is so nice of her! I love your dandelions! The combination with that blue background is stunning.

Indira said...

Glad to know you are making recovery from surgery. The art gifts from our friends are lovely. The dandelion painting is vibrant and beautiful. Happy PPF. Best, Indira.

June Walker said...

Lovely gifts for you! I hope you are feeling better. I love your dandelion art!

Giggles said...

Oh I do hope you're feeling better and recovering nicely from the surgery! Beautiful art from your friend...and of course the dandelion art is beautiful too!! So sweet of your brother in law to be, to get those pencils. I try water with every pencil and find some are so awesome even if it doesn't say so!! I love the canson books for mixed media too...they take acrylics really nicely!! Take care!!

Hugs Giggles

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Beautiful!! I LOVE the treasures you got in the mail!! Happy mail from our art friends are the best!!! I know you will treasure everything! Love your face you sketched!!! That dandelion art is amazing!! So bright and fresh and smiley!! Big Hugs! Love you!