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September 16, 2016

Paint Party Friday & Underwear for Bloggers?

Thank you to our amazing Hostesses
Eva and Kristin.
If you have never checked out PPF,
go HERE and enjoy the BEST EVER
World-Wide Blog Hop.
It's a great place to meet new friends too!

Only at Walmart could we find underwear
targeted to Bloggers.
Although I would never, ever wear these,
I had to pay the $1 to get them.
I couldn't stop laughing,
now that's marketing to bloggers at it's best.

Pretty front:

Now here is the back:

I just had to share this one! How funny!
And no offense if you have a pair and wear them.

I am working on a version of a Ghost Girl
with the techniques I learned from 
I took this class a while back and love the techniques!
And Guada is a sweetheart.

I love her already even though she has a ways to go.

Another WIP:

I got a little stuck on this one.
Until I got a surprise in the mail!

Yes that is a box full of Tim Holtz ephemera,
Three 6-packs of Tim Holtz, Ranger, Distress Crayons
and a package of 6 pack of brushes that hold water,
can someone tell me what they are called?

I have so much inspiration, I need to stay focused, lol!

Buddy is happy too.
I cleaned up the disaster of art mess in my front room.

Happy mommy, happy pup!

My giveaway is still going on for this painting I just finished:

Go HERE if you want to participate.

Have a GREAT Paint Party Friday!
Hugs, Rasz


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love your ghost girl already! It's so much fun to get new supplies... What a gorgeous dog and the undies are something else...

Valerie-Jael said...

Oooh, what lovely goodies you got. I call those water brushes water pen brushes, not very original, but then I know what I'm looking for! LOVE those panties, I want some! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Linda Kunsman said...

the wips are looking wonderful Rasz. Always such fun to get new supplies to art with! Buddy is very regal looking-and sweet too. Happy PPF!

Faye said...

Love your WIPs. Already they are looking good. Your Buddy is so cute. I know you smother him with love because he looks so content. Don't know what to think about the bloggers' panties. I laughed out loud. I do wonder if they sell many.

Andrea Priebe said...

Leave it to Walmart to have Blogger Panties ... Don't think I will buy any, but good for a giggle. Loving your artwork. This is my first visit to your blog so not sure what a WIP is :( but I sure do know how much fun it is to get new art supplies. I will take time to peruse your blog so I can get a sense of who you are as an artist ... so far, I am impressed :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

June Walker said...

I always love to see WIPs!! You have a gorgeous dog too!

JKW said...

Your work is totally amazing. . .Love the Ghost gal. Wow, you made out like a bandit on all the Tim Holt good stuff. Oh grief, I wear that underwear (and I'm an old Bird) but not with anything on the back of it. Too funny. . and who will see it. . . surely not the maintenance man (yep we have those here). LOL. Thanks so much for the uplifting visit to my blog. Blessings, Janet

Misty said...

Ahahahahaa!! Those undies are too funny! I would wear them! :D :D
Your WIPS are coming along beautifully!! And YAY for surprise art supplies!!! Inspiration galore! :D Buddy is adorable! I just want to give him a big squeeze! :D And I love love love your tree painting! I forgot to comment on it last time! Entering the giveaway for sure!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your Ghost Girl is brilliant already! I think I would leave her, so it will be interesting to see what you do!
Can't wait to see what you do with your second piece! Wow, that is sure some box of goodies!!!
Give puppy hugs from me!
Much love!
(I forgot to say, I can't believe those undies! LOL! So funny!!!!)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

At first I thought, these undies don't look too bad. They are kind of pretty. The I scrolled down. OMG. Laughed so hard. Yes Only Walmart would have these. Love your ghost girl. She is amazing. Always fun to get goodies in the mail. I have signed up for your giveaway. I am so hoping.... Have a great weekend.

Giggles said...

Hahaha Love those panties...hell yeah you should wear them if you can... goodness knows if you have a butt small enough to fit them you should celebrate and dance around in those to some good music!! Love ghost girl in all her glorious colours!! Great mail delivery too.... enjoy a creative week!!

Hugs Giggles

Tracy said...

I'm waiting to see how your ghost girl emerges. Loving the colour scheme so far.

sirkkis said...

What a Happy post! Love Buddy and! All your nice works.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Undies for bloggers? That's freaking hysterical!

Love your WIP. Can't wait to see what will bloom on that red background. ♥