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April 23, 2016

The Most Ravenous Love...

It is still April,
Thankfully because I am in Magaly's
To see the days and prompts and participants posts
go HERE!

I am behind in posting and am jumping around a little with the day's.
This poem is for Day 9 of 13,
Legendary Beings in Love...

Full Moon Lover

He's on the prowl
Under a full moon's light
She hears his howls
Tho' he is still out of sight

She rushes towards the woods
As each call becomes louder
She is not afraid of him
He is her Full Moon Lover

No villager could ever know
For they could never understand
The love and lust that awaits her
From the monster of this land

And finally, there he stands
Under the full moon's light
She rushes into his arms
He holds her oh so tight

He is dangerous and musky
Strong, rough, intoxicating
His fur against her bare skin
She melts into him for the taking

She awakes as dawn breaks
Laying naked on the ground
Blood slowly drips from her wounds
Her clothes shredded all around

Yet he is the only one for her
And she will run back to him soon
My werewolf lover in the woods
Under each beautiful bright alluring full moon

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
I am off to write a little more to post today

Hugs, Rasz


Magaly Guerrero said...

Sexy and adventurous. Nothing better to cleanse the blood than a full moon roll on the grass.

I enjoyed the dark seductiveness of this piece. I understand why the speaker hides her doings for her neighbors--people can be so narrow-minded, even with their own desires, and terribly judgemental when it comes to the wants of others.

May she run wild and happy with each moon! ♥

Magic Love Crow said...

Fantastic!! Very sexy!!! Yummy!!!! Love this Robin!!! You got me howling!!!!
Happy Full Moon! Wink!

Sunshineshelle said...

Nice and passionate, I imagine her wounds are given just enough time to heal before the moon rises and her lover turns wolf... Well done, love it! Oh yes and I too tend to jump around with posts LOL, Magaly is a very forgiving host when it comes to us art people ;)

Rommy said...


I could hear Bryan Adam's Run to You in my mind as I read it. LOL, those romps probably take a toll, but she doesn't mind paying the price.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

A mix of passion and adventure, an addictive pursuit. I immensely enjoyed this ravenous love.:-).