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October 21, 2016

Paint Party Friday Day!

Hello Friday!!!
It's Paint Party Friday!
Our hostesses with the mostesses:
Kristin and Eva!
for keeping this going for so long!
It's the best blog hop for a worldwide tour
in just a day!
Haven't a clue what I am talking about?
Go HERE for all the info.

Not much has changed since my post Wednesday below.
I am going to join in the Witches In Fiction 2016
this weekend.

I didn't paint anything in the past couple days
So I am still stuck in my delema.
However my house is cleaner
and the dishes are done too!

Here is my painting so far:

And this was when the trees were white:

Hmmm...tan and brown or go back to white and black?
I don't know, so there it sits on my art table,
awaiting my decision.
Please feel free to give an opinion.

The background for this painting is made from
old paint clean-up paper towels,
and some yummy Tim Holtz Ranger
Distress Spray Stains!
Love them!
The muddy bottom will be brightened up with
the colors of Autumn
when I am done!

Today is a long day at the vascular surgeon.
Ultrasounds on my legs this time.
Am I glowing yet?

My oldest son helped me get out all my tote
and purse making stuff!
All the fun stuff that needs upcycling
or recycling into a new life.
And of course my daughter saw this picture:

And she claimed her shabby chic flowers already made
before I used them.

It's been almost 4 years since I have used my sewing machine!
And just as long since I have made my totes & purses.
My son's girlfriend did a complete cleaning, oiling
and tension setting!
Yes she is a keeper!

I posted this really fast so I know I may have missed a typo
 or something might not make sense,
so in that case, I am just rambling!

Hopefully I will be around this evening and this weekend to visit!
See you soon.
Hugs, Rasz


Valerie-Jael said...

Hi Robin, nice to see you again! I think I like the first version of the trees better, and am sure it will be fantastic when it is done. Have fun with your sewing machine, I have a pile of things waiting to be worked on and don't seem to get round to it! Have fun, whatever you do, and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

You are off to a great start with this painting. I'm sure as it sits it will let you know what direction it wants to go. Enjoy!

Faye said...

I love the top painting, where you are now in your painting. The trees against that fab background look wonderful to me.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I need to fly over to your house so that you can teach me how to sew. Anything. I hope to start teaching myself soon.

I wonder what your painting will bloom into...

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a lovely painting, it is wonderful already! I need to do some serious tidying over here...

NatureFootstep said...

loved what you made with the birch forest so far. Birch is one of my favorite trees :)

Paper rainbow said...

Love the painting so far. I adore klimts woodland paintings and this is in the same vein.

Paper rainbow said...

Love the painting so far. I adore klimts woodland paintings and this is in the same vein.

Laney said...

I love how the painting is looking now and would love to see it when finished. I sew as well and it seems to come in waves for me. I have not sewn anything since last winter. I hope you will share some of your totes and bags when finished. Hope things went well at the vascular surgeon. Happy PPF!

Giggles said...

Both are gorgeous, just go with your intuition to finish it. I believe you will know the exact perfect time to complete it!Love those fabric flowers too!

Hugs Giggles

June Walker said...

A lovely start on your tree painting. One of my fave trees is the silver birch. I think its a tree of new beginnings or truth, in symbolic terms.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey dear friend. I love how you are progressing with this painting. It will come to you. Light a white candle, take a few deep cleansing breaths and go for it. I see you in the work so I know what you create with it will be from your heart and beautiful. Have a happy day.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin!! I hope everything went well with all the things going on in your body!! Keep being you! You are strong and will get through all of this!! Make sure you tell yourself you love yourself everyday!
I love how the painting is coming along!! Can't wait to see the creations with your bags!
Big Hugs and Much Love!

Sharon Rawson said...

I love this piece! Don't you just love when you can use interesting textures that anyone else would throw away? Hooray for us pavkrats!