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September 07, 2016

Work & Play Wednesday...

This is my 1st Work & Play Wednesday!
It seems that my day has become all work and no play.
While trying to find and work with my photos,
I lost a whole file, turned my laptop off THREE times,
and took way too many pictures for this post.

Here is my trio of paintings for my youngest
son and his girlfriend in their new home!

This is the only picture that came out clear, go figure.

I think I need to find out where Mercury is,
maybe in retrograde?
Electronics are being a bit difficult.

I did have a little play last night though.

Here is the beginning of my birch trees.
I have watched several different YouTube videos
and decided to use a combo of them.
Doing this created a messy yucky wet wet wet mess!
So you can just imagine what happened to the
collage paper under the poor artist tape that just
couldn't hold all the mess out.
Actually, the seepage under the tape made for some
cool trees.
It always works out the way it's suppose to work out, right?

For some real play, I have joined up,
I have been wanting to do more of the 
Ghost Girls I learned from Guada's
This is the perfect time to start creating those
beauties again.

This is the last one I made.
I would highly recommend Guada's class.
So much learning with so much fun and new techniques.

Hope you get to play more than work today.
Enjoy your day...even the difficult days have lessons.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful gift for your son, Rasz! And those birch trees are looking lovely. Didn't get around to 29 Faces this month - I don't know where the time is going :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh what a wonderful face you've created, she is lovely! The gift paintings are fabulous too.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous face Robin!!! I really love the paintings for your son and his girlfriend! You have to get some more people over to your giveaway, for your birch trees! I love that painting! Big Hugs!