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October 14, 2016

I made it to the Party! Paint Party Friday that is...

Today is a GREAT day!
hosted by the amazing, creative, wonderful
duo of Kristin and Eva!
Paint Party Friday is a day to go visit creatives
from around the world,
and see what they are creating.

I have been BLIA (blogger lost in action)
for probably a couple weeks now.
Even though the change in weather and my body
have slowed me down, I have done a couple canvases.
The one on the left is finished and the 8x8 on the right
is still a WIP.
Loving the colors...I feel Autumn's here.

I am loving painting smaller canvases.
Lately all I had were big,
and I ran out.
Somehow, my beautiful, wonderful, caring, inspiring
Crow Friend sent me a package.
Yes that would be Stacy from MagicLoveCrow.
Look at this stack of 8x10s and 8x8s:

Along with "Dancer", one of her famous Crow ACEOs,
to add to my collection.

Wonderful, right?
I feel so blessed...I AM so blessed!
Thank you, thank you my beautiful Crow Friend!

Chronic pain, especially with the weather change here,
may keep me down but will not stop me from painting,
even if it's a couple minutes at a time.

Here is the latest finished mixed media artwork:

This painting was done with layers and layers of paper
and color from old paper towels.
The colors on the finished layer was created by
Tim Holtz Distress Spray Inks and Tim Holtz
Distress Crayons.
So much fun to play with and great colors too.
The top paper layer was also Tim Holtz.
The finish feels like leather.
It really came out great!

So it's been a wonderful, inspiring couple weeks!
And with the gift of the canvases....
well, two down and twelve to go!

I uncommitted on Inktober.
I tried and just wasn't able to do it.
I have to be more honest with what I am able to do.
Making commitments isn't really fair
to the ones I make commitments to
and to myself, as I end up pushing myself,
causing more pain and inciting more flare-ups,
then feeling terrible for not holding up my part
of the deal.

Have you ever felt this way?

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Hope to hop over to your blog.
I will be visiting today (Friday)
through the weekend.

Hugs, Rasz


Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, please take care of yourself! Your health is important!
I LOVE your two canvases! Great job young lady! Gorgeous colours, and texture!!! I see your spirit in them!!!
Enjoy the canvases and the aceo!!!!
Big Hugs and Much Love!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

Fabulous table full of colorful and creative inspiration!!! Beautiful art inspired by the autumn colors. What a generous and wonderful gift from Stacy- MagicLoveCrow seems to suit her perfectly:)
I do know what you mean about chronic health issues and weather changes.Sometimes one needs to step back and allow , and then begin again.
Also I have learned that I need to let go of the "I must see it to the end" recording-no matter what the situation in order to be MY best self. Honor how you feel and do what's best for you. Hugs.
Happy PPF!

Laney said...

Hi Rasz - I love this canvas. I love the colors and the texture and the butterflies. SO much to enjoy! I say it is totally fine to uncommit to something when you need to. Health comes first. I find it hard to participate in challenges that call for you to create and post something daily. With my schedule I find it hard to do that daily - the creating is OK but the photgraphing, editing, composing all takes time too. Anyway - I'm glad you had a creative week - and what a great gift from your friend!!

Valerie-Jael said...

I LOVE the warm colours on the canvases you are making, and have BIG fun filling them all, what a lovely gift you got, and the Crow ACEO is fantastic, she really is a magical crow! Have a good week, and hope to see you around more, I miss you when you don't come to the party! Hugs, Valerie

Tracy said...

It is a brave thing to say you can't do something. We don't say 'no' often enough. Self-care is important, so well done for realising what is too much. Keep well.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey, first Stacy is one of the best people I know. I am not at all surprised of the gifts she sent. I too have her paintings and love each one. As for commitments, the first is to yourself. As you know I share my body with lupus so I am very aware of pain and the host of other assaults on the body from autoimmune. Taking care of yourself is foremost. I can see in your art your feelings and expressions. Bold bright colors, passion, even in the time of flare is the inner self you truly are. I will keep a healing candle going for you my friend. Hugs N

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely and beautiful artwork! Stacy is so incredible and so sweet. I too uncommitted on Inktober, maybe next year... This year I couldn't manage it, sometimes our priorities shift. I think it's okay. I am thrilled to see your beautiful art.

minnemie said...

GORGEOUS canvas! How sweet and encouraging to have a friend like Stacy. Be encouraged and show us more o fyour wonderful art when and as you can!

denthe said...

How sweet of your friend Stacy! Your canvas is very rich in colours and looks like autumn! So sorry to hear about your chronic pain issues, but good on you for trying to paint as much as you can. Don't feel bad about inktober. I'm not taking up these challenges anymore when I feel I have too much on my plate already (which is almost all the time lately ....). I just try to do a little bit, without committing, and that works for me.... Have a great weekend and enjoy those canvases!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I can certainly see why you love these colors. And the textures, too! I love that I feel the need to touch surface even if just through the screen. Your painting looks so alive. And Stacy's crow looks yummy! ♥

Faye said...

Such a gorgeous mixed media piece, Rasz. You were missed while away from PPF.

NatureFootstep said...

Love your crow friend and your art. Wish I could paint in oil.