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October 28, 2016

It's Paint Party Friday...

Thank you to our wonderful hostesses,
Eva and Kristin
who keep this party going every week!

I have tried to post since this morning.
You know those days when you start one thing,
and it leads to another?

Here's where my morning started:

Then I decided to do some more color onto the canvas on my table.
So out came all my paper towels with all kinds of color.

So wanting to stop and post at this point,
I got my camera and took this picture above.

THEN, I wanted to clean up my table.
BUT, I got another thought that I would add
Some Tim Holtz paper to tone down the colors.
Easy-peasy, right?

First I needed to clean up and put away all that
paper towel.

One thing led to the next and the table got clean,
I add the paper to the canvas.
Didn't stop there, of course not, that would have 
been way too easy and I could have posted.

So I needed more color on top of the paper,
pulling out the Distressed Spray Stain.

So here is the canvas so far.

And here is my table.

The picture above is a little blurry
yet I had to stop somewhere.
And my clean table looks good, right?

I also had to finish up something else.
My Lucky Charms diet.
Last half a cup left.

Now I have a new sweet treat that's delicious,
especially with Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

It's made in Canada and oh so yummy!

Happy PPF!
Have a Wonderful & Prosperous Week.
Hugs, Rasz
(it's nap time now)

I will be visiting a little today and more tomorrow!


Linda Kunsman said...

Oh I do love a messy art table full of artful passion!! Sometimes a cleaned up one can be good too. Love your canvas so far-already has so much depth! I also love how you keep your energy going with your snacks:) Happy PPF!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your space to create is so interesting to me! I stopped making art quilts due to the mess! Drawing is a backpack full of pens and markers and an art journal! No muss, no fuss! But I can also see your way as fun! I look forward to see what you grow on the page!

Christine said...

Nice start to your canvas and thanks for showing us your creative space!

Giggles said...

Always fun to see where others create! Love how you didn't stop when the ideas pushed through. You can clean up anytime but the creative spirit doesn't always cooperate when you want it to! Awesome artwork!! You go girl!!

Hugs Giggles

Valerie-Jael said...

Fab art, clean table and a crunchy treat - what do we need more? Happy ppf, hug, Valerie

Gillena Cox said...

There's a lot of art hatching in that conglomeration

much love...

start941 said...

Just love what I see here. I often have to paint on the lanai table because my art table is buried. Does that have
something to do with creativity??? Happy belated PPF

Anonymous said...

thats a lovely page and my kind of messy creative table..I also have granola and yoghurt for my breakfast delicious

minnemie said...

Haha, I loved to read about (and see) your thought process! Love where this canvas is going.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I enjoyed seeing your process. The many layers on your piece are incredible!

denthe said...

haha, your art table (before it was clean) reminds me a lot of mine :-) I think it's impossible to be creative and still have a clean table. Love how much fun you're having with your canvas! Have a great weekend and enjoy your new treat!

Sunshineshelle said...

Love the work space & all the yummy colours... I have heard of 'Lucky Charms' but never seen/eaten them, looks like you are being fantastically productive :)

Laney said...

Hi Rasz! I LOVE seeing your art table - so much fun to see where others create. Your page is looking good. I haven't thought about Lucky Charms in years but now I want some! ;)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

You crack me up. When I saw your art table my first thought was, "Is she in my art room" Same mess, same paints and brushes in glasses, paper towels and newspaper. Art things everywhere. I am a "messy" artist. I get an idea and pull out what I need not putting other things away until I am finished. I love how you create and it turned out beautiful. Have a very nice Sunday. Hugs N

Magic Love Crow said...

You make me laugh Robin! I love you! I love seeing this part of you! Your art piece is looking amazing and yes, your art table looks great cleaned up! Made in Canada?? Excellent! Keep being healthy! Big Hugs!

My name is Erika. said...

I think your art piece is great and I think I need to follow your lead and clean up my art table too.

June Walker said...

The canvas is coming along so well. I love your art table. I try to clean up but it usually is messy in my art room!!