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September 05, 2016

Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy...

Happy Labor Day to those here in the USA!

This week is the start of something new & exciting.
Today is Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy.
It came to me after watching the hummingbirds
at the feeder last Monday.

It's a lot like life.
There we are enjoying a quiet moment,
sipping our coffee or tea, trying to get ready for a new week.

When all of the sudden,
everyone or everything or the clock on the wall
bombards us.
And there goes our quiet moment.

(if you look to the top right of this picture you will see another hummingbird)
And now life seems rushed.
Monday mornings seem to be just a little more crazy
then the rest of the week, no matter what we do,
or what our title in life is.

The hummingbirds are even a little more aggressive
on Mondays.

So I am dedicating a post every Monday,
after the hummingbirds who go on a frenzy,
at the feeder on Monday Mornings.
Along with some creations that I finished.

Today's creation is a series
of  three painting on 16"x 20" canvases I made
for my youngest son.
He will get them today at his first ever Labor Day BBQ
at his new house!
Here is one of the pieces.

The 3 pieces, all together, will be in my post on Wednesday,
Along with several WIPs and finished creations.

Follow me on Monday Morning Feeding Frenzy,
Wednesday for Work & Play Wednesday,
and Fridays for Paint Party Friday.

We are going to have fun and please share your Monday
mornings with me in the comments.

Next Monday I will be announcing a Giveaway.
I am so excited!

Have a Wonderful Week!


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful creation and great thoughts - reminded me of that song 'Just another manic Monday'.
Have a great week, good to see you around! Hugs, Valerie

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hummingbird Mondays plus creations updates. What else can we ask for?

And you're right, there is something rushed and busy about Mondays...

denthe said...

Monday is my least favorite day of the week, it's always a drag waking up to the alarm again after two days without.... I admire you that you manage to create something on that day ;-) It's a beautiful piece, it looks like summer. Love your hummingsbirds ♥

Magic Love Crow said...

Awww Mondays, you have to love mondays! LOL! You are right, something about mondays and being rushed! I love your hummingbird photos! So precious! Beautiful painting for your son! Nice and bright! Love it!
I have missed you Robin! Big Hugs and I hope you are well!