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October 17, 2016

Monday Morning Frenzy...

It's a soggy Monday for sure.
The rain has been hard & heavy
Since Saturday with Sunday being the worst.
Flash flood warnings here too.
Great weekend to stay inside and paint.

I had this great background.
Feeling like I had to finish it up,
painted flowers in a vase really ruined it.
That's what happens when I try to force it.

So I put it away for another day and started a new canvas:

There is a plan here and this is just the beginning.
Some nice colors for the background.
Took my time, plus I had to keep waiting for
everything to dry.

Headed off for some medical tests.
Hopefully I get home early and
can work on this one.

The problem with wanting to create all the time is
my dishes don't get washed until I am out of 
coffee cups and spoons.

And I am out of coffee cups and spoons.
Luckily I am fasting so I can't have coffee yet.

I'm off to my appointments.
How's your Monday going?
Any new projects over the weekend?
Anything causing you to rush around this morning?

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Rasz


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin, the two new paintings are looking good! I love the look of the second one! Can't wait to see what happens. I don't think your flowers ruined the first one! I hope the weather is better!! Don't worry about the dirty dishes, get take out! LOL! Big Hugs and take care of you!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm reading this on Tuesday, and our weather can only be described as summery. It's 82 degrees Fahrenheit! Wild... and a bit scary.

I love the deliciously autumnal colors in your background.

I hope the results of your medical tests are good, good, good. ♥