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April 12, 2016

What makes one thing better makes another worse...

The poem below is for Magaly's

I was a little behind so I have been posting the prompts from various days I had not yet done.
This is the last one to get me all caught up,
it will be linked to "Day 4 - The Poesy of Side Effects".

"What makes one thing better makes another thing worse"

What started as relief
I am now a slave to
Just please help me with this pain
Is all they had to do.

I've been poked and prodded
So many times
And scanned and x-rayed
I should glow or be blind.

But as things go
It comes with a price
Side effects are many
And most aren't so nice.

Take these for the pain
And here's one for your nerves
Oh now your depressed
Take these for the cure.

My family and friends 
look at all that I take
With sympathy they ask
Could this be a mistake?

No that is right
I tell them with envy
for half of what I take
helps the side effects, so many.

The procedures and operations
have their side effects too
What relieves one thing
Can change your lifestyle too.

And if the wrong people 
find out the meds you are on
You'll be hiding your pills
From dusk until dawn.

These pills aren't for fun
It's a serious thing
Addictions can happen
Another side effect sting.

So if you meet me someday
Still in pain, there's no cure
You will still find me smiling
Even with nerve pain's ugly burns.

No matter what else
I will smile and rejoice
For the side effect there
Is laughter's best choice.

Big SOFT hugs,


Magaly Guerrero said...

Having to hide the pills "from dusk till dawn" from the wrong people made me laugh so hard. It's a terrible ordeal, isn't it? But if we keep our chin up, and push forward... we can make it smiling half of the time. The other half, we can only bare our teeth and hope not to bite anyone important. ;-D

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, truly great poem! Right from your heart! I wish I could take your pain away from you, like I wish I could take Magaly's pain from her! You just keep being you and keep on smiling! Maybe one day, we can flush those pills away! Big Hugs!

GlorV1 said...

What a great post Rasz. Does this pain apply to you? I'm so sorry if it does. I am in pain every day, night, inbetween, mornings. Arthritis of knees, elbows, hip and la ti da, I hate it but live with it. No medication. I've been using Australian Dream as it's called and it does help a little with the pain. Hope you are okay and your poetry is wonderful. I didn't know you knew Magaly. I see her on Instagram and we "like" each others posts from time to time. She is a great writer as are you. Take care and be well.

Rommy said...

It's so very much a "swallow the spider to catch the fly" situation. I've seen people have to take so many things to manage their health and marvel at their strength to keep going through it all.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

"if the wrong people find out the meds you are on..." this is so spot on and sad. Like your take on this prompt!