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February 17, 2017

It's a rainy Paint Party Friday and 29faces...

I'm coming in a little late,
so I will probably be visiting everyone all weekend.

As always, this wonderful weekly party
is hosted by the fantastic duo...
Eva and Kristin!
Need more info? Have no idea what PPF is?
Go HERE and join in the fun.

I do not have any finished creations,
so I am going to share my WIPs!
(works in process)

My Sissy was helping me rearrange my
Front Room/Art Sudio.
While doing so, my Sissy found this, hidden next to my art table.
I never finished it since I find painting with red was a little difficult for me and I really didn't like it anyway.

Sissy reminded me that just because I don't like it doesn't mean everyone won't.
Perfect for the Big "V" week and since I put it on my art table yesterday, I have already gotten two compliments on this mixed media piece. I even see it now. Good thing I didn't throw it away. 

I also have the beginnings of one of my ooey, gooey, textured mixed media paintings. I am really excited to get creating. This too was hidden next to my art table, a happy find!

All the pictures I took of this looked blurry so this was the best of the bunch.
It only has a couple layers so far,Soon it will be a thick, textured mixed media painting.
Oh, the suspense of it all,,,

For the 29faces of February 2017, this face was created by the finished face on the opposite page of my sketchbook. I never had that happen before so I found it pretty cool!

I think I will just outline the features showing and see how it looks.

I missed out on the Sixth Annual Valentines Day Soiree
hosted by Holly at hollyshorrorland.com.
I had a story written (that was way too long) and created a drawing of the happy couple headed off to the party. Deciding to color the cute couple, the black colored pencil wasn't anywhere to be found. Ugh! Great idea though, paint markers...one arm colored on the Vampiress' dress and all was ruined.
Note to self: NEVER , EVER use paint markers on sketch pad paper.
I became impatient and didn't think of what I was doing.
We missed the party (sniff, sniff).

That's my week for today's Paint Party Friday!
See everyone soon as I will be blog hopping in between layers of creating my next fun, 
shiny, mixed-media art.
Happy PPF & Happy 29faces
and most of all have a GREAT week!

Hugz, Rasz


JKW said...

Your work is fascinating. . .I love what you are doing. And what a great idea to use the opposite page as art, it really is, who would have thought to do that. Thanks for the visit. Blessings and (((Hugs))) back, Janet

denthe said...

Well, those 2 pieces can certainly count as a motivation to rearrange your workdesk .... ;-) I also love the ghost of the sketch!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin, I love the two pieces you "found"! I can't wait to see what you create with them! Nice to hear your sister was helping you clean up your work area! Too bad about the Vampire's Day Soiree, but there is always next year! I hope you and puppy are doing well! Big Hugs!
Oh, I forgot, I love your ghost sketch! So cool!